Vacation Hub International [VHI] Complaints & Reviews

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / after sales service

May 02, 2019

good day - i am a member of VHI since 2017. MEMBERSHIP 501764 firstly we were sold 2 memberships only to find out that a person can only have one membership, then we were promised by the agent that he himself would sell our guest certificates for us and none of that has happened. Initially we...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / vacation hub international are scammers

Jan 25, 2019

Went to their presentation yesterday in amanzimtoti at the weaver conference centre, we decided to try them out, paid an activation fee of r 9199.00. When we got home we tried calling on the number provided (087 094 0844) numerous times to no avail despite being told adamantly by bennie...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / vhi topaz membership

Jan 20, 2019

Ive been awaiting a call for a delivery Of a package otherwise I don't answer unknown numbers easily. When I answered lady informed me that I won vacation to Bali or Phuket 7 nights accomodation. I'm interested to go there but was still cautious and decided I will see how my day goe...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / contract entrapment with vhi - how to fight it

Dec 14, 2018

Hi All, I recently received a summons, odd period as people are usually on leave, just dropped in my mailbox without notification and it was 3 days late, within my 10 days to respond with my option to defend. I opted to defend myself, and in triplicate form, dropped a copy of my summon...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / complementary and, discounted cruises/local international holidays/ service

Dec 02, 2018

Since we paid R9199 -00 deposit on 20 July 2018 and thereafter a monthly instalment of R1688 -00 for the holiday /flight/promotion discounts, we have not been able to activate, in order to use the vouchers, the so called x2 "free" international holiday vouchers, as well as x 1 local voucher for...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / vacation hub international

Sep 17, 2018

Hi, VHI contacted my mom to attend a presentation. Three weeks prior to this she received a membership number. Elsabe was very helpful to get my mom to attend and find the presentation room. Wesley Buchanan presented this dream to her as a reborn christian and without hesitation my mom...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / vacation contract

Sep 12, 2018

We were invited to a presentation that sounded perfect. We were led to believe and we specifically asked if there were any monthly fees or any booking fees and we were told NO. We only pay a ONCE OFF fee and the special they offered. We wanted to settle the remainder of the special they...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / service that was presented is fraud

Sep 10, 2018

Vhi biggest scam in SA. First off all the presentation that was given that we can see in real-time saving when you book was fase. Even the free trip you get is fase you pay for everything. You pay first fee then have to wait 8 weeks before you can do anything just to find out not a saving...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / I ve cancelled the contract within 5 days. struggle to get the refund of the deposit back

Sep 03, 2018

In June I was scammed at a meeting at Hans Merenskey club in Phalaborwa. I was promissed a income of 59000 after three months from selling my points at LHC. After three days I read the small print . I was disgusted to find out how I was mislead. I immediately send an email to cancell . I...

[Resolved] Vacation Hub International [VHI] / scam

Sep 01, 2018

ME Viva Warren We were invited to a presentation on the 10.10.2017. Errol vd Westhuizen and RusselHolfield speak to us and promice a lot of things to us. as we were scammed in the past we don't want to sign the contract but he promice. 1. we don't have to worry if we are not happy we can...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / failure to cancel contract

Aug 06, 2018

My husband and I attended a presentation on 16 May 2018 in Alberton. We were skeptical and asked lots of questions which our consultant Marlon answered but as it turns out they were all lies. I swiped my credit card for an amount of R5, 699.00. We were told that we receive 3 free holiday...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / I tried to cancel membership and withdraw from vacation hub international but cant. any advice on what I can do. please help

May 30, 2018

I was also caught in the scam by Vacation Hub International. I attended a presentation at Echo Lodge in St. Lucia on 1st May and signed and paid R14, 449 with my credit card ( which the bank FNB cant return as it has gone through already) When I tried to cancell the agreement within the...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / discount flights and accommodation

May 28, 2018

On the 16th april 2016 my husband and I attended a presentation in lenasi. We were told by marc our sales person, that if we are at any stage not happy with the service we get from vhi we can cancell the contract. We have a son overseas and wanted a family holiday together a package for...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / misled information. scammers

Apr 12, 2018

These Scammers told me at a presentation that if need to cancel the membership with them then I will lose R 400.00 cancelation fee- when I want to cancel they telling me I need to pay R 6000.00 cancellation fee. They done a debit order from my account on the 05/04/2018 but the membership...

Vacation Hub International [VHI] / promises was given just to get you signed up

Feb 11, 2018

In May 2017 I signed up with VHI. I did not want to do it but the Wesley promised me a week free holiday anywhere in the country. Now i want to use it there are only 4 places and only one is free. i am trying to phone them but get message that i have to do it on line Wesley gave me hi...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / contract termination a dawood member: 502358

Jan 19, 2018

My Name is Anver Dawood and I have been scammed into signing a contract with Vacation Hub International on 18/01/2018. They make all sorts of promises and dont tell you about the exorbitant levies paid for the next ten years and feed you with misleeding information. I am still within the 5...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / misleading information

Nov 01, 2017

On 2017/10/12 I were invited to a presentation of VHI with the promise of a free holiday without any obligation or cost. After everything about VHI was explained, Clement tried to convince me to become a member of VHI, with an opening amount of R5649.00 and a monthly payment of R802.00 for...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / vacation hub international - travel

