UOB Bankuob one account credit card and account


First incident: not sure of the date called to check the status of my online uob account and credit card application. The customer rep suggested me to contact cpf board so they can submit my financial details (income tax assessment) to uob> this was shocking and when I asked him if he's sure what is he talking he said he gave me wrong piece of info.

Second: opened my account with uob finally after walking to the raffles city branch on sunday 3 weeks ago. Managed to open my account and submission for credit card put in, next week I called the bank official to check the status and was told he will get back to me. Today I called the hotline and credit card dept rep shocked me again by saying my account is under review. I asked is he talking about credit card or account. He said it is my whole account under review. When I cross checked with him asking few question he transferred my call to account dept who refuted the information saying my account is very much operational. And to check the status of my cc application the lady transferred my call back to cc dept where a lady name ammeta informed me my cc application is cancelled by previous rep at 4.41pm 6th dec 2016.

At this point of time I am so upset and so wanted to end all my ties with uob. Please assure this won't happen to any other client of uob.

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