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I have been a United Healthcare customer for eleven (11) years with two (2) plans; Supplemental and Prescription. I have always paid my monthly premiums on each plan in full and on time. In 2019 I moved from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and placed a Change of Address with United Healthcare using a form that was in the coupon payment book from United Healthcare. I also had a Change of Address form with the US Postal Service. I continued to make monthly payments to United Healthcare for my supplemental plan using the coupons in the payment book. The prescription plan payments were dependent on a monthly payment notice that was mailed to me by United Healthcare. When I moved in July 2019 there was a problem with receiving mail at my new address due to issues with the US Postal Service that were not resolved until September 2019. These issues can be confirmed by the Middlesex, NJ 08846 Postmaster who was instrumental in resolving the problems for me. With the confusion of relocating and the mail issues I did not realize that I was not receiving my United Healthcare monthly invoice for my Prescription Plan until I was informed by my pharmacy that my prescription plan would no longer pay for my numerous drugs. When I contacted United Healthcare regarding this matter they informed me that the invoice was (a) not forwardable because United Healthcare did not allow forwarding and (b)that changing my address with the United Healthcare supplemental program did not change it for the prescription program. United Healthcare maintains separate data bases for each venue. I am a 76 year old consumer who had no idea that this was United Healthcare procedure. My prescription plan was canceled ninety (90) days (October 1) after non-payment. After two (2) days of lengthy conversation, including misinformation from the United Healthcare customer service in the Philippines I was informed that I was "out of luck" until the next enrollment period (October 15, 2019) when I can enroll for effective January 1, 2020. Until that time all my prescription refills would be paid out of pocket without regardless of the issues as detailed above or the fact that the lack of all my drugs are life threatening. And what is very interesting is that in several other residential moves that I have made in the last seven (7) years from from Florida to New Jersey. within New Jersey and New Jersey to Pennsylvania I have never had this problem. If I had to provide a change of address for my prescription plan to United Healthcare and have no record of doing so, how did they know I moved? Is this a new procedure/policy to drop me from the program so they can force me to come back at a higher monthly premium? Is this another "scam" by the insurance company to increase profits? I will need to consider drugs over food from now until January 1, 2020 but only those drugs (insulin, blood thinners, heart medication) and others that I need to survive and rely on food banks, family and friends for food UNLESS this complaint will provide a solution.

Edward E Benson
80A Middlesex Village
Middlesex, NJ 08846

Oct 10, 2019

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