Viagogoshow cancelled but using excuses to not refund

D Aug 02, 2019

Purchase tickets at double the price unknowingly. Show gets cancelled and horrible to deal with. They say no hassle refund but I'll disagree there. I will post my horrible experience I've had with viagogo to try to prevent anyone else goes through the same ordeal. Imagine dragons in Quebec city was a fail. Cancelled due to weather. Feq is an 11 day festival. Passes cost 109 plus tax through feq. I did not realize this and ended up getting tickets to just imagine dragons for 220 a piece. For ONE set. NOT 11 days of festival. Apon the set starting 1 1/2 songs in, its cancelled. Weather. This should not matter due to fact they say apon cancelation just send your passes back and we'll refund. The show was cancelled so I do not know what the issue is. Spending thousands of dollars to get to show to have this happen sucks. What sucks more is viagogo service. I dont reccomend anyone to use their service unless they rightfully refund me.

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