USAAautomobile insurance

R Sep 13, 2018

I have been with USAA for 32 years. I have always used their automobile insurance and have had a few minor claims. After receiving flood damage to my beautiful new Dodge Challenger R/T I was told by the repair shop to make sure I used OEM parts to repair the car. He advised me to make sure I had there OEM option on my coverage and that it usually only costs about $30.00 extra. He said that he had it. i called USAA and received 3 different answers/lies from 3 different "call center" employees. Each was clueless. In the long run, I found out that USAA does NOT offer ANY OEM repair parts.

BE ADVISED THAT ANY PART YOU REPLACE ON YOUR CAR THROUGH USAA INSURANCE WILL BE A RECYCLED PIECE OF GARBAGE!! You will have no choice but to replace your trashed car at your expense after they "fix" it with inferior parts!! Dump this company now!!!

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