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Veterans Advantage charged my credit card $4.95 for shipping charges of a packet I never requested or received. I did not find out about this charge until I noticed it in my credit card statement. I am appalled at the unethical practices of this "Military Veteran friendly" organization. When I called and proceeded to cancel my membership, they tried bribing me to continue my membership. In return for my continued membership they were going to contribute an unspecified amount to a military charity organization. I recommend that anyone who is debating to become a member really think twice. There are numerous complaints also filed with the BBB. Unfortunately, they all have been resolved and they continue to use the same practices.


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    Veterans Advantage Apr 01, 2008

    This person's case was already resolved. Veterans Advantage is available by toll-free phone for prompt handling of customer needs (866-838-2774), and can also be found on the Internet for e-mail resolution at:

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    Member Services Jan 08, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    We apologize for your experience. It sounds like you already discussed this matter directly with us, but if there's any other issue you wish to discuss, please feel free to call us directly at the number below. We take criticism seriously, and make every effort to resolve satisfactorily customer issues.

    To anyone else with concerns, please note this process so you can get DIRECT resolution of any issue in a timely fashion, rather than posting here:

    - We have a Web address ( for e-mail response within one business day.
    - Toll-free: Reach us at 1-866-838-2774 immediately during business hours, eastern time, to speak with a live representative.

    We make every effort--online and offline--to resolve any outstanding matter promptly, including publishing our contact information in product materials we mail via First Class mail. These materials are sent to those who enroll in our program. They provide access to a military/veteran/family benefits program that includes special benefits from leading national companies as a "Thank You for Service."

    Customers who register with a valid e-mail address receive this information by e-mail.

    Finally, we are proud of our charitable activities, thanks to the support of our members. This year, for instance, we awarded 300, 000 complimentary Veterans Advantage membership cards . We perform these activities in addition to our core business of extending special benefits to those who serve and their families. We document our charitable activities online here:

    We hope your questions have been resolved to your satisfaction, and you will one day consider re-joining Veterans Advantage.

    The Member Services Team
    at Veterans Advantage

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    HeadHancho Feb 03, 2009

    They did the same to me... then replied to my complaint by stating that renewals were automatic and that memberships MUST be cancelled 60 days in advance of expiration. In my case it was for 119.00 (3 years) aqnd a separate charge 0f $4.95 for shipping!!

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    HeadHancho Feb 03, 2009

    They did the same to me... charged for shipping something unwanted. The best way they can solve this problem is to stop the procedure. They must be desperate for money... and truly their discounts are fairly worthless. I tries 3 times to get my birthdate corrected with them and it never did happen... the local pharmacy refused to honor the prescription beneft... a measly 10%!

    Seems they are quick to apologize...that's all!

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  • Ja
    JARosado Mar 08, 2009

    I agree. They also did the same to me. Charged me for something I didn't ask for or received. All they do is apologize, but on top of it they don't fix the situation AND also make it a pain in the neck to cancel the membership. No information WHATSOEVER on how to cancel on their website, other that "please contact us" with an email, no phone numbers...thank goodness they posted their phone number here, or else I would have never found it!

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  • Zo
    Zombiwoof Mar 18, 2009

    I signed up for the service.
    The auto renewal was clearly disclosed when I signed up.
    Unfortunately, I misplaced the card with the membership number.
    I sent repeated emails to veteran's advantage with the transaction information, my email address etc - but never received a reply.
    Like others, I also didn't notice the contact number link in tiny text in the footer.
    My new card arrived, and with it a pending charge on my card for 59.99.
    I called them this morning to cancel it - received a cancellation number.
    Too early yet to see if this actually gets canceled or not.
    The woman I spoke to was polite and helpful, assuming it does get canceled.
    Make sure you cancel your as soon as it arrives, or you'll be billed for the renewal.
    Remember, if you wait for the transaction to go through, the pending charge can tie up your credit limit/debit balance for the rest of your billing cycle.
    Most merchants don't bother to bother to cancel the authorization, they just don't capture the payment.

