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VRBO just announced that they will impose, unilaterally and without consultation, dramatically different payment terms to homeowners. They will now keep the payments from the renters until after they check in. This is millions of dollars that renters advance for the rentals that VRBO/Homeway intents to keep, for months and even over a year, free. What is even more egregious abuse is that they offer to ‘advance' the homeowner their own money by charging the owner, for his own money, a 3% a year interest!

Their explanation over the phone is even more aggravating: they claim they hired a ‘payment service' (Yapstone) that imposed these new payment schedule on the homeowners without Expedia/VRBO/HomeAway knowledge, that they are ‘just as surprised' and they plan to develop their own payment system (the same they already have and used for years) in ‘the coming months', adding insult to aggravation.

We delisted our property and although they ceased to perform by the terms of the contract we subscribed to, they insist they will not refund the unused portion of the yearly subscription price we paid for. Amazing how much they feel they can abuse those of us that made VRBO/Homeaway possible in the first place!

Aug 22, 2019
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  • Al
      Aug 22, 2019

    HomeAway have sent out very confusing communications to property owners. Their position seems to be that as an owner they are asking me to sign up to migrate over to there own payment system but can not tell me if I am eligible to keep the same terms as I have now which is to be paid when the guest pays or if I am not eligible and they will keep my guests payments until after they check in (could be 12 months). It is such an insult that after 10 years of advertising through them they do not know if I am eligible to keep the same terms I have at the moment. I have lost all trust in them.

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