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failed to properly diagnose blood tests result

VCA Smoketown, Pa diagnosed our 14 year old jack russell with high liver enzymes and gall bladder levels extremely high after senior blood test results for 300 dollars.

They recommended a medication formula for another 100 dollars which we followed daily no other testing was done and were told to come back in a month.Fourteen days latter we had to put our precious pet down.There was no compassion from Smoketown!VCA is in it for the almighty big business dollar.We received more concern and compassion from the oncall vet at our local PETS emergency center then we did of our vet of 14 years!

delay in surgery

I am pissed because I made an appt to have my cat fixed with an office visit the same day and my daughter took the cat at 7am and I am was supposed to pick up my cat after work. Then they said they were over booked and could not do the surgery after she got there and made up a story that because he had his shots, they couldnt do it. They knew he needed shots. They also overcharged me for cleaning his ears. The office manager in claremont ca lied to me. I will never go back to vca because they lie and overcharged me

worthless and expencive

I have a constipated dog and took him to the vca. 2 days and $2100 later I still have a very sick and very constipated dog. They didn’t do anything except run a bunch of tests, hold him for two days, increase charges, and administer two enemas a day. The things they were charging for were ridiculous! $85 dollars to administer shots. Not counting the price of the medication that was being given. $40 for an iv dispenser rental. That’s right; they charged me a daily rental fee on the bag holder for my dogs iv. Unacceptable.

This was one of the worst experiences of my pet owning life. I feel used and fully taken advantage of. I will forever and always recommend against the vca to everyone I meet from here on out. Greed in your moment of weakness is their business plan.

  • DianeMac Oct 22, 2009
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    Verified customer

    How's your dog?sorry to hear about your bad experience.veterians are just like hospital doctors, they are in the business of money, don't care about your pet or people.

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  • Kj
    kjearsion Feb 17, 2010

    wow DianeMac come on the people that work there are just regular CARING people working for a company. Im sure they all care about either animals or people. They get paid to do their jobs and they dont make up the prices!! Either the owenr or city or w/e made prices and charges way before the people started working there. Come on grow the ### up stupid ###. Also there is ALWAYS someone somwhere that has a bad experience with a company.. Just b/c you got charged out the ### for a constipated dog dont make the vet a bad place to go. maybe if you fed the dog right in the first place it wouldnt of happend. damn annoying ### people

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  • DianeMac Mar 17, 2010
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    kjearsion, you have a bad attitude and a nasty mouth!!! You are not Worthy of MY TIME!!

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  • An
    Anon Jun 20, 2010

    It's called a 2nd opinion. You ignorant pet owners should take some responsibility. Before you attack me, I take calls from you dumbasses all day. "I think my animal is dying! He hasn't been eating for 3 days, and has been breathing heavy and can't stand up anymore." "Can you be here in 30 minutes?" ", I have to pick up my kid from school. Can I just come next week?"

    Your pet is suffering you say? Ask yourself ONE question: "Who has been taking "care" of my pet?"

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  • DianeMac Aug 22, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Anon, if you don't like your job quit!!! Opinions, yes everyone has one.
    The minute you opened your mouth, you reap of ignorance!

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expense & ethics

To everyone on this board that is defending vca, you are foolish people not to be taken seriously. If you think their service is kind and compassionate and fairly priced, you haven't been to a good vet. They charge if you want to stay in the room when they put your dog or cat down. Outrageous!!!
Do your pet a favor, find a private vet, not a corporate owned money making false pretenses coldhearted facade of a veterinary therapeutic practice.

I warn you, stay away from vca if you love your pet.

  • Bl
    blc2 Jan 15, 2010

    I used to work for a vca hospital. They treat their employees as horrendous as their patients and clients! A money making racket!! Cut staff in half provide less care to all alling pets.If you love your pet or are in the market for a job in the vet field. Absolutely stay away! You are nothing more than $ in their pockets! They are extremely false leading in their care. Honestly, they don't care. A BIG corporate business. That just happens to be a pet business. Very, Very sad.

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  • Bo
    BoxerLoverinpa Jan 28, 2010

    My vet in PA was bought out by VCA last year. I didn't see any changes until I took my dog for a simple nail trim. Usually he needs to be sedated. This last time he was. My typical bill was for $27.92 and this time, with the new VCA prices implemented, it was an astounding $92.84!!! The sedation went from $17.10 to 69.84! This price increase makes gas prices seem low!

