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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - picking up rental

I had a rental reserved through my insurance, USAA, under Ober, Tina. This is for an accident where someone else hit my car and caused damage. I am not liable for any expenses USAA is my insurance company, and they are paying for the rental because the offending party's insurance company refused to pay.

The damage to my car has caused an issue with the stability of the driving vehicle, and it's now become downright dangerous to drive. Every time I drive it, I am taking a significant risk. Something disastrous is going to happen. I digress, my point being I desperately needed the rental TODAY. A $50.00 deposit was requested from me, which I think is ridiculous as I was not liable for any of these damages and did not cause this accident; therefore, none of these expenses should be at my cost. I was willing to pay the deposit. However, your company refused to accept what I had available. My Debit card is being replaced and will not arrive until August 5th, so all I had was a virtual debit card and a Cash App card directly linked to my bank account. Neither was acceptable. Also, USAA agreed to pay the $50.00. This was not acceptable either. My roommate said she would pay the $50.00. However, this wasn't acceptable either because the card has to be in the name of the policy holders, either myself or my husband, Kenneth Ober, who does have a debit card but works an hour away outside of the hours of business of your office location in Mandeville, Louisiana on W. Causeway. SO I have to get him to work late tomorrow morning and bring me to enterprise and pay the $50.00 deposit, which I still think we shouldn't have to provide. So I can have a car that won't fall apart while driving and die. The fact that no one, not the branch manager or the lady I spoke with at corporate, was willing to do anything to help is a complete lack of customer service and ensured that after this I will never do business with Enterprise again. and I'm going to tell everyone that will listen how your company doesn't care at all what happens to be people and has no problem letting them ride around in a dangerous vehicle. And I am not responsible for this rental. My insurance company is, to be completely honest, if I did try to steal the car, what the hell is a $50.00 deposit going to do anyway? This is a ridiculous policy, and you just lost a customer, and I'm sure when I'm done, many, many, many, more. Your company has the most piss poor customer service I have ever experienced in my life, and I worked in customer service, so I know how people should be treated.

My freaking insurance adjuster got on the phone with the branch manager and agreed to pay the fee, and still nothing. THIS IS DEPLORABLE! Your people, including the lady I spoke with at corporate, are complete soulless monsters with no concept of providing proper customer service. Also, I had to wait a bit while employees were walking around with their hands in their pockets. Do your people work or stare at the clock! I realize you have a policy; however, there are extenuating circumstances sometimes, and exceptions must be made. Someone should have done something. The fact that no one was willing to do anything sickens me.

Desired outcome: I should have been given a rental with no deposit, or the deposit should have been billable to the insurance company. This isn't my problem or responsibility as I did not cause the accident.

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