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crappy customer service!!

I have been a customer of UC Cellular for a few years now and have not been so disgusted with a company in a very long time until today...Once, I tried to make a phone call today it stated that my service had been interrupted for non payment. Now, it has been pretty rough lately for my family and I, so a few weeks ago I had contacted US Cellular to make a pay pmt plan (they only give you 3 payment plans per year)...I explained that I would pay my bill last week in full...Stuff happened and I was not able to pay the full balance, but I did in fact pay my past due balance which was almost half of what I originally owed them last week..Today, when I'm trying to make a call, it states that my phone service has been interrupted due to non pmt...It then directed me to a representative..I verified all my personl info with this person...I ask why they shut my service off, she tells me due to what i currently owe...i said i made a past due balance pmt last week which your company so graciously took..she says, well your pmt plan was set up for balance in full and since that it was not paid in full as agreed they turned your service off...Now, I ask if they could turn it back on and set me up with another pmt plan and she says no...I'm like, looking at my acct i know you can see that i have been a longtime customer and for the most part i pay my bills on time...i finally hung up on her and then called back in to speak to a manager and he would not even help me...What kind of cell phone company shuts your service off after you paid on your bill and when times are hard??!! I could see if I never paid my bill, but i do pay my bill...I even told them that I would pay the rest of my balance at the end of the month...So, now they would rather not care about their customers during these rough times..That is not customer service in my eyes and I would never refer a friend or family member to deal with a company like US Cellular!!

  • Ch
    Cheeky_moose Aug 10, 2011

    You didn't follow through on your payment plan then were upset when they wouldn't turn it back on and allow you to dig your self a deeper hole? Or allow you to make another payment plan without following through with the first?

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horrible service, rip off phones, false billing

U. S. Cellular are the biggest scam artists! We were sucked into their service by the supposedly low fees. In...


My daughter signed a contract for a cell phone and even though she does not live at this address and didn't when she signed up and didn't ask for permission to use such information I seem to be now trapped when she failed to pay her bill. I recieve at the very least 5 calls per day for the past three weeks. They come at different times of the day. I called the number twice that they leave and they tell me that since I am not the contract holder I am not authorized to change any information on the account. May be a good thing however Why then am I 'AUTHORIZED' to receive the calls. I would probably have let the matter play it's self out however I was recently injured at work and I am home most of the day and night and I sleep when ever I can because the pain from my injury doesn't allow me to keep any sleep schedule. My problem is that when I spoke to the company they told me that it wasn't their responsibility to check out every customer I believe it should be mandatory for the emergency contact number to be checked and if it isn't in the same name of the would be contract holder then the person it does belong to should have to sign that part of the contract' before 'their name or number or address can be USED for such purposes. Please see if there are any guidelines that cover this type of harrassment.. You have helped me not to long ago with a problem I had with AT&T and that problem has not returned.

  • Up
    upathetic Oct 08, 2009

    Turn off your phone ringer and let voice mail pick up all calls. You can answer the ones you want to and delete the rest.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Bravo10 Jul 21, 2010

    *** are you kidding your daughter cause this problem b/c she didn't pay her bill... tell her to fix it by calling in and having that number rmoved and if you would have raised your kid with some sort of responsibility and ethics she would pay her bills..

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U.S. Cellular offers rebates on new phone purchases. This is the second time that I have applied for different rebates on two different new phone purchases. I have gone thru the headache of double checking to make sure that I have enclosed all of the information that they require. This is the second rebate that they are saying I will not get due to not submitting all of the information. They will not accept a photo copy of the UPC code off of the phone. How can I send the ORIGINAL a SECOND time??? What a SCAM!!! I am not alone in this situation~check out the U. S Cellular website. There are a ton of complaints listed there for the same reason. Don't expect to get a rebate~unless you are one of the lucky ones!!

  • Da
    David Suhr Sep 21, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Exact same type of issue that I have had with rebate one excuse after another for not honoring it.

