Vanderbilt Mortgage statements/ no service


We've had our doublewide for three and a half years, paying our payments thru automatic bank drafts. Never been late, never missed a one. My husband got sick, couldn't work for 3 weeks, then was hospitalized for 5 days. We have 2 teen daughters, I'm a stay at home mom, so we got in a really tight spot financially. I called Vanderbilt, (sat on hold FOREVER), finally reached a gentleman and asked if we could extend a payment. Now keep in mind, a payment is only 1/2 an actual monthly payment, because our bank account is drafted every two weeks. After he checked our account, asked all the info, he says he can't help me. I need to talk to his manager. He transfers me, and guess what? I get the dreaded VOICE MAIL! I left her 4 messages. Surprise! Surprise! She never calls me back, and as usual, our bank account gets drafted for the payment.Thank God, the money was there for the payment. I think they SUCK! They could care less about you . And I think they've got it all figured out. They just RECEIVE our money. I have never received a statement in 3 1/2 years. so who knows how much we owe, how it is applied, etc., etc. Sounds like a pretty good job to me, just making bank deposits. Please, please, if you buy a Clayton or Norris home, find yourself some good financing at your local bank. Don't finance with Vanderbilt.

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