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Resolved Threatening letter appeared in the mail one day

Van Ru Credit Corporation sent a threatening letter to me regarding a debt that had been proven to be...

Resolved Unauthorized charges

Van Ru called my place of employment, threatened to garnish my wages. they informed me that I could avoid garnishment by giving them access to my bank account for a monthly amount of $85.00. After 6mo. or so I became suspicious after never receiving a statement & closed the account. Anyone who can assist me in legal action against them please contact me.

  • Ch
    Chris May 15, 2009

    As a former employee of Van Ru, let me tell you that as a borrower in default you do not receive statements. It is a courtesy to send any type of billing statement out, however you should have received a letter 7-10 days prior to the check being printed to notify you of he amount being withdrawn. I am assuming you were probably on a rehabilitation program and stopping payments 2/3 of the way to completion was not a smart choice. Once you have completed the program you would have moved to a new lender who would then begin sending you monthly statements. My suggestion is to contact whatever agency you are now with and work out an arrangement to be placed on the rehabilitation program.

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  • An
    anther unhappy person Jul 31, 2009

    For anyone who has been threatened by this company that they're wages are going to be garnished, this is illegal. I personally did some research and found out you send them a certified, return receipt notice asking them not to call you at home or work. Each state has their own laws regarding this, but most are similar. You can contact your local consumer's affairs office to get more detailed info. about your rights. If they keep calling you after you send them a written notice not to, you can take them to court.

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Resolved Makes it impossible to get ahead of debt

When I found out that my $4K tax refund was intercepted due to my school loan being in default I immediately contacted Sally Mae to find out what I needed to do to get on top of this. I was told that my loan was now being handled by Texas Guarantee Student Loan who told me that they sent the debt to Van Ru. I contacted Van Ru and the rep that I spoke to, Nadia T., informed me my new balance and also let me know that I had been approved for $80 per month payments and that I could make arrangements to have this payment deducted from my bank account each month. I told her that I would call her back when I had time to look at my budget to see which day of the month would be the best time for the payment to go through.

One week later I called back to have the payments set up. I was helped by a new agent by the name of Hope. I explained to Hope that I wanted to make $150 payments each month, but I wanted to specify that the overage I would be paying would be applied to my principal. Hope informed me that they could not do that and that the majority of the money I paid would be applied to my interest and a small amount would be applied to my principal. I told her that if that was the case, I would just make the $80 payment each month. She then tells me that Vn Ru will need over $500 as deposit before they can begin processing the $80 payments. I informed her that Van Ru just took $4K from me under a month ago and that because of that, I did not have $500 to give them and I further explained that I thought it was ridiculous that I was calling to try to arrange payments to them and they were refusing to take my money. She told me that the only way to get on a "repayment" plan was to pay the deposit. I asked her if I mailed them a check for $100 each month were they going to refuse it. She stated that the would accept it, but my loan would still be considered in default and my ssn would still have a lien on it. She also said that my balance was collecting interest on a daily rate and this would not be in my best interest. I asked her if getting on the "repayment" plan would keep the interest from accruing and she said that it would not. So I asked her why was she trying to make it appear that if I paid them a $500 deposit that I would be helping myself when in actuality, being on a "repayment" plan would benefit no one but me. The more I questioned her, the more attitude she displayed and she eventually began to speak over me and cut me off before I could finish. She then said "You either want to get on a repayment plan or you don't, so which is it" I told her that since I did not have an additional $500 to give them after just giving them $4k, that I guess Van Ru was leaving me with no options to do anything other than mail them a payment each month and not get on the "repayment" plan.

Obviously they do not want to make it easy to pay your debt because they want your accout to collect as much interest as possible. They make it impossible to pay it off and they know this. I guess I will need to take out a small loan from my bank to pay this off so that I don't get eaten alive with interest. Certainly there is something that can be done to stop this. It's not like I just decided one morning I was going to stop paying my loan. When you're struggling and you have to decide between paying the electricity bill or paying your student loan payment, logic has to come in to play...

  • Ab
    Abe Noxious Feb 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Van Ru didn't take a 4K tax refund from you, the Federal government offset your taxes because you were in Federal default on a student loan you didn't pay.
    Prior to your loan going to collections the Federal government attempted to contact you at the last know address they had for you.
    Since you obviously never received any letters about the defaulted loan, I'm curious as to what you thought happened to the loan since you hadn't paid it.
    If you had used your college education to read the terms of your loan you would understand that once it is in default your options are gone and you can no longer dictate how you want your payments distributed.