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  • Zo
    Zombiwoof Mar 20, 2009


    The pending charge on my card was cancelled within 24 hours.
    That's pretty damned good - since as I mentioned above, most companies won't even bother.

    And I did get decent value - I saved $50 on a mac mini I bought for my employer.

    Only reason I canceled is that I no longer need to take Amtrak on a regular basis.

    The discounts from the VA card are similar to those offered by other programs, so it's not a "must have" - but if you don't have some other type of discount card and make many major purchases or travel a lot, it's a good value.

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  • Ck
    cknych Nov 05, 2009

    I have to disagree with everyone who has posted a negative towards Veterans Advantage. I have been a member for only around 6 months or so but in all my packets and all my e-mails from them I had no problem finding a phone number or a contact e-mail address. I signed up for the 4.95 trial offer and read the information they had posted on the web site so i knew that I would be charged for a full year membership in I think it was 60 days. They automatically took the payment and only the payment I agreed to.

    I have used my card only around 5 times or so and for small purchases but I do save some money with it. I use it for all my prescriptions instead of my United Health card because at the Target pharmacy there is always a savings of around 3 dallars or so per script. If everyone would simply read the e-mail they receive when they sign up, and also read the membership packet they receive I think there would be a lot less surprises.

    As with any on line membership there is a lot of information you need to read prior to signing up and agreeing to pay. Pay close attention to the content of such material and make sure you understand and if you don't then just call them they will explain it to you.
    I received a 25 dollar gift card as a promotional thing when i signed up but when i didn't receive it I sent them an e-mail which was answered in 24 hours and then around 2 weeks late my gift card showed up. I think they are doing a fine job so far and thank them for this program. let me reiterate for all of you... read the offer more closeley and read all the other material in full and you will find there are no surprises.

    SGT. C.K. (Veteran; U.S. Army)

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  • Ri
    Rigoberto Nov 22, 2009

    I agree Veteran Advantage is ripoff, the thing that gets me is that they are using the veterans to do the dirty deeds. This company should change their name to something else. I was wondering if the Washington, Regional Office knows about this company abusing veterans in the name of veterans.

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  • Ma
    markbyrn Dec 06, 2009

    I purchased a multi-year membership in Veterans Advantage some 5 years ago (at a substantial discount from their current plans) and I'm here to report that I've used the service exactly zero times. The paltry discounts that Veterans Advantage touts can almost always be beaten by finding an alternate coupon code, seasonal discounts, and other military related discount programs that don't require you to shell out $59 a year to Veterans Advantage. They trumpet discounts that aren't specific to their program and can be obtained by any active duty or retired military member; for example there's a code for 20% off AT&T monthly plans. If you're not active duty or retired, the Veterans Advantage exclusive plan is, "Some AT&T Wireless Stores may be accepting the Veterans Advantage membership card for 8% monthly service discounts when presented with our IRU Foundation Account Number." Some stores may be accepting?! They also tout discounts that don't actually exist; for example they claim to offer discounts on Ipods through their membership portal to the Apple Store yet the prices on the Ipod Touches were the same as the regular store. They offer 15% off a Hotel's normal rate - of course you can almost always find a lower rate through almost any travel discount website or from the Hotel itself. They recently added an 'exclusive' benefit for %20 off Boston Market yet in checking Google, Boston Market is offering %20 off coupon deals and programs to almost everybody; hardly surprising given the economy and Boston Market's already high menu prices. has a huge list of businesses offering military discounts and my guess is that Veterans Advantage is for the most part simply offering the same discounts and charging you $59 a year for the privilege. I won't say Veterans Advantage is an outright scam but it's slick & oily, and I won't be renewing even though they attempted to automatically renew me and sent out a new membership packet - fortunately the credit card they have on file is no longer valid.

