Valley View Medical Centerdr. shaker saad

My Husband (Jon K. Evans) was admitted into Valley View Medical Center for Breathing Problems on June 24-29, 2019 for Pneumonia and released. Dr. Shaker Saad told my Husband Jon Evans that he should go to a VA Hospital. Then the other incident was on September 10-12, 2019 my Husband Jon Evans was back in the hospital by Ambulance to Valley View Medical Center for Pneumonia plus Carbon Dioxide in his Blood. Dr. Shaker Saad's Bedside is manner beyond any of a So Called Dr. that I have ever seen. He told my husband that "What kind of con game are you Playing now" It has come to my knowledge that this Dr. Shaker Saad does not even have an office of Business. The nurses call him on a cell. I am going to Request that this Dr. be questioned on how he runs his business. My Name is Martha Jennifer Evans the Wife of Jon Kevin Evans. My husband was so upset over this Dr's bedside manner that it is just unexcuseable in any way.

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