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Our United Van Lines NIGHTMARE:

United Van Lines Contract # 747 67 7
Total Amount paid: $5,510.45

Day of Packing—June 25
-Packers showed up at 10:00am when they said they would be there between 8-9am. They did not make it upstairs until 3:00pm. They left at 8:30pm after complaining about how late it was (which if they would have come on time when they quoted us they could have left earlier) and none of the garage was packed. The packing crew did not even bring enough boxes for our load. I was very displeased with this, but “Wes”, the head packer, said that the driving crew would pack the rest. Wes said that I needed to call the office that next morning at 7:30 to request more boxes to pack up the entire garage which had items from a storage unit (including many baby toys, and many small items that needed packed), and we needed more boxes for a fax machine and paper shredder. They also claimed that the salesperson, Kim Atkins, did not put down the correct mattress sizes for mattress boxes and that the driver would need to bring that as well and that I needed to call and ask for all of this before the driver left to come to my house. Kim Atkins, the salesperson, also told me that he put down for a mattress box for my daughter’s dollhouse so that it could be boxed up and less likely to break. The packers claimed that they did not have a mattress box for this dollhouse, and so I saw another United truck in someone’s driveway and asked if I could have a mattress box that they had already opened. I hauled this mattress box to my house and at the very end of the day after several times asking if they would pack this, they finally did as they were walking out the door. I asked several times for them to pack up the fax machine because my husband would be really mad if this got broken and they gave me a box and told me that I could pack it if I wanted. I felt very overwhelmed this day because I had to keep asking them to pack things that they were leaving out such as our silverware drawer, medicine cabinets, a whole rack of clothes in the master bedroom. I do not understand why I would need to call the office the next morning to request more boxes when in the end, we were under the estimated weight and Kim Atkins, the salesperson, saw all of my daughter’s toys that needed to be packed. Again, I felt like I was doing someone else’s job and we were paying them for it!!!

Day of moving—June 26

-I called the United office at 7:30 and spoke to Wes whom had seemed to forgotten that I was calling requesting boxes. He said, “oh, yeah?” instead of “already done it” or “on top of that”. He then told me to call some one else in the office and I spoke to someone who had the driver right there and they let him know what boxes I needed. The driving crew arrived at 9:15am. The driver said that he knew something was wrong when we requested more boxes that that should never happen. The driving crew was very displeased when they saw the garage and all of the things that were left unpacked. Many times throughout the day, the driving crew talked about how bad of a job the packers had done. They said that when they went to pick up boxes they could hear things rattling around in them. Around1:30-2pm that day, the driver notified me that they would not be able to put all of our belongings on his truck and that they would need an overflow truck. He then told me that the office was telling him that they may not be able to get one out to our house until the next day. This was unacceptable to me because we were leaving that next day to go to Colorado, our new home. I called the office and spoke to Mija, in the Phoenix office at [protected],who told me that she would probably be able to get a truck out to our house and that she would call me when they were on the way. In the meantime, the driver told me that I needed to prioritize what of the remaining stuff I wanted on the 1st truck. I told him that it was a priority that all of my daughter’s furniture in her bedroom be on this 1st truck. He told me that if we put the dining table on the 1st truck it would take up too much room and so I also told him that the bed out of the master did not have to go because we already had a new bed in our new master bedroom. The driver began taking stickers off the entire inventory that would not go on his truck. I assumed this was what was always done in this type of situation. I later learned that this is not. Anyway, Mija did call back and let me now that the overflow truck was on its way and it arrived at approximately 4:00pm. The driver told me that he would be at my Colorado home on Friday, June 29 with our stuff on the 1st truck. The 1st truck and its crew left at approximately 4:15 as the 2nd truck with Wes (the head packer) as the inventory guy and one other guy came to pick up the remaining items. They came in a very small truck. I told them that I needed to go pick up my daughter from daycare and so I was gone for approximately 1 hour. When I came back nothing had been done. Nothing had been loaded... nothing! I realize that they have to do inventory, but come on!!! Here we are again with Wes as the head guy and of course the only mode he goes on is “slow”. I’m not sure if they get paid hourly or what?!! They eventually left at 7:30pm. They had gotten me to sign papers before they had loaded the entire truck. They said it would be quicker this way. I walked outside when they were pulling off and they had not taken everything!!! I had to quickly get my daughter and buckle her in the car seat and frantically chase the truck down the road. I said that you didn’t get everything and he said “oh yeah, the water hose too?” I drug it out myself so that they would take this by the front door. How could they even walk past it to begin with. I don’t get when you tell people that “everything in the house goes” what they don’t understand!!