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  • Pa
    Palmer Brown Feb 02, 2010

    I do not know if anyone else has experience with veterans advantage (Http: / / www. / ) , but, i noticed a charge on my credit card for $59. 95 that i did not authorize. I called the customer service number which was answered by a "dan", a mono - talker. I explained to dan that i did not authorize the charge whereupon he explained the history of the charge. . . Apparently i may have signed up for something a year ago. After hearing his explanation i explained that i was not concerned with the history, did not want their service, and simply wanted the charge refunded to my account. This is when dan took a turn for the douche. Dan the douche stated that he would mail me a packet of information to complete. After returning the packet the charge would be processed for a refund. I explained to dan the douche that this was not acceptable and that i simply wanted a refund. Double - d then got forceful, yet still in a monotone voice, that he would not give me my refund. I then asked to talk to the douche's supervisor to which he replied in a louder monotone voice, "no you may not". I then asked him to tell me his name again and to speak to his supervisor. Again, he said, "no you may not". I asked his last name and he told me it was "none of my business". I then asked, "are you telling me that you are not going to give me a refund and you are not going to let me speak to a supervisor"? He then monotonely said, "you will hold". I waited a few minutes and the call was answered by a crystal who said she was a supervisor. I explained the situation to her and dan's outright douchebaggedness and she agreed to process the refund (Within 24 hours) . After i got off the phone i was still unnerved by dan. . . Cannot believe i let that douchebag get to me like that. . . So, i called their offices in connecticut. After hitting the extension for the ceo, the phone was answered by a receptionist who apparently know who i was by caller - id. She confirmed that a refund was being processed before i could get two words out of my mouth. I explained to this person that i wanted to speak with someone in executive management regarding the handling of my call by dan. She explained that the call was recorded and that they would review the call. Learning that the call was recorded without my consent (Pa and ct are two - party consent states) and there was no disclosure i found myself a little angrier and have now demanded a call back from mr. Scott higgins, their ceo. It should be noted that i do not care that that call was recorded, i am actually happy it was, i am just bothered with their lack of disclosure.

    Details to follow.

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  • Pa
    Palmer Brown Feb 02, 2010

    I received a call from Mr. Scott Higgins, CEO of Veterans Advantage. He was extremely apologetic and I am convinced me that this experience was through the actions of an individual and that those actions and attitude are NOT consistent with the operations or practice of Veterans Advantage. In addition to my refund and his apology I was offered a years complimentary membership. I am completely satisfied with the resolution.

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  • Ki
    King1155 Feb 03, 2010

    I disagree with the guy above. Ifind real value with the Veterans Advantage program discounts. First of all there are several things they give you right away for free and included with your membership that you don't have to pay anything at all for, but the member fee of course. And I feel this stuff is worth a lot more than the average $5 bucks a mo. you pay for your card. One big one is $5, 000 of death benefit coverage. That could cover a funeral cost. Another is $50, 000 in emergency medical evacuation when you travel. This is not a small thing. if you go on a cruise, they absolutely require you to have this kind of coverage and you could pay them hundreds for it if you purchase it from the cruise line directly. Plus it only covers you for the period of your cruise. The Veterans Advantage coverage is for everyday as long as you are a member and travelling more than 100 miles from your home. You also get a financial planning pacakage worth $500 in consulting fees. Have yet to use this, but plan to. And I do use the free prescription plan. I find as one other writer says that the savings have exceeded what I get with my own insurance prescription coverage. Given these things, any other discounts are just gravy, but I do use the 10% off Target a lot. Yes, if you hunt around a lot you might find a coupon deal here or there that is better from time to time. But that also takes a lot of time, which I don't always have. It is convenient for me to have the deals in one place. I check Veterans Advantage first and at least know I have that deal. I know I have saved so far more than my membership cost. And despite the items the person above picked up, there are quite a few you can't find anywhere else like the 5% off Continental. So agree with another writer that this is a valuable program and overall they are doing a good job.

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  • Ne
    Newdawn Mar 18, 2010

    When I applied to Veterans Advantage, they promised me a free DVD and 25% off first yesr membership and charged me $4.95. Their programm is totally useless and inferior comparing to others, like American Legion. Their promises never materialized, I feel deceived, humiliated and hard done by. They kept quoting their policy that I was not entilteled to 25% off and the feee DVD, yet they had it on their website and promised me over the phone that that's what I can have.
    Very dissapointing, because they are supposed to help out us vets, instead all you get from them just broken promises.
    Avoid them.