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rude misplaced calls

For the last 2-3 months we've received a recorded message for "Christopher Stokes" and instructed to press 1 to connect. After ignoring the persistent call (1-2 times a day), we attempted on two different occasions to explain to the "operator" that there was obviously a mistake - there's no one by that name living here. The individuals were extremely rude, arguing that C.S. had identified our phone number as a contact. Furthermore, when I requested to be removed from the call list, I was advised that I would continue to receive the calls and was disconnected. I contacted US Cellular on 6/5/09 and talked with Desiree who assured me the phone number would be removed from the system. We are still receiving the harassing phone calls today (6/15/09).

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Beware if you cancel your account with UScellular! I cancelled my account afer my agreed contract. If you are...

unauthorized charges

I was ripped off by us cellular. I decided to change my cell phone company because I needed nation wide coverage. Well I called and canceled and payed my bill up to date. Note: I was with this provider for eight years. I then turned off my phone and it went into a drawer. Now a year later I went to a bank to get a home loan and was denied. Apparently I owed US Cellular for some reason. I called the company and started to get this resolved. They informed me that they couldn't even talk to me because they had sold my account to a collection company. Remember they never sent me a bill or called my LAN line to tell me my account was still on or past due. Even though I called and canceled my account. They told me I never called to have it turned off. I actually did twice because I had friends who had a problem that was the same as my current problem. Well then I called the Collection company, This was a huge joke. They harassed me to settle my account and kept calling after They had my phone#. They told me to call US Cellular to settle the problem. So I did. They again told me to call the collection agency. So again I did. Again they told me to Call US Cellular. I finally got through to some manager type at US Cellular, She told me I would have to have a court ordered subpoena for them to let me see or talk to me about my own account information. Well for a couple hundred dollars I am not going to get a lawyer involved. So I called back the collection agency and talked them down 40% to settle the account. I felt robbed, They had held me hostage with my credit just to make a few hundred bucks. Now my credit is trashed and I cant buy a house. So I have decided to make my life a vendeta against this evil cooperation. I have talked to about 20 other previous customers of US Cellular. This happens to 1 in 3 US Cellular customers when they try to cancel their accounts. My next step will be to talk to my congressman, and get a lawyer involved to start a class action lawsuit.

  • Ja
    jacobwalters85 Feb 12, 2011

    I doubt very seriously that you are going to have a class action suit against the wireless provider with the highest customer satisfaction rating. Oh, and for your information, its called a "land line or landline." A LAN is a a local computer network for communication between computers; especially a network connecting computers and word processors.

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  • Fr
    FreedomFighter Mar 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Are you frigging kidding? Really? Look. It's pretty clear you are a shill for USCC. Why else would you barf your meaningless one-liner? The BBB rating is hardly a measure of a company. What is a measure? The fact that in the last three years. USCC had about 1200 BBB complaints filed. That says far more about USCC than the BBB rating ever could. As to your LAN crap... get over it. If I hard the displeasure of reading much of your writings past the one-liner above, I would guarantee that I would find much to laugh at. Now, paid shill, go screw yourself.

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  • Pa
    PamBorns May 17, 2011

    I am with U.S Cellular i got 11 lines with them and i pay them over 1000 a month i have been with them over 2 yrs this month they took 4 payments instead of 2 payments out of my account overdrawing my checking account hundreds of dollars. When i called U.S Cellular i was told that they will not pay the overdraft charges nor would they waive the 50.00 of return ach charges that were coming back on my account on the payments they took that was there fault. This was told by me from pattty in the presidents corporate office. I cannot wait to change all my lines over to att and i will not reccommend U.S Cellular to anyone they are crooks and they are rude nasty and arrogant.

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unauthorized billing

I signed up for a cell phone for just myself because US Cellular wanted a $100 per phone deposit. A couple of...


This company is trying to collect 922.95 dollars from me after I had informed them I was moving to Az. and...

deposit rip-off!

We have had a contract service for 4 phones with USC for 4 years. We recently ended up getting our svc shut off after a bout with unemployment. (Note that we knew we were running behind, but had no warning from USC, and my emails asking them to work with us were met with a form of "bummer".) When I emailed to find out what it would cost to get them turned back on, I was given a quote of $300! OMG. If I had that much, I would not have been late with the bill.

