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612 W Loop 289 Acc Rd Ste 600, Lubbock, TX, 79416, US
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Employees in a store

This is concerning the store at 612 W Loop 289 Suite 600 in Lubbock, Texas. WORK ENTERPRISE EVER! I had a reservation scheduled for today. They refused to pick me up. I called a lot, and I was never able to talk to anyone in the store. I work for a call center, so I can't answer personal calls. Plus if I don't know who's calling me, I don't answer. So they give me MAJOR ATTITUDE about how they've claimed that they tried to call me all day long. They NEVER left me a voicemail to call them back. And after giving me major attitude for not answering their calls, they get mad at me for not being happy with them and having an attitude because I had to find a ride to their store. Then that ride had to come back and get me and take me home because they refused to rent to me because I accidentally left my wallet at home today. So apparently it's OK for them to have a horrible attitude and talk to you very rudely and unprofessionally, but if you have an attitude, they get mad and kick you out of their stupid store.

You people REALLY need to be careful with how you treat people! You have NO CLUE what people are going through in their personal lives! You don't know that someone has been living a nightmare since her daddy died in September of 2020 due to leukemia or that her brother has turned her entire family against her. You have NO CLUE about the excessive suicidal thoughts someone may be struggling with on a daily basis and that your HORRIBLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL behavior just might be enough to push them over the edge!

There was absolutely NO EXCUSE for how I was treated there! And I had EVER right to have an attitude and for being unhappy with how I was treated and talked to! People who have their car at the dealership to be worked on should be treated better than I was treated! And I shouldn't have had to make the dealership take me to so many places just because I accidentally left my wallet at home. Obviously I was having a very bad day and these jerks made it a LOT worse!


Desired outcome: I'd like $1,000 for the major inconvenience that they caused me by refusing to rent a vehicle to me. I'd also like for them to be retrained when it comes to how to treat customers.

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