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  • Je
    jeffvaughn Mar 29, 2010

    Cannot get a refund on my account. The wounded warrior project signed me up for this program. I recieved my card in the mail then went on their website and accidently ordered a new membership. I called and explained what I did and was told I would be refunded 59.95.
    Well its been a month and after numerous calls still no refund. My packet was "lost in the mail". I was told this morning I would get my refund in 7- 10 business days. The BBB has over 70 complaints on this company. Watch out, They are a ripoff. I rate this company with Silverleaf resorts.

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  • Me
    Member Services Apr 09, 2010

    In this situation, our founder personally called this customer confirm the refund on his paid membership and apologize for a customer service error that was immediately corrected. Our agent simply failed to understand that this customer received a complimentary membership and then later came back to our site to mistakenly enroll for another membership and pay with his credit card. This customer of course also continues to have his free membership.

    Our partnership with Wounded Warrior Project was started in 2008 to give complimentary Veterans Advantage memberships to qualifying WWP alumni. Our company offered this program as an in-kind charitable donation in recognition of the unique sacrifices these very special warriors have made to our country. We take great care with these customers, and we inform all customers about the availability of these free services, and others have joined our complimentary program because we publicize its availability. Customers can review the “Giving Back” section of our Web site, as well as a full page dedicated about our WWP partnership in our benefits brochure. That brochure is mailed to all paying and complimentary members, including this customer, via first class mail immediately after enrollment in our program.

    Although this is the first time in our 1.5 years of administering complimentary memberships for the Wounded Warrior Project have we erred in this way, we have sent a reminder bulletin to our call center to proactively identify any possible future repeat of this type of regrettable scenario – a complimentary membership customer later paying for our services – in the future.

    Finally, regarding the customer’s comments how we administer our program. We have been in business since February 2001, and the number of customers he cites have all been resolved with our customer service team. We also take great care to respond to public comments to set the record straight and inform others when applicable. Because of our dedication to our direct and personal customer care team, Veterans Advantage has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are proud of our efforts to maintain this hard-earned reputation we’ve built for the last decade.

    Veterans Advantage

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  • Je
    jeffvaughn Apr 22, 2010

    The CEO of this company called and helped me personally with this issue. I just hate the fact that I had to come on this website and complain to get something done about getting a refund. I understand employers cannot sit over employees all day to make sure they are doing the right thing. I am upset that I had to do this but I am happy that he took time out of his day to help me. I want to personally apologize to Mr. Higgins for posting this about this company. Thank you Veterans advantage for supporting us.

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  • Me
    Member Services May 13, 2010

    We respectfully disagree with this latest posting from "newdawn" -- The Veterans Advantage special offers section very specifically separates the 25% discount offer from the free DVD with membership. This consumer also participated in a 30-day trial for those not yet ready to pay full price, which charges only $4.95 processing up front, substantially lower than what this consumer mistakenly expected to pay (25% discount).

    Special dedicated product URLs in a special dedicated "Special Offers" area of a Web site is a very standard E-commerce practice. Any consumer can get to this standard page by clicking "Plan Options" in our standard navigation bar at the very top of our Web site to see the terms of the offers, and access the current special URLs. All of which, again, are distinct and separate offers. Because of this, we are not sure why our own live phone agent would have said what newdawn alleges, but it appears a second call to us clarified the situation.

    We apologize this customer was disappointed, but we believe Veterans Advantage made every effort to communicate this online, and through dedicated live representatives. We feel live representatives giving instructions about our benefits differentiates a lot from what exists on the Internet, and worth the extra costs we incur to support it. Further, we are proud of our track record on this thread to monitor this type of activity more than once and personally respond so future miscommunications do not occur. We also continue to post our contact information -- which all customers receive -- so that members can make an informed decision about how to manage their Veterans Advantage membership directly with us, and to their satisfaction.

