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In Motion OC Physical Therapy Irvinebilling fraud

Billing fraud - in_motion_oc_irvine physical therapy jeff thomas 17332 von karman ave #120, irvine, ca 92614. Something that should alarm people is billing fraud. As a patient of in_motion_oc_physical therapy in irvine are instances where I was billed for services that were offered through promotions for a fraction of the cost. I was told by the staff of in_motion_oc_irvine the promotional price would apply, however I was charged full price. There were additional instances of billing fraud where I was charged for exclusive time with a physical therapist, but I was part of a group of patients getting physical therapy, so had to split the time with the one therapist.

In one recent case originating from orange county, a federal jury found grace hong, 53, guilty on tuesday of three counts of healthcare fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit health fraud, the u.S. Department of justice announced on wednesday.

Prosecutors allege the scheme locally centered on a walnut-based therapy clinic operated by hong and her husband, simon hong.
From 2009 to 2012, prosecutors allege, grace hong and others billed medicare for physical - and occupational-therapy services that were uneeded and hadn't actually been provided. The financial reimbursements from medicare were funneled to companies owned by simon hong, according to prosecutors.

In another case I located an article on concerning billing fraud shows a similar pattern I feel in_motion_oc_irvine had perpetrated against me. A little more than $6 million in false claims were submitted as a result of the scheme, prosecutors said, resulting in nearly $4 million in payments from medicare. To hide the fraud, prosecutors allege, grace hong directed therapists to falsify medical records to make it look like the services had actually been provided.

Timing, as they say, is everything. That's certainly the case for a recently released joint guidance document on compliance created by apta and 3 other organizations, which arrives during a period of increased federal scrutiny of fraud associated with companies providing physical therapist services. That scrutiny resulted in settlements totaling more than $35 million.

I truly hope the public, injury attorneys, and claim adjusters use the information I provide to verify the charges his or her insurance are being charged. Billing fraud hurts us all!

medical billing fraud

While a patient at In_Motion_OC in Irvine, California, I experienced billing fraud. I found Jeff Thomas the director of In Motion OC 17332 Von Karman Ave #120, Irvine, CA 92614, to not be worried about the billing fraud I reported to him. He did not perform any investigation or have any serious concerns. I recently found out the billing fraud continued on dates I was not at In_Motion_OC and for services I did not receive. I would caution insurance companies and injury attorneys alike to use such a company as In_Motion_OC.

I also reported issues where I was charged a much higher price for services that were advertised at a much lower rate. I also found I was charged for instances where it was represented I would have personal, one on one therapy, however the one person working with me was also working with several other people at the time - thus billing me at a higher rate was fraudulent since I was billed for one on one time.

Health care fraud is a type of white-collar crime that involves the filing of dishonest health care claims in order to turn a profit. Fraudulent health care schemes come in many forms. Practitioner schemes include: individuals obtaining subsidized or fully-covered prescription pills that are actually unneeded and then selling them on the black market for a profit; billing by practitioners for care that they never rendered; filing duplicate claims for the same service rendered; altering the dates, description of services, or identities of members or providers; billing for a non-covered service as a covered service; modifying medical records; intentional incorrect reporting of diagnoses or procedures to maximize payment; use of unlicensed staff; accepting or giving kickbacks for member referrals; waiving member co-pays; and prescribing additional or unnecessary treatment. Members can commit health care fraud by providing false information when applying for programs or services, forging or selling prescription drugs, using transportation benefits for non-medical related purposes, and loaning or using another's insurance card.

If you come across In_Motion_OC in Irvine California I would strongly suggest you do not use the service since its reputation is not the best as I understand it. Whatever physical therapy service you do use, be sure it is a reputable service with a good track record of delivering honest services at a fair price. And if the price is advertised lower for the same services, then demand to get that price. Insurance fraud hurts everyone and hope this post brings attention to a very serious issue and makes people think about who they allow to be his or her physical therapist.

medical billing fraud

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    In_Motion_OC Jeff Thomas 17332 Von Karman Ave #120, Irvine, CA 92614 operates a practice of overbilling and fraud. While I was a patient I was billed for exclusive time with a physical therapist, however the physical therapist was managing three patients at the same time, so to bill for exclusive time is simply fraudulent in my view. I also noticed charged for services when I was not at In_Motion_OC and for some services I did not receive. Thus, again, fraudulent billing.

    The aqua therapy location was a horrific experience as well. While I was told it would a one on one therapy, again, it was bait and switch tactic where my therapy was split between 8-12 people in a community pool. Again, that is not one on one time and to make matters worse the pool had kids playing, jumping around, and very loud too. Such an environment is not a place to get therapy in my opinion. The loud kids, constant running, and inability to hear what to do by the physical therapist truly made it pointless. I would also add the type of ‘therapy' was pointless - I did thing literally I could have done on my own like simply shuffle sideways in the pool.

    Also, In_Motion_OC had ads on social media sites charging far less than what I was billed through my insurance. A person should not be defrauded of hard earned money and benefits. Insurance fraud is rampant at In_Motion_OC in my opinion since I was told therapy would be one on one and it was not, but insurance was billed for one on one time. Fraud is fraud and billing fraud appears to be the norm at In_Motion_OC in Irvine California.

    What is Medical Billing Fraud? It contributes to rising health care costs for all of us. It's any attempt to fraudulently obtain payment from and insurance carrier. Medicare and Medicaid are especially susceptible to fraud due to their payment arrangement. I hope this issue brings to the forefront the attention it deserves since medical billing fraud ultimately impacts us all. I would have hoped Jeff Thomas of In_Motion_OC would take complaints seriously, but doing so would cost him money.

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    In_Motion_OC_Irvine Jul 13, 2019

    Thank you for posting about billing fraud - In_Motion_OC_Irvine physical therapy Jeff Thomas 17332 Von Karman Ave #120, Irvine, CA 92614. Indeed medical billing fraud impact people and how our hard earned dollars are spent. Shame on In Motion OC for overcharging people. Continue bringing aware to the conduct of In_Motion_OC_Physical_Therapy.

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