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I have applied for my passport on feb. 16, 2011. After I finalized my travel date and still haven't received my passport I decided to expedite it (which takes "2-3" weeks) only because the CSR at the passport agency assured me I would have it by Friday, March 4, 2011. Now it is march 7, 2011 and I still do not have my passport in hand. My flight is TOMORROW! (March 8, 2011) which I ended up changing the date to after it didn't reach me on Friday because my flight was originally on Sunday (March 6, 2011).
I have been contacting the passport office everyday non-stop and all they can do is notify the agency I swear I have sent them about 30 e-mails and NO REPLY. This is ###, I am absolutely pissed. They do not care and if u ask me, I do not think they are trying their best to help me, they are just giving me the run around and it is just unacceptable. They need to fix this!

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Mar 14, 2012 10:21 am EDT

I applied for a passport shortly after I became a citizen on March 2011. I received my passport in 10 days but my certificate of citizenship wasn't included. After contacting Houston passport agency numerous times I found out that agency had lost my citizenship certificate. I submitted a complaint letter to Office of Field Operation and explained my situation. I recieved a call several days after from Houston passport agency. They apoligized and agreed to compensate me 345 dollars for getting another certificate from Citizenship office. That was back in August 2011. As of today March 14 2012 I haven't received anything from passport agency. I have left several messages for Houston passport office but not once they have called me back. Director of Houston passport office is Eric Botts and he wrote to me in his letter that I can contact him directly if I have any questions but he never answers calls or resposnds to my messages. I just wanted to write this here to let readers know what kind of service passport agency is providing for its customers.

When you apply for a passport it takes 4-6 weeks if you submit it with the right documentation. To expedite it when its in process already you call up a credit card. The estimated time is five business days from the DAY your card is charged. You should have orignally applied in expedited service, and not try to wait til the last minute and then say "oh you need it tomorrow" this is why that happens. We would try to do everything we can to get it to you faster if possible then 5 business days if you decided to call and expedite it. There is no guarantee. So if your planning on applying for a passport please apply with expedite service if you need it in a hurry. Thank You.


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