Oct 26, 2017

Tempo Travel is the nominated Principal Member ? 501042: Russel Watson sold me the membership because I am a tour operator and my membership guest certificates could be used for my clients. When I tried to make a booking I was informed that only friends and family members could use my...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / corrupt people & company

Oct 24, 2017

We were coerced into joining a presentation with the promise of a free Holiday & no strings attached from Lowena +2761 364 7848, Company called Explora Bran, confirmed by Mr Russel the Manager to attend the session at Monage Wedding Reception. This was a second attempt in one year where they...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / membership agreement contract - a total & ongoing fraud with impunity

Aug 31, 2017

My wife got a phonecall promising free holidays, just attend the presentation. I went with her and we got entangled in paperwork and promises orchestrated by the now famous smooth talking Errol vd Westhuizen. We were duped with false promises six to the dozen. But our amazing con artist...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / cancellation - riana coetzer 402095 # 13670

Jun 07, 2017

1. We were verbally promised better price for flights and vehicle’s which is no true as we can get better. 2. We were verbally promised better prices for holidays but we can get better prices ourselves. 3. We were verbally promised that availability and area on short notice will always be no...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / scam

Jun 03, 2017

Ricforb Finance Company ( Pty) Ltd t/a Vacation Hub International PO BOX 1912 Somerset Wes Somerset wes, South Africa Phone: +27(0)871502230 I have attended a presentation at Secunda Graceland about Travel club. I paid R5649.00 deposit towards travel club .The following day I phone the...

Vacation hub international / cancellation of contract

May 26, 2017

My wife and I was at a presentation at Buntu Lodge Nelspruit on the 2-May-2017 we wanted to leave as we show that it was about holiday as we have flexi club points and pay a levy per year. We told the presenter this and he told us that they vhi can help us to generate income with the...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / difficulty in obtaining refund of r14,000 after contract was cancelled

Feb 28, 2017

On Fri 3 Feb '17 I went to a VHI presentation with my husband in Jhb where I was asked if a could afford R500 for 3 mths. The rep told us that he would get K112 for our available Holiday Club Points and that there was a once off charge of K70. No other costs were advised. He also told u...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / will not accept cancellation of contract according to cpa "direct marketing" law

Feb 02, 2017

My wife and I were duped into attending a VHI presentation on the 22nd September 2016, in Boksburg and succumbed to a high pressure, high energy presentation given by very insistent sales people. We were not afforded the time to scrutinize the documentation carefully, as the next group of...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / unethical behaviour -

Jan 30, 2017

On the evening of the 12-06-2016 I attended a presentation by a vhi sales team. From what was told to me in the presentation I paid a deposit to join, however on reading the fine print in thier contract I found out that I have been conned, and that the contract beared little resemblance to...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / vhi

Jan 19, 2017

Me and my husband went this evening to atterburry road in pretoria. We met your people their and they present a presentation for us. Everything sound very good. But in my head that this is to good to be true for renting our mdc points to overseas clients for lots of money, we sign the...

Vacation Hub International / scam - holiday club

Nov 15, 2016

On the evening of 8th of November my husband and I attended a presentation at the Silverstar Casino. We were told by Russel Hatfield our sales person, that if we are at any stage not happy with the service we get from VHI we can cancell the contract . The Morning of the 9th of November, I...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / scam and rip-off

Oct 28, 2016

My wife & I were invited to attend a vacation presentation at The Lakes Hotel and Conference Centre in Benoni on 27/09/2016. After the presentation, which sounded very positive and appealing, we where introduced to the very friendly "salesperson" who went throught the whole financial side...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / false information

Oct 05, 2016

We signed up with VHI on the 8 August 2016, we were advised that this would benefit us as they deal with WHOLESALE fights, accommodation, vehicle hire, visas. We were also told that our membership will be activated within 3 weeks, after numerous phone calls we discovered that it takes 8-12...

Vacation Hub International / they can not be contacted

Apr 26, 2016

They can not be contacted... I want to cancel my contract with them, cannot find them where i went they only open on saturdays, i know there is a five days period in which i can claim a full refund, sadly i only found out today on the fifth day how many complaints there are against thi...

Vacation Hub International / fineprint scam - no refund within cool off period - use delay tactics to get outside this period

Feb 08, 2016

Vhi scam - vocation hub international - deposit, reliance fee & lifetime scam Scam is to get you past "cool-off" period when realising you've been taken for a ride. very fine print - if i not cancel in 5days, registered mail, pay 50% reliance fee x24mnths =r7740. so many promises to get...

Vacation Hub International / how to cancel this membreship

May 30, 2015

Was invited to this presentation which said it was no time share or holiday pakage scheme.Once papers signed and time to read properly tru contract found lost of different info on paper than what was said at presentation.Checked on internet info on company and found numeros complaints logged...

Vacation Hub International / try to cancel contract after many disappointments

Jan 21, 2015

We signed a contract with VHI on 18/09 2014, together with a debit order form. We also paid a deposit of R5649. On 19/09 I send a sms to the agent Martin Peterson, with the banking details and then again, an email on 20/09 to his manager Martin du Plessis with the same details. This wa...

Vacation Hub International / false information/refuse cancellation

Jan 17, 2014

Attend a presentation at Three River Lodge Vereeniging.Bought membership based on what the agent Marc Boshoff promised. Sign documents which look like only general info collected on front pages. Later discover it was actually a contract at the reverse pages with the terms and condition...