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To whom it may concern:

I write in relation to a Ford Transit Van that I purchased form your company on 12th Nov 2016.
I purchased the van from your Dunstable showroom for a total cost of £11, 400.00 inclusive of VAT.
On Sunday 5th March 2017 the van broke down and I had to call AA for road side assistance – they indicated the issue was with the Dual Mass Flywheel.
I contacted your company and had the van towed to Dunstable on 7th March 2017 and dealt with Keith who I believe is head of your service department for Dunstable garage. He agreed that the issue was with the DMF but as the van was just outside of the 3 month warranty I would have to cover some of the cost of repairs – this totalled £680.71.
Following this work being completed during w/c 24th April 2017 I began to experience issues with grinding noises when attempting to change gear and being completely unable to change into 2nd. I rang Vanwise and again dealt with Keith who arranged for me to drop the vehicle to your Dunstable garage on 3rd May.
Unfortunately, on 2nd May the van totally broke down and I had to have it towed to a garage local to my home address. The mechanic at this garage stated that 2nd gear had totally failed and he suggested the van could need the whole gear box replacing or renewed.
I tried to contact Keith to advise him of this but was unable to get through to him via phone. I did email Keith as well but to date I have had no response from him.
Due to my livelihood depending on my being able to travel to jobs and the non-response from your service dept I instructed my local garage to carry out the necessary works to the vehicle so I could get it back on the road. The total costs of this work came to £1409.00.
In addition to these costs I had already invested a total of £760.00 for sign writing, deadlocks and parking sensors prior to encountering all the mechanical issue with the vehicle.
It is my belief that Vanwise was liable for the cost of these repairs as I believe the van you have sold me is not fit for purpose.
The local garage who have carried out the repair work on the gearbox have advised that as the van is less than 3 years old and with relatively low mileage the gearbox should not be failing. Upon carrying out the work the mechanic noticed evidence that the gearbox had previously been accessed and that some of the components had already been replaced with what they suspect to be second hand parts.
On your website you clearly state:
‘We take care to thoroughly inspect each and every used van that arrives at our dealerships, so you can drive away with peace of mind and the knowledge that you van is in the very best condition.’
I would request that you now provide specific details of when the vehicle I purchased was inspected, what was tested/inspected and any resulting reports from this as I do not believe that these issues only developed after I purchased the vehicle. Given the consistent failures on this vehicle and the findings of the local garage in relation to the gearbox I believe any rational person would be of the opinion that the vehicle was most definitely not sold to me ‘in the very best condition’.
In relation to the excess costs I have undertaken I believe the initial refusal to repair my van is in direct contravention of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – set out under this legislation is my responsibility to allow you one opportunity to repair or replace goods that are found to be of ‘unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described’ and that have been brought to your attention within 6 months of the initial purchase. This is regardless of any warranty time limit you have placed on the product.
The only time you have right of refusal to this would be if Vanwise could evidence that the cost of what I have requested would be disproportionate to any other solution you could offer. As I had not requested a full refund, but a repair, I do not believe that you were legally within your rights to refuse to cover the whole cost for this work.
Also covered under this legislation is the right to request a full refund or price reduction for any goods on which a repair is unsuccessful and is still within 6 months of the initial purchase.
As the vehicle once again broke down after the repairs carried out by your garage and the van was found to still have issues around the gearbox, of which you were notified in May, I would suggest I am now within my rights to apply for a full refund. In addition to the costs of repairs I would also look to recoup the costs I have incurred from missed work and having to pay for use of a replacement van for a week. The breakdown of costs I would be looking to claim for a refund in full would be:

Cost of repairs: £2089.71
Loss of earnings (approx 5 and a half days): £1100.00
Cost of replacement van (approx 5 and a half days): £330.00
Cost of alterations made: £760.00
Total: £4279.71

As I am still awaiting a response from my email to Keith (sent in May) I would ask that you respond to this complaint within 7 working days to avoid any further delay.
Should a response to this not be forthcoming within this time frame I will be referring this matter to my solicitors.

D. Stockman


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