    I will be moving all my pets to a private practice doctor who has the compassion for their patients and the economic reality of his clients!

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I am so frustrated with pvca pacific avenue animal hospital. They have been great with my two dogs. But today was the final straw! I have never rarely complain about the people or the vets but the price and the place is something to worry about. How frustrating is that... They no longer accept care credit? They never sent a letter out to warn the customers. They never called or left a message in regards to the change policy. How unorganized is that?!?! Just imagine how I didn't have the money to pay for my vet bills and was depended on the care credit to take care of that... But what if? Thank god I had cash! When I came in to have them express my dogs anal glands.. Of course that cost money (26.70) and then when I asked the vet tech, if I can come in to see how they do it since its so expensive, mind me.. I work full time, school full time and to go to pvca is very expensive. It is frustrating that you want to trust pvca because you love your animals and you would do anything to give them best, but when you pay a large amount of money and then to go back to the vet tech area where animals are being treated? Is beyond me. There is blood on the freaking floor, table, handles, its not alot but smears... Mind me, I work in the medical field, whether a consumer comes in and checks out the place or a vet doctor... Wouldn't they care enough about the place? To at least clean the god damn place? I did mention that there is blood, I might of been rude... But to understand that my poor babies are being treated in a dirty place and its crazy price... Is beyond me! Make up your mind. I will discontinue going to this facility. I would rather go to another cheaper place that really do care about cleanliness, good customer service, price-friendly!

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inferior treatment and service

I had been taking my cat to see the vets at vca berwyn for several years but the quality of service took a sharp decrease in the past two particular, I had a vet who claimed she'd checked my cat's blood pressure before putting him on a medicine for anemia... A week later my cat went blind from an hypertensive crisis due to high blood pressure and when I talked to another vet they could find no notes of this blood pressure check having been done at all. And this blindness could have been averted had she actually checked his blood pressure before putting him on the medicine.

My advice is to stay far far away from vca berwyn. They used to be good but now, there is a lack of quality care and compassion which was most evident when I was trying to say good bye to my cat (several months later after his hypertensive crisis) before having him put to sleep and the receptionist kept running in to talk about money and fees.

  • An
    animalluv Mar 25, 2009

    I took a 9 year old himalayan-persian cat into a vca clinic with pneumonia
    in Farmington Hils, MI. They didn't check his bllod pressure either. They wanted to do a chest xray, and a bunch of other tests
    I told them I was laid off and don't have much money on me. They said we can't do anything about that, and that vca governs
    that ad you will have to pay for all services or none. I said give me some antibiotics and I will be out of there. He had pneumonia,
    and had a stroke the next day, and couldn't breath. I caled them and told them, they said you will have to pay if you bring him in.
    I said I don't have any money, can't you see him on professional courtesy, they said no. I said my fathers prcatice and my brothers medical practice see veterans and laid off people with no insuramce for free. They said we can't d anything about it. So I gave him
    the antibiotic, but it wasn't fast enough, he dided from a stroke, which paralyzed him, and from pneumonia. Never go to a VCA Clinic.
    No compassion there.

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money hungry business who do not care about the welfare of your pet!

I was a long time cutomer at this particular vet over the years I have brought in cats, dog etc and spent...

poor service

I went into the local vca because my dog was not eating and vomiting bile during a time when my regular vet was out of town for the week.

The vca vet tried to sell me several items which were estimated to cost $600-$800+ and this would simply get the dog feeling "comfy" and allow for a single blood test which carried no guarantee of any diagnosis. The vet must have taken some sort of class on selling "value added services" as I felt as though I was on some used car lot. Asking what could I spend today and informing me of credit options if necessary. They just tried to sell me so much which I didn't need. A $60 injection of tagamet and another of $75 for essentially pepto-bismol.

What a rip-off.

poor service wrong diagnose

My 5 Year old dog who was energetic and her usual self suddenly stopped eating and was not being herself, so...


Serial vets: no one seems to stay long enough to see the same animal two years in a row. Office visits are...

terrible experience

VCA refused to accept their coupon for $30 off since my brother and I share the same last name: he's a client and so are his cats. I paid for 1 of the cats visits to that hospital and I was magically ineligible for the discount even though my printed coupon had not disclosed any such ridiculous rules about referrals.