    Finally, we are grateful for the Veterans Advantage customer –“ zombiwolf, ” listed above -- who came to this forum to defend our company. To see consumers going the extra mile to actually *defend* a company on this complaints-only Web site, we feel speaks very clearly about the credibility with which we conduct our business, and how seriously we feel about doing the right thing for our customers.

    Respectfully yours,
    Veterans Advantage Customer Service
    Toll-free: 1-866-838-2774

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  • Te
    technorodent Jun 14, 2010

    These people - - out of the blue - - charged me $4. 95 to my credit card. I had not dealt with these people in 5 years. It turns out they had been slipping in these "micro charges" to my expired credit card for several years. They make it very, very difficult to reverse the charges - - sending forms that require signatures then remailing them back and so forth.

    The fact they make charges against expired credit cards and the fact that credit card companies allow them to do this illustrates that there are people out there exploiting loopholes and victimizing people for profit.

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  • Ok
    okeferl Jul 29, 2010

    I was charged a processing fee of $9.90 on the anniversary of my account activation. Since I had never actually used the account, finding better deals elsewhere, I called to cancel my account, which only meant stopping the payment that is scheduled to occur 30 days after the processing (close to $90). After the account was canceled, I was asked if there was anything else I needed and I said that I would like to be refunded the $9.90 processing fee. Initially, they said it was nonrefundable. I said that that seemed unfair and was again asked if they could help me with anything else. I replied, "only if you can get my money back" and was put on hold. Surprisingly, the operator returned and said that I would be refunded within 8-10 business days. So I guess we will see.

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  • Ku
    kurohyou Sep 10, 2010

    I am sorry to say to all of those who are complaining about VA, everything that you are complaining about or [censor]ing about it bogus, everything is listed on the site about any charges, and what the special offers are about and how they work. the whole "I never signed up for this program and I don't know what this is" is a lie, the only way you get signed up for this program is by physically yourself signing up either on the website or calling up the customer service department. I know this because I work for the customer service department of VA as a quality assurance agent, meaning I listen to every call that is recorded and grade an agents knowledge and attitude towards the members that call in and I did CS for a while but got sick of listening to people like you who just [censor] about [censor] and don't let the agents talk and do their job to try and help you and have encountered a number of these kind of situations, the only way that you wouldn't have signed up for it is if you agreed to a discount program when booking a trip through continental or any other travel agency VA offers a discount through or someone took your card and either signed up under your name or used your card without permission, and we take fraud very seriously and have a fraud department specified for checking into any fraud cases and refund all charges if found that you did in fact not sign up for it. so this whole bit is pretty much a bunch of BS. we have an A+ rating with the BBB for any of you who care to actually check the BBB site if not here check it yourself:

    so if there are any other questions and or complaints or doubts about VA then give the CS a call and I know that any agent will be able to answer any questions you throw at them and also you may want to remember every call is recorded and monitored and I'll be listening and so won't head quarters.

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  • they're bums. when you call some one always picks ups only to state that they're ever so busy and they'll take your name, account number, contact number and or email address. and if you forgot your password or account number there's no way to get it from them because the site doesn't offer to email it or any security option. so yes they are scammers, smart ones at that. you guys should google yourself and see what people are saying about your bad business.

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  • Me
    Melanie Chevalier Nov 24, 2010

    Wow - if kurohyou is actually an employee of VA - then I DON'T want to purchase membership with them! Using foul language is not part of the customer service attitude. It is indicative of how the CS department treats their customers if the quality assurance agent is this rude. I was actually doing research before signing up because VA actually gets a better discount through Amtrack than AAA. But the 5% discount difference is not worth it if I have to deal with rude people like kurohyou.

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  • Th
    thandor_nexus Dec 30, 2010

    Veterans heard worse than that during thier service. He posted not as an employee but as a civilian that just happens to work for the company. Granted, cussing on the job is bad, but, he wasn't on the job. Whether someone is customer service or not, they are still human. Cussing is part of the human language... get over it.