Wednesday, June 27
Mija called to tell me that she would be in contact with and let me know when the overflow truck would arrive.

Friday, June 29

Driver arrived with the 2 guys from the Denver office to unload our belongings. Tons of boxes were not labeled by the packers and so I could not let the unloaders know where to put them. My daughter’s mattresses somehow did not get put on the 1st truck but instead the mattress that I told them was not a priority did. Multiple other items that I told them were not a priority was put on this truck as well. Now my daughter is without a bed indefinitely because I cannot get the Phoenix office to tell me anything about when the overflow truck will be coming. Mija does not keep in contact as she said she would. She only called to quote prices that we owe. My husband spoke with Mija and she was very rude and condescending to him. She said, “This is not our fault”. At no time did she ever apologize or admit any fault. She said, “There’s nothing I can do for you,” and then she gave him a 1-800 number for customer service. He called [protected] and spoke with customer service representative, Sue. He asked to speak to a supervisor and she placed him on hold for a long time. She finally picked back up after a long wait and told him that he needed to get off the line and a supervisor would call him back. He said that he would wait that it was important and she said that he needed to get off the line because he was clogging up their lines. She promised the supervisor would call him back. Approximately 4 hours later, Pat Weiss, supervisor, returned the message. She said that she would give us $100 for an air mattress for our daughter to sleep on and lawn allowance for our yard to be mowed since we live in an HOA that requires upkeep and since our lawn mower was on the overflow truck. Pat also said that she would follow up with Troy that following Monday to keep him updated about the status of the overflow truck’s arrival date whether it was good or bad and that she would check into possible accommodations for our inconvenience. Pat was the 1st customer friendly employee that we had spoken with and we were finally optimistic/hopeful...

From this 1st truck-----
-broken table lamp
-broken kids motorized motorcycle
-broken large stainless steel kitchen trash can

Monday, July 2

We received no phone calls from United. Mija and Pat both had stated that they would keep us updated. Another failed promise... No one called again!

Tuesday, July 3
We received no phone calls from United

Wed, July 4
We received no phone calls from United.

Thursday, July 5

Tracy, driver of overflow truck called and stated that he would deliver either on Sat or Sun and that he would call back on Friday to let me know which day. No phone calls from Mija or Pat.

Friday, July 6

Tracy called again to let me know that he would be at our house to deliver on Sat at 10:00am.

Saturday, July7

Tracy called to say that his truck was shut down overnight and that he would be here between 11-12. He arrived at approximately 12:15 and the one guy from the Denver office showed up about 12:30 to help him unload. When the truck doors were opened, both the driver and the helper said, “Wow!”.. “It looks like they just threw the ### on here”. Helper stated, “In my 15 years of experience, I’ve never seen anything like this. This is sad.” “wasn’t done by professionals”. Driver also apologized and said that he had never seen anything like that. They both kept saying that this was not typical for their company. Furniture on this truck was not individually wrapped nor was it padded for protection. Patio table was just thrown on top of other furniture sitting on the truck. Bare furniture was touching metal and other wood on the floor of the truck which caused multiple damages to our belongings including...

-Dresser mirror was broken and scratched—not protected with any wrapping or padding
-floor lamp was broken
-$2000 dining table broken beyond repair; the driver stated that he noticed that the loaders had moved it fully assembled and normally they take tables apart. He also said by the time he pulled the truck to the Phoenix office and went in to process paperwork when he came back out approximately 20 minutes later, the truck was finished being loaded. When the driver and the Denver unloader finally made it to the dining table, like all of the other furniture, it was not wrapped or protected with any padding. It was lying on the floor resting against a metal frame on the truck and you could already see multiple surface scratches. The helper said, “oh no, it’s really broke.” Multiple cracks, bolts ripped right out of the wood. There were broken pieces just stacked on the table. The driver and helper said, “I’m really sorry. This is unrepairable.” There was yellow paint on the surface of the table. The driver was certain that the yellow paint was rubbed off from the truck.

