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United Auto Credit [UACC] review: put fails info on Credit REPORT

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United Auto Credit Corporation Messed my Credit up for 9 month's. i was never late on payment's at all thay put it on my credit report as REDEEM REPO. We was wondering why we Could not Trade the Truck off at any dealer ship. Until one dealer told us why .then i took out the check book and showed the sale's person i was never late Ever since i bought the truck. the sale's person gave me the credit report too. United Auto Credit Corporation was checking my Credit report and saw i was trying to Trade that Truck off.thay wanted to Mess up my credit to KEEP me paying that 24% interest . When i Called them about them messing up my credit the guy told me oh how did that get on there and laughed about it. i told him i do not think it's a laughing matter when you guy messed up my credit for 9 month's .I could not trade that Truck off because of that on my Credit report.Ya thay fixed it but it was to late NO ONE WANTED THAT TRUCK NOW FOR A TRADE IN.


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