Vacation Hub International [VHI]failure to cancel contract

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My husband and I attended a presentation on 16 May 2018 in Alberton. We were skeptical and asked lots of questions which our consultant Marlon answered but as it turns out they were all lies. I swiped my credit card for an amount of R5, 699.00. We were told that we receive 3 free holidays which they would sell and they would deposit the funds into my cheque account which i could utilise to pay off the credit card amount and a balance of about R20, 000.00. If I used the money i would need to pay a monthly amount of about R890.00 but if not NOTHING would be deducted from my cheque account. I told him that I cannot afford for any cash to be deducted from my account and he promised nothing would be deducted. He also told me that I have 30 days to cancel. I went home and felt uneasy so I went through the contract and decided to cancel. I sent an email request and registered mail letter to cancel membership on 18 May 2018. I tried to call them but I was unsuccessful. I sent a second email on 29 May 2018. they deducted R897.75 on 02 July 2018, which i reversed. They then deducted R1097.76 on 01 August 2018, which i again reversed. I called them on 03 August 2018 to asked them to stop the debits. A woman, Faranaaz, called me today, 06 August 2018 and then told me that the contract is legally binding and they apparently only received my registered letter on the 6th day of the cooling off period . they only accept registered mail cancellations. Surely this is not legal. They need to be stopped.


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      Sep 08, 2018

    Please contact me with your details. we are preparing a case file regarding Vacation hub international salespeoples promeises that is misleading as wel as not realizing cel zero seven nine eight nine 19489 or email [protected] Thank you S Rheeder

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