- brand new chalk board/wooden art easel broken in half, but still thrown into a large box on top of other items.
-missing charger to kids motorcycle
-daughter’s white table scratched-no padding or wrap
-patio table frame bent and scratched---this was the table that was thrown on top of all of the other furniture.
-coffee table (chipped corner, dents & multiple scratches)
-deep freezer multiple dents
-missing 8 furniture moving blankets
-missing 30 lb weight---our cleaning crew said that they found it in the garage –someone must have unpacked it or dropped it because I saw it packed upstairs in the master bedroom. We did receive the other weight of the pair.
-cover to large gas grill ripped and has a large slice in the middle of it.

The driver found our calendar with family pictures just lying by itself on the floor of his truck and handed it to me. The calendar is now of course very dirty. This calendar should have been packed when the rest of our island/bar was packed because it was in there with other belongings on the first truck. I don’t understand how this item went from a drawer in the island/bar to laying on the floor of the 2nd overflow truck??? It should have been packed!!

***We have opened about 80% of boxes so we don’t know as of yet if there is any more damage or missing items.

Summary of Frustrations

- Multiple damaged furniture items including large expensive dining table
- Brought a truck with not enough room for our load (and we were under our estimated weight, we had to make multiple calls just to get a 2nd truck out to pick up the remaining items)
- Did not load 1st truck with priority items that we requested (i.e., daughter’s bed)
- Lack of quality packing, a service which we paid for (showed up late, didn’t bring enough boxes, didn’t bring correct size mattress boxes, slowness, poor attitude at the end of the day & a lot of damage – Looked like they threw stuff on the 2nd truck)
- Poor customer service (multiple calls were made by us, never received follow up phone calls as promised, Phoenix was rude and condescending to husband)
- Delivery time frame (salesperson quoted that we would have entire belongings by July 2 at the latest... Receive the rest a week later without any updates / feedback)
-Overflow truck nightmare (nothing was properly packed or loaded; items were not properly packed, items not properly placed/packed in boxes, no wrapping, no padding, and was just thrown into the truck/not properly loaded as quoted by driver and helper in Denver.

Extremely unsatisfied,

Troy & Rhonda Gruchalski


  • Hu
    HUIKEN May 14, 2011

    Hello, please allow me to explain why this happened. Troy moved from Phoenix to Denver which is at least 500 miles there and back. Troy also had 2 trucks.. which in the end of the day is probably a substantial amount OF STUFF... the bill only came out to 5, 510 dollars???...and from the sound of the customers review..it was a full packing job? and it was overweight? hes very lucky he was not charged by cubic feet because this is how the majority of moving companies operate.

    I HAVE BEEN IN THIS BUSINESS FOR 10 YEARS...the reason this occurred is because you only paid 5, 500.00..you get what you pay for...i have worked for plenty of companies and they are all run differently.. every company tries to make money. so if the job only has a profit of $500.00 then it is still the company gaining $500.00 one way or another. You probably went with the biggest company with the cheapest quote or a company with a SLIGHTLY higher price then the cheapest.($5, 500.00 is tooooooo cheap for this kind of move)
    1)A professional company would have charged you $7, 500 at to $10, 000 a job of this nature
    2)A professional company would have delivered the load on the same day.
    4)women only work in the office at a professional moving company..no pun intended
    5)a professional company would have more pride in their work and definitely(tell yo to take it in the car) not let stuff go unwrapped or un crated or unblanketed or SOMETHING AT LEAST.
    6) smaller company will always give you the best service...

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  • Pe
    petersons Nov 02, 2010

    I forgot to mention the moving agency was Suddath from Tampa Florida. Also wanted to add that Earle Noyes and Son agency in Portland Maine is the exact opposite of the Suddath agency. We decided to use United Van Lines based on past experiences with Earle Noyes; we have several family members, friends and businesses that had impeccable moves with great communication, no damage or delays provided by Earle Noyes.

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  • Pe
    petersons Nov 02, 2010

    Troy I am so sorry this happened to you and know how you feel. We have the exact summary of complaints, except luckily we packed our own belongings. We submitted a damage claim six months ago and always have to demand a response. We have a 3 bedroom home full of high quality and new (meaning 3 mos old at time of move) furnishings which we provided receipts for to United Van Lines and they still keep asking us to justify the expense of repairs. We took the full coverage with no deductible. Our damage claim is $22, 000.00, cried when they unloaded the truck! We even tipped each person unloading $40.00 since the driver was yelling at them to hustle. Our furniture was dripping with beads of water and it had not rained, there were white scuff marks on items, dents in new washer/dryer, and it goes on and on. We were shocked since my husband is retired military and over 11 movesd he never had such a large amount of damage. It appears we will have to hire counsel and pursue this claim in court even though United Van Lines has acknowledged the transit damage. They picked the wrong paralegal to place games with. Did you write a complaint letter to Daniel McCollister - UniGroup Inc CEO or PAt Larch - President and COO?