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  • Ch
    Cherry Stevenson Jun 22, 2011

    I am highly suspicious of the people who claim that they don’t know how they became members or why their Credit Card was charged. Let’s see-First, someone knows that you are a veteran, your branch of service and your service era. Hmm-m-m, Second-along with that they know your address and credit card information. Some of your friends or acquaintances may know some of that info but I would be willing to bet that only a significant other or a family member would know all of it. CLUE: You signed up to get the discount, charged the $4.95 on the CC and forgot to cancel before the 30 days were up. The fees are clearly explained, the phone number, address and webmail are easily located. Yes, intelligent people should read what they are signing up for, and be prepared to follow the process. As for the actual discount, I received as promised a discount from Continental Airlines, a discount that despite what others have implied would not have been available without the Veterans Advantage card number. I searched the net for “Coupon Codes” and none were available at the time.
    I actually received more than a 5% discount on my airline tickets. I don’t understand exactly how or what they figure the % on, but I tried reserving the flights with and without the code and the difference between the 2 was more than 5% off the ticket price including the tax and fees. The first time I purchased tickets the discount was 9.5% ($52.30) and the second it was closer to 7% ($28.00). Is it worth the $59 yearly fee? That depends on if you plan to fly or make multiple purchases from the companies offering discounts. It was for me. I fail to understand the problem; did you people want the discounts for free? Exactly how do you think that will work and for how long?

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  • Ww
    wwilson1963 Jul 08, 2011

    It would be nice to know the income that each of the board members acquires from letting Vet Adv use their names.

    Is this intended to be a money making deal or a true service to Vets.
    The fact that it charges a fee makes it suspicious

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  • Ww
    wwilson1963 Jul 08, 2011

    Where do the fees accrued by this organization go?
    Is there open disclosure?

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  • Fu
    fucnfgjki Jul 08, 2011

    hi, look at your window...

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  • Bl
    bluedenimblonde Jul 20, 2011

    I signed up and received a email with my Veterans Advantage number, I read the email and in the FAQ section it said if you want to cancel call or click here. I decided to cancel online since I had signed up online. I filled out the information and selected "I wish to Cancel my membership" from the drop down menu. Three days later my CC was charge the $59.95 yearly fee. When I called and explained the situation, the woman explained that they do not accept cancellations online that it must be done by phone. When I read her my email and gave her the site address, she still seemed confused. I was placed on hold several times and then I was told that the site I was directed to was a customer service, question site, and was not intended for Cancellations. She then told me that they would mail me cancellation paperwork and once I completed it and returned it, they would process my refund. When I complained and mentioned the scam alerts I found here, she offered to process my CC refund immediately. I asked her why if it was possible for her to dothat why didnt she offer me that option in the beginning. Her only explanation was that it was "company policy". In a few says we will see if she actually did it.

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  • Ju
    JudyNM Jul 26, 2011

    I did pay for one year of Veterans Advantage, which I used zero times because I quickly learned they are a glorified printed booklet of discounts. To make a long story short, on June 14th I was charged $9.00 which I just learned was for new membership cards (WHO CHARGES FOR MEMBERSHIP CARDS!) and now I find a charge of $89.92 for another years membership. I called to say this was a problem and it seems in the fine print when you join it tells you this is a recurring membership. If they have us veterans best interest in mind they would be more understanding, when one gets up in age it's difficult to remember something like that or have the mind set to read the fine print in the first place. I got the same run around about sending me papers to fill out for a refund to be considered. So I found these complaints and then called my credit card company and they must know of this SCAM because they removed the charge.


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  • Ju
    Just4yall Oct 05, 2011

    I believe that Veterans Advantage is a scam. I purchased it and used it 1 time. You know why? becuase they have the same discount code that are availible to everyone. All you have to do it search discount code on google for any store you are looking for and bam discount WITHOUT haveing to pay someone for it.

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  • Gi
    gitmo234 Oct 26, 2011

    Why do we have to pay for a veterans discount? I thought the point of veterans discount were because we've paid enough.

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  • Gi
    gitmo234 Oct 26, 2011

    Why do veterans have to pay for a discount?