    Judging from the way you blame others for the situation you are in, you might want to consider a position with the Democratic Party.

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Resolved Fraud and scam

I would like to say that if it wasn't for Demetrius C. I would be in big trouble. Van Ru has not been a...

Resolved They foisted their job onto the &client&

Today, Van Ru really pissed me off. I called them at their Arizona location only to give them a courtesy call. Commonwealth Edison had been billing me for the past 14 months at my former apartment even though I had been evicted from it 14 months ago. Just today I received their first letter, which prompted me to give them the courtesy call. I carefully explained the situation to the lady who answered, and I told her how she could verify it very simply by looking at a website pertaining to the eviction court. She had me wait a few minutes, saying she would check it out. Then some male, rude goober answered. He had no concern about the fact that I had not even lived there for the past 14 months and that Commonwealth Edison should have known that. He just told me I owed them the money and that I would have to work it out with them. To further aggravate the situation, they lied on the letter when they said the call would be toll free. I just learned they charged me for trying to help them!

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Resolved Wrong name, but spouse's SSN

I was called at home 3 times asking for a person I do not know. They had my wife's SSN but not her correct name.

They called my work place asking for the same person. When I answered, the phone went "dead".

I called Van Ru Corp. After speaking to the 3rd person, I finally spoke to the "supervisor". They denied calling my work place. I was accused of lying.

They are trying to collect on an account from 1991 for a car repossessed in New York in 1995. We have never lived in New York and have never had a car repossessed.

We are having our phone number changed to an unlisted number.

  • P1
    p122 Mar 12, 2009

    Van Ru is disgusting and has been charged by the Attorney General's office in 8 different states for violating the law. I wouln't have anything to do with them.

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Resolved Threatened me & hung up on my mother

I was called regarding my student loan and after giving some information, the processor, Mr. Hanson, at extension 6683, threatened me when I didn't want to give him my debit card information until he gave me some information. I explained to him that I had not received any mailings regarding this loan and it is my intention to pay it back. He had me extremely upset and I was driving in my car. My mother called to verify this information and hung up on her. What kind of agency are you running when your employees threaten people? Is that really the way to resolve things? I was so upset, I had to pull over in a gas station. Do you really care about anything other that bullying people.

  • Jo
    jonova Aug 16, 2009


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Resolved They hit my checking account

I have tried to work with this company. The first time they called the person was very rude and...

Resolved They gave me the wrong information on a debt payment

Mrs Marjorie Reynolds called me and told me to send an extra payment to get my debt sent back to direct loans early on my 9th payment. I did that March 27th.

Then April 21 van ru called me saying I need another payment a 10th one before it can be sent off and it is needed by the 24th of April. when I told them I didn't have the money for that payment mr Reynolds began to tell me how they could garnish all wages, retirement, ssi payments, etc.

Then she began to tell me how it's no ones fault that this some times happens with the lender which I though was crap because I was assure that my early payment would finally lift me out of default. They are incompetent.

  • Sh
    Shalonda Williams-Cobb May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been getting harrassed by Van Ru Credit Corp. for a few months now and ever single complaint I heard is exact in the way that am being treated as well. I too was talked to in a unprofessional way. The man that I was assigned to calls me everyday at least four times a day, even Sundays. Right now I am not doing well so I hardly have the money to pay them but the little money that I do have has to go to all the overdraft and return check fees that my husband is accruing because they are unlawfully charging him twice a week without his permission. I honestly do not know what to do with this. We are further into debt because I trusted those people. The man told me to talk to my husband and have him call back to give verbal permission to use his account, when I talked to my husband he said we have no money in the bank so I told the man and he said that he will not and can not put the check trough without my husbands permission . Therefore I thought I was safe but now they keep charging us even though they know nothings in there.

    Recently I called to file a complaint with his supervisor . I tols her what he did and she got really rude with me and told me to money gram her the money right now. Wow, is all I thought, these people never quit. So I did a little research on them and now that I know what they really are, I refuse to give my money to them. I dont trust them at all! So garnish my wages andwhatever else you want to do!

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