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  • An
    Angry and Scared Oct 14, 2010

    I am going through almost the same thing with this so called company of United Van Lines. I was in the military for 8 years and have been packed and moved every 2 years of those 8 (you do the math). I have absolutely no complaints with those movers, they did their job and they were great and professional. I always recieved my goods in a timely manner. But this United Van Lines gives movers a bad name. I just moved from Washington State to Pennsylvania to get closer to family. I had to wait until my first paycheck to get my moving pay. So my husband had to stay behind and schedule the movers right after I get my first paycheck. He payed them $1500.00 and was told that we would pay the rest in payments after the stuff arrives. We were also told that it would take only 1 to 2 weeks before our stuff would arrive and no longer. Well it has been a little over a month and nothing. Let me tell you also that a week after our things were picked up they charged our bank account again for another 1500.00, therefore leaving our account with -1000.00 as my balance. My husband was fuming. He was on the phone with them and the bank for almost 10 hours trying to get our money back. They kept claiming that they didn't have any record of the transaction and because of that they will not refund our money. And finally we got a call from our movers and they want 1900.00 dollars at delivery. This counterindicates everything and they also already have 1500.00 that was already fraudrantly taken from our account. All I can say is that we are contacting the family lawyer. We are not a rich family and I cannot afford to replace these long acquired items. We have contacted the company on numerous occasions and we have either have been treated extremly rude or have been given nothing but broken promises that is if we are lucky enough to get a phone call back. I am not a mean person, but I am not gonna go without a fight. I can be a major [censor] when prompted.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Mover Sep 17, 2010

    The company is only as good as the people who show up on the day of your move. I've been in the business for 17 years, part of that time in Europe and the majority in the U.S. Its the same no matter where you are, its the crew on the day that makes or breaks the move...no pun intended. Unfortunately as with most businesses now its quantity over quality. The average mover is making about 40% to 50% less than they did 15 years ago. So its a no brainer that some of the best in the industry have left. I will give you the most solid piece of advice though...tip your mover! You can come up with any argument you want as to why you shouldn't tip, but the bottom line is a little gratuity goes a long way for both of you. There are a lot of buyer beware scenarios in this business, and a lot of cowboys and con artists running them. I notice most complaints come from interstate moves. Often the person who shows up to move your goods is a contractor of the affiliate or agent of the bigger company. Some of these owner operators take massive pride in their work, but they are only one person, often having to resort to black market casual labor. We refer to this in the business as "lot help." So even the driver and the company can't guarentee quality when using labor they have never met. I will leave you with this very last piece of advice...beware of the mover who loads your couch, bbq grill, and golf clubs on the very end of his trailor/truck...truck stops are very boring places, so you can use your imagination.

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  • Sh
    Shelly321 Jun 04, 2010

    UNITED WORKERS SUCK! POINT BLANK END OF STORY/ that story above is right on point same experience with this company. I don't care about it being subcontractors, you're still supposed to have rules to follow by and they don't. To the guy who says you treat everyone the same yes you do with no respect. First and foremost it's not my place to offer you lunch or water, bring your own...duh, NOOOOO that would be too much like right. You get paid by the company to do a job. DO IT ! Oh, and don't come to the house and do half [censor] jobs, because you guys and gals are lazy. Don't ask to use the bathroom because your not supposed to. The guys that came to pack us up pissed all over the bathrooms, I guess that's how you guys and gals live, like nasty dogs. I call like I see it. Customer service these days sucks. Stuffed [censor] in the trucks any old kind of way, they didn't care and guess what we did buy them lunch and gave them water. So what's the excuse now, nothing just no regard for other people's things. Get a life UNITED WORKERS BECAUSE YOU SUCK!