VCA lost my business but I found a place SUNRISE ANIMAL HOSPITAL that is MUCH more affordable for vaccines and office visits. Sunrise was friendly, welcoming and I expect my experience will be much better than VCA's when I take my cat to them tomorrow.

Shame on VCA for silly rules and poor customer service. How do they expect to gain business if referred clients are exempt from coupons?

Pets and pet owners deserve better care.

  • Re
    regina burns Oct 21, 2009

    so what other animal hospital do you know that gives you any kind of coupon? maybe if you dont have 30 bucks, you shouldn't have a cat...

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outrageous fees/poor care

VCA is a monopoly in the emergency care of pets in off hours. They run a 24 hour care center with inexperienced staff at crucial hours when regular vets are closed.
Their fees are outrageous depending on the state you live. They started in CA and have bought out practices and ER's for cash. A c section runs about $3600.00 as quoted in CT.
They are NOT a true ER as they always have to call a "surgeon" for surgery as the vet on staff is too inexperienced for surgeries. They pad the bill as though the pet was human, loose many lives and also put down pets as their fees are too high for the average person.
They have refused service to people without cash or a check. They will sometimes insist on spaying an animal after a c section.
There are no regulations as to fees charged and they have ripped off MANY people. They are the only game in most towns, they take advantage of everyone.

  • To
    tootsweet Jun 03, 2011

    I just had a very strange run in with the Irvine office. I called to verify that a specimen was delivered to their lab. I spoke with a supervisor after being denied the information. I informed her that I was not with a vet clinic and was the pet owner. I also informed her that I was not able to get a straight answer about the test results from the vet's office and that I just wanted to verify that they had infact received the specimen, not the results or other status. the supervisor followede up immediately and left a voice mail with the information that I requested. this is where it gets crazy! I called back and received ringing tone and music for more than 3-5 minutes 3 times. When smomeone finally picked up the phone, without me saying a word, the person said, "Stop calling here! there's nothing else that we can do for you or tell you!" I tried to state that she has no idea who I am or why I called. She yelled, "Yes I do! I can see your phone number on caller ID!" I said that I'd like to speak with her supervisor and she said, "She's not here!" and then hung up. I tried calling back, and after three tries of receiving music and no pick up, someone finally answered. I tried to explain the rude behavior to them and told them that this was unacceptable behavior. I was yelled at and hung up on for no apparent reason. I was just calling to thank the supervisor, and demanded an apology. the person on the other end was obviously the same person who yelled at me before. She tried to say again that I had been calling repeatedly. I told her that I had only called and spoken with someone only once and any other calls had been hold music and I hung up because no one ever picked up the phone. she continued her rudeness, and I told her that i would call the BBB and the National VCA office. I called the CEO, left him a short voice mail on the issue and informed him that I wanted immediate attention to this matter and that I would contact the State of California, the BBB and online blogs to inform others of my treatment.

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they turned my choking dog away

My dog was at home chewing a rawhide when we noticed that she started to choke on it. We opened her mouth and could see the rawhide but when we tried to get out we couldn't because it was lodged so tightly in. Our dog was having a hard time breathing. My wife put her in the car and was rushing her to the vet who is only a few minutes away and is the closest animal hospital to us. I stayed behind with a much shaken up 7 year old and called the vet and explained what was happening and that they would be there soon. I thought that way they could be ready. I was told by the evening manager Sarah that they wouldn't see my dog because they didn't have any appointments left for the day. I told her that it was an emergency, my dog was having problems breathing and she told me again they wouldn't see her. She then tried to refer me to another VCA hospital 30 minutes away. I again told her that my dog was choking and was having a hard time breathing...thinking she must not understand this was an emergency. That my dog wouldn't make it the other VCA hospital that it was too far away. She told me she understood this but they still wouldn't see my dog. I was so upset I hung up the phone. I told this woman no less than 6 times my dog was choking and having a hard time breathing and she kept telling me they wouldn't see her. My wife decided to go there anyway and demand that they treat our dog. Luckily as she was getting her out of the car she coughed it up.

