Viagogo11x highly priced tickets - a rip off

Dear Officer,

I'm Dhanushka a reputed doctor working in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
A few months back I bought 12 tickets for two T20 World Cup matches which will be held in Australia, next year. One ticket cost me A$220. This was through

I received an email today from Cricket Australia that tickets were released and the same ticket is on sale at A$20.

I havenot still received these tickets yet.

I feel this is a big rip off from me since Viagogo price was 11x higher than the usual price. I contact Viagogo a few times, however they are refusing to cancel/refund/reduce price of the tickets. Due to this fraud I have lost almost A$2400. I would like to get your help to recover my loss

Thank you

Dhanushka Algama

Oct 08, 2019

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