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  • Ni
    NINfem Apr 16, 2010

    I have been having similar problems with United Van Lines. They were hiring just to load our boxes and furniture, drive from A to B and unload.
    They were a day late arriving. We have a small child and a 7 month pregnant mother doing the trip and had to stay on schedule as paperwork and deposits were on the line. Since they were a day late, we lost the 600 deposit on the apartment we had as it then carried into the new month. We also had to find a friend to take off work to supervise the truck getting packed etc. The movers told us it would be delivered in 2-8 days. On the 7th we get ancy waiting without any contact from United at all. We contact them. They cannot get a hold of the drivers that have our furniture, but did get a call from them saying our items were 1000 lbs over the estimate price and therefor would cost an extra 700. Then we wait.
    We have already driven to the new location and luckily have family there to live in a small 2 bedroom house. 3 adults, 1 kid. I cat and four dogs. Good times. House is not baby proofed as we believed furniture would be on the way quickly. Now we have been told the move date was the 14th- which it's now the 16th and no one can still not get a hold of the truck drivers. We are going to have a reweigh done first also.
    If they ever arrive.

    [email protected]

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  • Au
    Audrey Crippen Jul 30, 2009

    Reading these people's responses has helped me make up my mind. Next year, we're moving from Alabama to Washington. We considered using a shipping company and I've read complaints for all sorts of movers (objectively, of course, because every company gets complaints and whatnot.) The mover who responded here was so vicious and nasty. I have no idea what your moving experience really was, Troy/Rhona, and maybe you did too little at times when you should've done more or WHATEVER. I don't even care if the movers were perfect angels and you were irrational tyrants. Thanks to the reply of the mover who lambasted you, we've settled on the expense, work, and travel of getting a Uhaul and moving ourselves completely. We know when we'll show up. We know how fast we'll work. We know what we will/won't forget. We know how securely we'll pack our belongings. We know how nice and curteous we're allowed to be to each other during this stressful time. We know how fast AND how safely we'll try to make it to our destination and we know how quickly we'll unpack and get the truck back to the company. We have a young child, so this won't be fun, but I would never want to run in to someone like this guy.

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  • El
    Elle Dunn Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the first comment to a point - "Troy" may or may not have treated the employees poorly although his tone indicates they perhaps should have had a dedicated PACKING company to pack them. Movers are movers; they get your stuff from Point A to Point B. A dedicated packing company will, at your leisure, pack your items in any way you desire as you watch them room-by-room. A dry cleaner might sew on a button, but you don't take your grandmother's wedding dress to be repaired there; you take that to a tailor.

    And you're complaining about them being a half hour to and hour late??? I'd hate to be the counter person at an airline when your flight is delayed due to weather! Things happen, like traffic, to delay a pickup. The packers complained about leaving late? Do 30 minutes make that much of a difference?

    You also sign a contract - it's your responsibility to read what you signed since you do agree to actually DO things. If you see they are not living up to their contractual obligations, take action that very first night if you were so displeased with the service. Their end of the deal was to provide a certain level of service over the course of several days. You saw warning signs that first day - if they weren't providing the service they agreed to, then you have rights. Do you read what you sign?

    Moving IS overwhelming. It's in the top five of the known "most stressful occasions" of a person's life; along with death of a family member, new job, etc. It's going to be stressful and overwhelming no matter how much you pay or try otherwise. It's life.

    One has to realize a few things when moving (which I am in the process of, cross-country and am now getting estimates from local United affiliates since I've had 5 people who had cross country moves suggest I use only them). United Van Lines is just what the name suggests - "United". They're an agency of subcontractors where the subs must maintain a certain level of service and customer satisfaction, otherwise they lose their affiliation. Like 1-800-dentist. The "local office" in NOT United Van Lines. It could be Podunk Moving or whatever named company - but it's an affiliate.

    Did you check with the Better Business Bureau prior to hiring this company? Not United Van Lines, but check specifically the local affiliate. You paid for a full service pack (obviously - for someone who was unable to pack their own medicine cabinet contents and silverware - sorry, but I don't know of one person who would want someone else packing their personal items. Hopefully, you didn't expect lingerie folded in tissue paper - movers just don't work like that) and it sounds like, aside from perhaps having one or two incidents that are NOT unusual, it's what you got.

