Vacation Hub International (VHI)corrupt people & company

J Review updated:

We were coerced into joining a presentation with the promise of a free Holiday & no strings attached from Lowena +[protected], Company called Explora Bran, confirmed by Mr Russel the Manager to attend the session at Monage Wedding Reception.
This was a second attempt in one year where they tried to get me to attend a session, also refusing to identify themselves or the company they represent.
On a Friday night 12th of May @ 7:30PM we attended a session where we were smooth talked and conned by Vuyo Ngoza with his Manager Carlo B. present, explaining the hidden funds in a Credit Card based on a four digit number on the back of the Card.

I should have known better!

Needless to say the con went busted when all available funds were withdrawn by the Bank from the account.
They were conmen hiding behind contracts you cannot get out of. Following Monday, the 15th of May 2017, I contacted VHI, explained I had been conned and spoke with Martie the Manager on Duty after the Call Centre Agent could not help me. She did not sound surprised!

I was informed that they could not help me without a valid account on their system & that I had to wait for the Sales Team to get back & allow them to process the account/contract first.
This is all part of the same con, the longer they fabricate a delay, the quicker a 5 day cancellation via registered mail expires as part of their cooling off period.
I informed her that I would instruct the bank to reverse the transaction and that I considered this contract null and void, and cancelled.

The account was only created on the 29th of June 2017 and then the debit orders started. I tried to phone them, send then emails with proof, they never replied or got back to me!!

Each month I instructed the bank to reverse the debit order. Now Pam & Shevaun from Landau Attorneys are trying to force me to pay up as I am in breach of a contract, that, they say was never cancelled. (Not sure if they work for VHI)
Be warned, there is no such thing as a free Holiday. If someone promises you something free or a good deal not wanting to identify themselves, they have criminal intent!

Can we not start a mass action law suite against this company, they have enough money as they have clearly defrauded many people complaining on this forum?

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