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Vancouver Auto Credit review: Nissan rogue

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More than 2500$ of damage. Bought under the understanding that the company was going to be able to hold there end of deal. The guy that sold me Nissan rogue. They were to pay thy payment on half the car until I could or until payments could work out. I only agree to maximum payment of 500$.

ℹ purchase rouge for my daughters safety to and from school and my small business reliability! I was just a mess the last couple of months and have not be healthy enough for my kids and my family and own healthcare costs then the car is broken and damaged and I have a dealership that diagnosed my car and it have front end damage from car accident and under carriage accident issues! I am not well and I am very poor at handling anything but my daughter at this time. I was trying to do right and safe as I have to drive 72 km daily round trip just to school! I needed car was very distracted by my responsibilities so I had not went over contract of complete condition! I agreeed to under the influence of heavy medication and was not allowed to sign in morning in daylight and go over car in daylight! It arrived late in the evening in the dark. I could not see the damage on the front end or let alone underneath and I was not able to drive the car for two weeks after I got the car due to surgery and damages in my stomach. I did not let the sales representative into the house. We signed in the dark in the trunk with a flashlight and crappy light. I was in tons of pain and under 10 tons of heavy medication and Advil and Tylenol and sleep med and pain, med, and anti-depressants and a ton of medication, I did not notice the damage on underneath for about a week and I did not notice all of the other damage and what was really wrong with the car until I bought a diagnosis thing and diagnosed the car. Once I found out I tried to go back and talk to the dealership about what was done with this car and my deal. I trued to work out the details of my Issue and Simply the Situation with payments of this car!

Claimed loss: Financial bankruptcy go from 720 credit score and on road to get house and total screwed over by a credit scammer who constantly tries to ruin my life and credit. Low balling out of control CEO. With very nice shoes.

Desired outcome: Fix car and payment issues. 270$ bi-weekly is maximum I can afford at anytime for vehicle payment. I can not afford payments at all or even close in my budget grounds legally!

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Update by Deanna Wiley
Feb 14, 2024 1:50 am EST

Such an unhappy customer. Very disappointed in my 2020 Nissan Rogue! For sale for 56,000 $ is what I am charged for this service! Wtf! See ya soon. Smiling face and in the end… just a 🐍! Watch out

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