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Aug 21, 2020

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Uniplaces — Complaint about the cancelation policy

When I arranged my exchange in Lisbon (starting in September), I decided to get a room via Uniplaces. As the...

Nov 03, 2019

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Uniplaces — no refund against cancellation of my booking by them

Uniplaces is not a trustworthy site. They have insensitive people who does not care about the money of their...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Uniplacessupport and overall service

I booked a room for my friend on Uniplace, In Rome, Italy, but the place was so dirty, that my friend had to leave it, When i asked Uniplace for change of apartment or refund they answered after 5 hours and refused and told us, that we had to negotiate with the landlord, but the landlord told my friend, that he had to leave place. Now he has to find a place every night not to stay on the street. and Uniplace support team doesn't care about the fact.

See the photos, everything was so dirty and destroyed.

support and overall service
support and overall service
support and overall service
support and overall service
support and overall service
support and overall service
support and overall service
support and overall service

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    The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

    • Uniplaces's response · Oct 18, 2019


      We're sorry that you and your friend had to face those issues with the place you rented.

      As soon as you informed us about the situation, we started helping you and mediating the issues as fast as possible.

      Unfortunately, this review was written before the case was solved. Uniplaces takes every complaint seriously, but mediating between landlords and tenants might take a while sometimes.

      In order to study in detail every case and provide viable solutions, sometimes it might take a few days. In this case, the final outcome was a rent refund to you.

      We continuously work to solve this type of issues and prevent them from happening again, so we thank you for feedback and cooperation!

      We wish you a pleasant day, and remain committed to helping you in the future with any other matters.

      Kind regards,
      Your Uniplaces Team

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Uniplacescan't move to, the booked flat want to have a refund

    My name is Valeriia. The thing is that I booked an apartment in uniplaces, paid for the flat and the service but I couldn't get in touch with the landlord. Yesterday, finally, I managed to call him and he said that this flat is already booked by another person who gave more money in cash. Now, I'm without money, without flat, tired and upset. Uniplaces doesn't want to help me, the person with whom I talked, said that he couldn't help me and he didn't know the person who could at least try to help. Nobody calls me from the customer support.

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      The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

      • Uniplaces's response · Oct 01, 2019

        Hello Valeriia,

        Unfortunately we couldn’t find any booking related to your review.

        If you haven't already, please contact us by sending us a request to [protected]@uniplaces.com - we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        Kind Regards,
        Your Customer Support Team

      • Updated by Valeriia · Oct 01, 2019

        The id of my booking is ID 621935

      • Uniplaces's response · Oct 03, 2019

        Hello Valeriia,

        Thank you for your kind reply.

        Using the booking ID you provided us with, we tracked the case you presented to us and are glad to see it has been resolved.

        We completely understand this was a frustrating situation for you. Unfortunately it can sometimes happen that an accommodation is not available at last minute - that is also the motive why we offer our full assistance in these situations.

        We confirmed you have received a full refund of the payment you made, and the proof of refund has also been sent to you via our private communication.

        We remain at your entire disposal should you need our help with any other matter.

        Best regards,
        Your Uniplaces Team

      Uniplacesdescription vs reality

      I wanted to ask if it there is any forum website or social service or application where i can post a warning for people who are about to use a service that im currently using, more than this, I would definitely want to know if me and my young daughter could be saved of this nightmare por favour, hear my story:
      About 4 days ago I have booked an apartment via Unispaces which at first I didn't know much about but quite quickly i have learnt that it was basically a service for students, where you can trace vacancies around the world.
      Since ive arrived to lisbon in the worst possible timing of the year.
      Being disappointed with airbnb i set down and booked a place for my family and myself for a really long period (1 month) in an apartment that looked rather bright and spacious in the pictures.
      As i went on with the booking process ive started feeling slightly uncomfortable seeing there weren't any options at all mentioning children, not at any stage (being so familiar with other services such as "Booking" "Tripadvisor" "AirBnb" and others) something that made me right before confirmation to cancel the whole thing although I was very stressed with time, and then I googled "uniplace" and yes i felt ok it wasn't made for families it was cool to cancel it and move on to "spotahome" and so I did, stressed up because of the time impact (we had to checkout in a different apartment)...and then the phone rang and there was ×××× from "unispaces" client support, he sounded very promising and after a rather long chat he convinced me that the apartment I have canceled could most certainly be appropriate for a family to be staying at for a whole month, since I am a rather suspicious by nature i kept stretching the fact that children are involved and that my husband and son will be joining us within 2 weeks arriving from Tokyo and that the place really really must be suitable because we are working from home etc etc and ×××× assured me there is nothing to be worried about.
      The house was available starting aug 2st.so we had to find a place for 4 more days (we means myself and my 8 year old daughter).
      And so we arrived today, we were 22 minutes late and as we entered the house (which looked not exactly like the pictures (oh yes yes! The policy of "Uniplaces" does not allow to visit the property before renting it (this too i've found out only after renting the place) I now know why. So aside for the fact that the apartment turned into half a basement (our "kitchen window" is in the height of our neighbours garden in his garden) there's a smell of moss and sewer in the air (landlord saying the only thing that can be done about it is pouring some bleach in the toilet...well there are children in the house.
      I wanted kindly, if i get back to the mare reason for this rather tedious post is to ask where is it possible to warn other people with families regarding this service
      What can I do if there is any possibility at all to cancel the whole thing.this is a complete rip off and it costs 500euros for the service leave alone the rent price itself.