    When you enter your zip code on the United website, it likely won't show the same affiliate each time. Unless you're in the sticks, there are several in most areas. The affiliate they point you to is done randomly according to zip code; there are dozens in my area and each have their own policies regarding boxes, packing practices and rates. Each will provide a different price and it's not always the best idea to go with the cheapest - as I told the last lowball estimate, service is equally important to me as price and I am willing to pay more to have some things done for me. I have several antiques and a couple with seperate marble tops on them. One company's estimate provided the packing of these (in mattress boxes). The cheaper one said I'd have to wrap it myself (a 100lb slab of marble? I'm a single woman - how the hell does he expect me to pack it on my own? But my silverware, precious china, and freakin' cosmetics I'll take care of myself...duh). The cheaper estimate also required me to purchase ALL boxes where the one that's a bit higher at least will provide (as previously experienced) the hanging boxes for clothing since they can be reused over and over - IO have already done about 1/3 of the packing myself anyway thanks to the friendly guys at the local liquor store - I can't imagine why someone would need a full pack. I am realizing now (BEFORE I move) how important it is to get as many estimates as possible, since each company has its own definitions of levels of packing.

    So keep in mind that the company you used wasn't owned by United - they're subcontractors. Each person who referred me to United told me they had one person assigned to them for the entire move, contactable via toll free number. Each estimate I've recieved has already assigned me someone, all knowing I am in the process of getting estimates. One qualifier for me is the rapport I have with that person - it has to be someone who understands my situation.

    Also, the moving company is only required to provide insurance to a certain level. ANYONE with common sense will purchase supplemental insurance, especially if their items are of real value as you seem to deem yours. I have antiques and over 15K worth of fine art. Do you think I won't have these insured for full replacement value? There's going to be damage, honey.

    - Do your research, BBB and ask around
    - Don't expect you won't have to lift a finger. You're *moving*. This means not to expect a medicine cabinet to be emptied in one home and then organized the exact same way in the new one.
    - There are things like speed bumps; you've likely had to slam on your brakes to avoid collision; this is not the fault of the movers if something breaks as a result - sh*t happens. Keep in mind no matter how you move, something is bound to break beyond repair, be scratched or damaged. Have realistic expectations and you won't be disappointed.
    - Keep in mind your things are just "things". Irreplaceable family photos, fine jewelry and important documents shouldn't even be in moving truck. Moving requires some effort on your part, even when you pay for "full service".

    It's the medicine cabinet and silverware that really got me shaking my head. To 99% of people, those are things you do yourself. Prepare to be overwhelmed and stressed. Have you ever heard anyone say that moving was a blast and they can't wait to do it again?

    Sorry, princess, but 90% of your complaint is called the normal moving process. And it's not United but the affiliate that you should be complaining about.

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  • Gi
    Gia Lauren Apr 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel the need to comment. I have been in this industry for well over half of my life. I am still in it. It sounds to me like what REALLY happened was you all probably treated your packers like ###, your driver like ###, and whined and complained and moaned about your "precious" stuff. These guys are well trained, and well, to be blunt, after being treated less than human, over the years, they are sick and tired of your crap. Your materialistic ###. Nothing disgusts a mover more than when you go on and on about how much you paid for your dining room table, and to be careful with this and that, its irreplaceable. Word to the wise, WE DONT CARE HOW MUCH YOU PAID FOR ANYTHING!!! We treat everyone the same. From millionares to college students. And when you start telling these VERY HARD WORKING MEN AND WOMEN HOW TO DO THEIR JOB, WELL, THEY GET A LITTLE PISSED. I dont blame them.. I have to laugh, because, clearly, by your story, you pissed alot of people off with your whining, demanding nature. I would be willing to bet you didnt even offer them a glass of water, did you? And I bet you went out and got lunch for your damn self, and ate it right in front of these hard working indidviduals. I bet you never worked a hard day in your life, well, except for shopping for all your crap you dont need. Oh, boo hoo, your daughter didnt have a bed for about a week . How horrible. Ever stop to think about how many children out there that have NEVER had a bed???? You selfish, materialistic, whining piece of garbage. We LAUGH at you. Next time MOVE YOURSELF!!! I would LOVE to see you move all your own crap, pack it, in that amount of time, without a SCRATCH. Never happen. Next time you move, a little advice...let these guys do their job...get the hell out of the way... have bottled water there, and stop your complaining and whining... I guarantee that it will be the best move you ever have. Guarantee. I will remember your name for future reference... because if I ever show up at your door to move you... you'll hear an earful from me, and will refuse to move your unrealistic amount of spoiled rotten cr*p. Get a life.

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