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  • Bi
    Bills Fan Nov 12, 2011

    I joined Veterans Advantage when they were offering a free companion airfare through them. Well believe it or not i DIDNT get the companion airfare!! I could never get a hold of anyone to help. This was about 2 years ago. So my complaint is late, but nonetheless, i would and have and will RECOMMEND that people save their money and dont join! I have stopped people from joining and feel good that i am saving them money. Hope no one else falls into this trap!!

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  • Di
    Dixidude Jan 01, 2012

    Appreciate all of the comments. Hard for me to see enough of an advantage to shell out $60 a year. Maybe if VA provided
    specific info on what discounts to expect from each corporate member (or the prominent ones at least), I'd listen more carefully to their pitch.

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  • Me
    Member Services Jan 17, 2012

    Veterans Advantage has been a membership fee supported benefits program for over 10 years, founded by U.S. military veterans and represented by a board of distinguished and highly decorated veterans. The member fee model has long been in existence for other veteran and military organizations, even those chartered by the U.S. government. See more details at member fees on our public web site:

    We wanted to address your questions below, as we continue to monitor these boards, reminding members that we do have web, email and toll-free support to answer your questions on all subjects directly and promptly:

    1. Companion airline certificate: This is a benefit provided free with your membership which has an average value of more than $200, good for travel throughout the Continental United States. We are sorry that you somehow never received yours, since this is a very popular benefit. We encourage you to call our toll-free call center: 1-866-VET-ASSIST (1-866-838-2774) to review your account history and resolve your issues promptly. Unfortunately, because this forum allows anonymous postings, we cannot respond to you regarding your issues, even though you acknowledge it is a two-year old case that may not have been brought to our attention. You should also have received your membership Welcome Kit with printed color Benefit Directory, which fully details how to contact us to get support on any of your membership questions by toll free phone, by email or by mail as well as contact information for all our benefit partners.

    2. Free benefits: We agree that there are benefits you should be receiving because you earned them from government supported programs. We want our members to fully understand them and take advantage of what they deserve to get. Our program delivers information services to inform you what you are entitled to receive in Federal, State and Local benefits, and unique editorial content of interest to our members. We also provide regular updates on your benefits from Washington, and information on charitable programs that have established their own unique benefits to help military and veteran families.

    3. Benefits of a paid Veterans Advantage Card: Our card members save much more than they pay in annual member fees. We offer the opportunity for 30-day trial of the program, which allows new members to test the benefits and get savings over a full month from all our benefit partners. We have highlighted some of these valuable benefits below:

    * Included with membership: Over $800 in Bonus Benefits that do not require members to make an additional purchase --$55, 000 in travel and accident insurance coverage, prescription discount plan, complimentary financial planning, free Club O membership which provides free shipping and 5% savings from Overstock ($20 Club O fee savings annually) which are described on the home page of our website,

    * Leading providers that give back: Our benefit partners provide discounts that are special thanks for serving the country and are easily accessible everyday savings on the web, via toll free phone or in store locations. For example, Continental/United Airlines, the world’s largest airline, is a benefit partner providing 5% off on an unlimited number of tickets annually with no blackout dates, and Verizon Wireless service discounts for voice and data -- for a smartphone user, that saves a minimum of $125 a year – far in excess of the annual member fee. There are many other valuable discounts from the nation’s top patriotic companies including Dell, Apple, Greyhound, Amtrak, Foot Locker, Overstock, Orvis, and Wendy’s among others, across categories that include travel, entertainment, shopping, health, and financial, and more than cover the member fee, often with a single purchase.