      When I asked to cancel (it took far less than an hour )I received the following email:

      Dear Orro,

      I hope you are well.

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We are sorry to hear that you are having issues related to your new accommodation.

      Given that the listing does not specify that it is a "family" apartment, unfortunately I cannot validate this particular complaint as there is no discrepancy in the listing. The description states that it is a perfect place for a "student experience" and it does not specify that is it is specifically for families.

      Regarding the smell of mould in the bathroom, we can contact the landlord to ask if he could find a way to resolve this. Perhaps it is a question of him arranging a more thorough clean and making sure that the room is sufficiently aerated.

      If you do decide to move-out, please bear in mind that in this case we will not be able to refund you as your complaint regarding the suitability of the apartment for families is more subjective and is not due to any discrepancy in the listing.

      If you wish to remain in the apartment, please let me know and we will contact the landlord to help resolve the issue in the bathroom.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


      Customer Experience Team | Uniplaces

      Help Center: help.uniplaces.com

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        Uniplaceskick us out a few days before the end of the agreement

        my name is Vivianne Cameron and I booked with your website an apartment in Porto from the 1st of febuary till the 31st of may 2019.
        It was a little house, Beco central 6, in Foz do Douro, Porto.

        I had a very bad experience with the apartment I rented from your website. The agency on site was called Holiday home. Several problems occurred during the session, including the failure to respect several aspects of the contract. But what they did to us in the end was disrespectful and we tried to talk to them to fix the situation, but they were not conciliatory at all. So the situation is that the contract ended on May 31, but if we wanted to stay until June 15, because we had exams until that date. We had a written agreement by email on this. Stimulating that we could stay the extra 15 days for 20Euros per day. We agreed to do so. Then 10 days before the 31st they send us an email telling us that we must leave within 10 days... So 4 students were evicted from their homes in the middle of the university exam session even if we had an agreement! We had 10 days to find another place to live and move out... This was by far the worst situation that could happen.
        In addition, several closures on the contract were not respected, such as a cleaning lady had to come twice a month... She hasn't been here in four months! Many things were broken and non-functional, such as the stove, and they knew it. In short, we found ourselves without resource. Without help to find a new home in early June, or it is the tourist season that begins, so rising housing prices and scarcity. I understood that they had evicted us because they wanted to rent the accommodation more expensive because it was the tourist season. Because we talked to the owner of the house himself and he wasn't aware of the situation. It was Holiday home that set it up.

        So I would like to make a complaint and have something done about it. Holiday Home made fun of us. They didn't take us seriously and were disrespectful. Legally speaking several misdeeds were committed by them. Beginning with non-compliance with contract clauses.
        We booked this apartment in Porto on your Uniplaces website and I expected much better, more organization and support. It was by far the worst experience with Holiday home.
        What can you do to help us in this regard?

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          Apr 23, 2019

          Uniplaces — scam rental

          On april 18, 2020 I got an email confirmation saying great news: your booking is confirmed! - id 564432. Not...


          Necesito respuesta urgente!!!
          Repito mensaje enviado dias atras aun sin respuesta:

          Me pongo en contacto con ustedes porque estoy teniendo problemas con los dueños de mi apartamento de alquiler.
          Contrate el apartamento en formato "studio" por la plataforma de uniplaces, apartamento situado en zona del ayuntamiento, en valencia, para poder reservarlo debía ya realizar el pago del primer mes de renta equivalente a 800 euros más los costos de gestión de dicha plataforma con la modalidad de política de cancelación como reintegro total a 60 días del ingreso, reintegro del 50% a 30 días del ingreso y luego ya cancelar sin posibilidad de reintegro alguno.
          He ingresado al apartamento el día 1 de marzo de este año, y un día antes, el 28 de febrero, yo encontrándome en viaje hacia aquí, los dueños me envían un contrato al que no hago a tiempo a leer si no hasta cuando llego al apartamento.
          En primera instancia apartamento que la plataforma vende como "propiedad entera" y al abrir la puerta principal resultó que había dentro como 10 puertas más, entonces más allá de que el mío es un studio con cocina y baño, no deja de ser un piso compartido sin yo saberlo previamente; por erronea informacion brindada en la pagina web de uniplaces.
          Dentro del contrato se encontraba información que la plataforma no detallaba, como por ejemplo que tanto el check in como el check out tienen costos de entre 30 y 45 euros extras, que dentro hay cámaras vigilando, y lo de mayor importancia para mi, que el depósito de renta que yo le daba en mano en efectivo en euros en ese momento a la dueña me serían devueltos al cabo de al menos dos meses de mi retirada y por transferencia bancaria (según ella esto es legal acá en españa).
          Por supuesto que en su momento le dije a la dueña que de esto último no estaba de acuerdo, lo que respondió que podríamos conversar luego porque en ese momento debería irse (estaba por empezar una mascletá yo sin siquiera saber que era eso). Me vi obligada en ese momento por ella y la situación a firmar eso si no perdería 800 euros correspondientes al primer mes de renta mas la comision de la plataforma y además no tendría a donde ir.
          Con la dueña nunca más tuve la posibilidad de conversar. Si no que hasta que ella se puso de nuevo en contacto conmigo para decirme 5 días antes del pago del próximo mes de renta que cambiaba la modalidad de la misma, ya no sería por transferencia, si no que de efectivo. Le expliqué que eso me llevaría a mi más gastos de lo previsto, pues contaba con el dinero en mi caja de ahorro para ser transferido y con este cambio me veía perjudicada al tener que realizar varias extracciones para obtener el monto necesario cobrándome el banco a mi demasiados impuestos (al rededor de 5 euros) por cada extracción. Entonces si en este caso podríamos conversar sobre lo pendiente desde el ingreso con respecto a la devolución de la fianza, si podía hacerlo en mi mano en efectivo a mi check out. Todo mediante mensajes de whatsapp respondiéndome de manera reitera que iba a iniciarme acciones legales porque firme un contrato y tengo que cumplirlo y es legal en toda españa esa manera de devolución de la fianza.
          Su marido quien vino a cobrarme el alquiler me dijo que la plataforma uniplaces esta al tanto de que ellos cobran check in y check out pero no mencionó nada respecto al resto. De todas formas la plataforma no dice que existe dicho cobro, asi que alguien me esta mintiendo con la informacion o alguien esta equivocado o el error tiene que estar en algun lado.
          Si la plataforma esta al tanto de que existe tal contrato que los dueños enviar y todo lo que detallan en el y la plataforma no lo vuelca, la plataforma esta en falta claramente y grave, ahora si la plataforma no esta al tanto de esto, y del problema con el que me encuentro le pido por favor que me ayuden de algun modo y se resuelva esto.
          Sinceramente lo único que quiero es que me devuelva mi fianza (800 euros), plata que le di en mano de mis ahorros con un cambio a 30 pesos estando hoy en casi a 50, y no a modo de transferencia que recibiré en pesos y no sé ni cuándo.
          No se que hacer ni a quien recurrir, con la dueña los dueños no puedo tener diálogo alguno sin que amenace con iniciarme acciones legales en reiteradas oportunidades y de denuncias sin razon a la policia.
          Me siento defraudada y engañada.
          Muchas gracias

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            Uniplacespayment not received

            We offered out apartment to rent in Uniplaces, The tenant paid the first rent to Uniplaces on 16th of August and moved in by day 20. As they have promised we should have received the rent (which more than half of it will be deduced by them as commission fee) 2 days after the move in date but is 29th and we still didn't receive the first rent from Uniplaces and if it takes more time we need to ask the tenant to leave.

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              Jul 13, 2018

              Uniplaces — fraud in utilities bills

              We(me and my roomate) booked apartment in Via Novoli 64 in Florence from May 1 to July 15. And the...

              Uniplaces — unethical behaviour

              I reserved an apartment in Lisbon for my son for six weeks starting in mid-October. The first landlady put...

              Uniplaces — scammers

              They don't honor their own policies and it's terrible. Their website clearly states that if your booking i...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              www.uniplaces.com — real nightmare

              Me and my friend were moving to UK and wanted to rent a property. We found this website and were really...

              www.uniplaces.com — they are frauds and charged both of us

              Don’t try the website www.uniplaces.com. I rented room through the company, but after couple of week...


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