Aside from the obvious what concerns me is: How does someone who works at a vet turn away an animal in an obvious crisis? And yes this hospital is large with multiple vets and able to handle situations like this. Another concern is they told me to take her to another VCA hospital 30 minutes away when about 15 minutes from there was a pet emergency hospital. They know about this hospital because the vet used to be one of a few in our area that took turns working there at night before he sold out to VCA.

When we called back to speak with the vet we were told we couldn't speak with him. Sarah also told us that it was their protocol to send clients to the other VCA even in an emergency situation like ours. Not to send them to a non VCA emergency hospital. How is this right? We were also told had we just showed up they would have assessed our dog. Even though on the phone we were told they wouldn't treat her. So our response was so we shouldn't call you to give you a heads up we should just come in. The woman just laughed. I thank god that our dog was able to cough it up on her own because in the confusion created by Sarah at VCA our innocent dog could have died all because VCA is greedy and there staff obviously doesn't put animals lives first.

  • We
    wearyonlineshopper Jul 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amazing isn't it. I once saw a dog get hit by a car right outside of a vets office. It was suffering terribly. I ran inside and begged someone to help. At least put it down and I would pay for the shot. They completely ignored me. I went back out and sat with the dog. It took it 15 minutes to die and it was in pain all that time. Made me sick.

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  • Pz
    PZ Sep 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As I write, we are dealing with an ill dog hospitalized in our local VCA. I have found the office staff friendly and compassionate, but the VCA culture one of greed. Of the four days our pet has been in the hospital system we have spent more time discussing estimates and fees than the actual condition of our dog. Additionally, we have to call to obtain status updates as we rarely receive calls when they are due and when contact is made we encounter stories regarding the incredible work load and more critical patients in the hospital. Reviews of diagnostics are delayed as the meter continues to run for daily itemized fees.
    As a scientific services business professional, I understand that my clients do not care how busy our personnel are or how understaffed, they expect the best service and responsiveness (i.e., to be treated as if they are our only customer.) Apparently, VCA does not understand this, train their staff appropriately or does not care. After all, vulnerable families are the core of their customer base and do not have many options for advanced veterinary care.
    I do not mind paying premium fees for premium service, but are receiving subpar service. In the end, I hope that the competent and compassionate staff we have experienced will have some positive effect on this company.

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  • Bi
    bibi Oct 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I go both ways on VCA. I know the one with 'sheer heart' was pretty good.
    Other VCAs Ive regretted ever going.

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I just wanted some care for my friend

I went to the VCA in Berwyn, IL - 2845 S Harlem to get some emergency care for my dog. My yorkie-poo was very ill and emitting black ***/throwing up/lost weight. He was diabetic and I explained that I had recently lost my job, and had problems getting his meds. So, after telling me the fee was 130.00 just to look at him and I was not able to get the care credit. She that the Dr would look at him and let me know. The Dr. examined him and said take him first thing to the AWL and that she had dehydrated him on the house. I asked if there was anything to be done. But she restated to take him ASAP. I left and I took my TK home and he died a few hours later. I had him 11 years! Had spent over 350 just to get a diagnosis prior and to be treated like that. I begged them to help me. HA! I guess all this rights for animals is just a bunch of hooey.

I would have paid the money as I was getting my money that Tue. But my dog had to suffer because I could not pay the astronomical fee, especially since they are one of the few places open on Sunday.

I called back after he had passed to see the reaction and? What I should do? And I was told they had funeral/cremation if I wanted it. What I wanted was some care for my friend, not bury him.

  • Ho
    holly dayin Dec 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The only problem I ever had with VCA is bad customer service.
    I had an appointment to see the dr at 4pm. I check in and the rude receptionist said 'wait till I call you."
    I told her I had a appointment and she blew me off.
    I waited 20 minutes and said "Im gonna just cancel."
    "You had an appointment?"
    "yeah, I said it several times but you couldnt listen."
    'What ever."
    "PUTA." I said and passed the dr who knew I had an appointment.
    Its hard to find good service.

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  • Fl
    FlippingReally? Sep 05, 2018

    If at all possible stay away from any and all VCA company owned vets. Tho most of the vets themselves are ethically and caring of your pet(s) the VCA corporation is not. The bottom line is all it cares about. Support your locale vets that have not fallen for the corporations BS.

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