Vacation Hub International [VHI]I ve cancelled the contract within 5 days. struggle to get the refund of the deposit back


In June I was scammed at a meeting at Hans Merenskey club in Phalaborwa. I was promissed a income of 59000 after three months from selling my points at LHC. After three days I read the small print . I was disgusted to find out how I was mislead. I immediately send an email to cancell . I also posted the letter by registered post to their address in Somerset West . My friend dropped a cancellation letter at their office, the letter was singed and stamped by the receptionist. The contracts and debit order were cancelled . I will appreciate it if you can help me with the refund of the deposito. I paid 9500 R deposit . I completed the refund form and submit it on the3rd July. There was a waiting period of 30days which expired on the 14th of August.
On the 20th I enquire about the delay but have received no answer.

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