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D Nov 22, 2017 Review updated:

I get calls everyday at least like 15 to 20 a day can u believe it and it can never stop. But as its said not everybody is bad, I had a conversation with this good agent named CLAUDE SPARKS and he made me understand that there is no possible ways the calls going be stopped and there is no such thing as Do Not Call list. So he gave me a good advice to change my number and never to share it with no online pharmacy. Its a good idea of prevention but the calls will never stop it can't be cured.


  • J
      Apr 09, 2018

    They call you 15-20 times a day? Do you ever take the time to talk to them? I think you are exaggerating slightly on the times per day. I, in fact, can vouch that I have made purchases from them that date back 3 years. I have always received something. 3 years ago I don't remember if it was this particular pharmacy or not but I received pills that were faux and did not work but looked exactly like the real thing. Ever since then I have made purchases and have gotten exactly what I paid for and possibly a bonus threw in. So if you want to get on here complaining about boo who, take the time to know what you are talking about instead of bogus and exajerate4d proclamations.

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  • G
      May 25, 2018

    @Joe Kamenszki Hey they call me day and night and I have bough meds from them but that doesn't give them the right to harass people like that so Boo Hoo to you, your the one who does not know what he is talking about.

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  • D
      Sep 04, 2019

    @Joe Kamenszki this spot is for comments. pills don't work? sounds like you got your money's worth.

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  • L
      May 30, 2018

    Well, Joe, glad things worked out for you. But there is no exaggeration here. I have been keeping a log and receive 10-15 calls per day from “US Pharmacy”! Nothing stops them. I have been nice, rude, vile, and everything in between but to no avail. So the last call I asked them to send me some Oxy and some Heroin. They actually hung up on me... lol!

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