Anyway, we needed some cellular service, and could not pay that price, so ended up going with Cricket prepay phones (another disaster!). We ended up spending $270 between three people to get the phones and one month of service. Of course, I realize after the fact that if we waited another month, we could have reinstated USC for that cost.

Anyway, Cricket is horrid in IL - rarely does the phone ring, etc etc, but that is another post. We went in to a local USC office to see exactly how much it would take to get our phones back on. Our outstanding amt was only $150!! BUT... they are charging us a $25 reconnect fee PER PHONE and a $10 REINSTATEMENT fee PER PHONE to get them back on.

You would think after four years of service, they could waive a fee or would have worked with us in general on the bill to begin with. Not so - they just don't give a rip. We were not too torn up at first about losing the phones, since USC is one of the very few carriers where you cannot download a simple ringtone (you can, but only if you pay $10/month per phone to get their special access, then pay an ADDITIONAL amount per ringtone!!).

BUT - this is where it gets even more fun - they are one of the few carriers that actually have a signal in Illinois. This state is so messed up on phones and telecommunications! There are palms greasing palms somewhere, because the restrictions are amazing.

So, I STILL do not know where the phone rep got the amount they were giving me on our account balance - it was much more than we really owed. We ended up wasting quite a bit of money trying another service that never worked, that we could have put towards the bill in the first place. (We had only needed to wait 3 more weeks for a first paycheck on the new job when they had shut us off for missing a payment.) It took going in to a physical location to get things straightened out

So, if you are stuck with US Cellular as your phone company, do NOT believe the phone rep - go in to a place in person. The service will be much more effective, and there won't be mystery amounts added to the bill.

us cellular has robbed me!

US Cellular - www.uscellular.com I have had an account with US Cellular for several years. The account wa...

beware of us cellular tactics!

When I was in NC I had US Cellular phone service for several years. My phone kept disconnecting and they said a new phone would pull in all the new towers.

I accepted a new phone, not knowing that it renewed my OLD contract, which had all kinds of original "agreements" that was not on the new sheet they had me sign. Several months later I accepted a job in Florida and guess what--US Cellular isn't IN Florida. When I have phone problems where do I go--nowhere. I'm still being billed NC utility tax and haven't lived there for over a year! Although I've payed many times the value for this phone (very basic--no flip, no camera, no nothing--it's a PHONE!), they insist on wanting to charge me a $200 cancellation fee. I dug through my old files and sure enough, on the ORIGINAL contract, they said if I moved to where they weren't TUFF! All the numbers have now rubbed off this phone. This summer as soon as June rolls around I'm going to throw the damn thing as hard as I can into the Atlantic!

  • Ma
    MAC-AM Aug 12, 2009

    Cellular phone service taxes are determined by the area code for your phone number not by your address. You can also have two different phone numbers with area codes from two different states resulting in being charged taxes twice.

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  • Ti
    Tikvah Duesters Aug 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The US Cellular commercial with the parents, the mother and father, tied up and the child eating chips in their faces needs to be pulled off of the air, its very degrading and offensive. I can't believe that your company would air a video like this. It's discriminating to parents and shows no respect.

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  • Ve
    Venus Carmona Sep 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Custumer service are lazy and slow. We waited for 2 hours just get help so I get a new phone. One lady was helping customer was talking about about her cat?? She taking her time amd here we are waiting for almost 2 hours. So we left. I was so mad.

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  • Us
    user1715955 Sep 19, 2018

    Omg why do you have to wait so long when you come into one of the stores. It's absolutely ridiculous they should hire more help this is really crappy. I have a prepaid phone so I can cancel anytime and go with another company. Your representives are so slow they should have someone who just takes payments.

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  • Gi
    GinaN Oct 22, 2018

    On Tuesday June 20th I received an email stating my bill was ready to be viewed...the bill was only $88.25, I sent an email requesting explanation. Instead of an answer I received an email that same day an hour later only this time the same bill for the same billing period now read $138.65 is due on the same day for the same billing cycle
    No email


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