    * Savings newsletter: In addition to full Welcome Kit containing instructions on how to access our benefits, we also find specific discounts for you and highlight them in our regular “Benefits Alert” e-newsletter, another benefit of membership to remind members of the tremendous savings their membership benefits afford. Listed below is but a handful of the valuable discounts we’ve recently highlighted in our newsletter, or heard have benefited our members:

    $243.23 on a Dell XPS 15z Laptop
    $50.00 on a round-trip Amtrak ticket, Stamford, CT to Lynchburg, VA
    $30 on your tax preparation with Jackson Hewitt $100.20 on four ski lift tickets, Canyon Resort, Park City, Utah
    $40 on Eight AMC Gold Experience Movie Tickets at AMC Movie Theaters
    $35 on a $300 purchase from
    $60 on an EXO Hardside 2-piece Luggage Set
    $90 on a Set of Taylor Made Burner Irons, Graphite Shaft, from The Golf Warehouse
    $30 XM Onyx Vehicle Satellite Radio Kit $29.80 A Pair of Men’s Hunting Boots from
    $230 On a MacBook Pro 15” notebook computer from Apple with Apple Care plan
    $33 On a pair of 6-inch Timberland Scuff-proof Boots from Foot Locker

    As you can see, the program provides the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars annually. Once again, please contact us at 1-866-VET-ASSIST. We look forward to helping you and delivering the respect, recognition and rewards you have earned with your service to our country.

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  • Se
    seanseansean Jan 31, 2012

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a Veterans Advantage card. I live in Europe (stationed here), but going to the states in July for a belated honeymoon. I have been reading and rereading about the services and it seems to me that the 200 dollar purchase for five years is worth it - because a 15% discount on my one-week hotel stay would make up for the membership fee right away! Also I figure I will travel back to US at least three more times in the next five years and this would give me savings on rental cars, and hotels. I realize I am a little different than most on this site because they probably have family they can stay with - I actually don't have family or friends I would feel comfortable spending more than two-days with because I am big on not imposing. I have read the complaints here. I don't care about the $5 processing fee complaint or DVD. The complaint that this is a "glorified book of discounts" pointing you to specials that already exist may be true - but that was refuted by another person that said looking for all those discounts takes time and like them I am not a person that can dedicate hours on hours to coupon hunting! Someone said they get more benefits from the American Legion (but did not elaborate - please do if you think the Legion offers better benefits - I want to know about them)! I see no one has refuted the free accident and death insurance - those sound good to me, not exactly chump change! Anyhow I would just like someone who is dissatisfied to really give a credible complaint that makes me think twice before buying this card. Convince me this would be a mistake! I plan to purchase this card soon if not. Sincerely - Sean. ps- No, I am not an employee of Veterans Advantage (lol) - just very interested in purchasing this card because the deals sound good - but I don't want to have buyers remorse. Also, if you are like me, comfort me in making my potential decision to buy it. Cheers.

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  • Us
    USAF-Vet Apr 25, 2012

    I have the membership and fine it odd that in the entertainment section the URL change from veterans to working which proclaims providing employee discount and reward programs to corporations nationwide.
    Yet when I actually tried logging in it wanted my Email and Password but wouldn't take them. So I put my email in to have my password sent and it told me my email want on file yet they send me emails. Kind of wired to me of the site intermixing but not completely !

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  • Di
    DisappointedVet May 21, 2012

    I just heard about this program today. I agree that veterans have given enough for this country, and the last thing we should have to do is pay money to get discounts. I served 6 years in the army, and 2 of those were spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. I feel that I shouldn't have to pay someone for the privilege of getting discounts. If this company really cared about vets, they would offer this card for free. They are just taking advantage of us by making us feel like we are getting a deal.

    0 Votes
  • Ct
    Ctown1981 Jul 14, 2012

    If it looks like, walks like or sounds like a duck... most likely it is a duck. I remember, a couple years ago, looking into buying an Amtrack ticket. I also remember seeing an advertisement for a Veterans Advantage and I didn't like the smell of it then either. I just went back to their site and I saw nothing about it so I googled "Amtrack Veterans Discount" and it brought me to the Veterans Advantage site. What a load of bologna! More like Veterans getting taken Advantage of. The leaders of that organization should be ashamed of what they do for a living. Get a life and stop leaching off of those of us that put ours on the line for your pathetic excuse for a job. One last note to my fellow vets. Any time we sign up for a "veteran" privilege, do we not have to prove it in some way? I went almost all the way with this one just to see if they even asked for an I.D. or a DD-214. I hope none of them have actually sent those in on their own. Who knows what else has happened to them.

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