Under Armourcustomer service

K Jan 24, 2020

Dear UA,
I am so upset with your customer service that I am pretty sure that even this message will be overlooked, so that I am going to make sure I put this on all customer boards I can find.
I have been an avid fan of the brand, even changed my lifestyle and style for that reason, which I have to thank you for. However, anytime I had an issue online, your customer service proved to be the worst. I am not even beginning to complain about the website or the app, where a few problems arose recently and the reason I contacted customer service.
I must admit these problems might actually be nothing more than simple issues, but the way they were handled by the customer service really infuriated me. Whatever the issue, I had to find a solution myself the correct way, not the recommended one, such as "if you are having issues with your account, open a new one."
I believe this is a rare incident where you enjoy the products of a company, but hate to shop there because you cannot communicate with the people. And if I can't shop online, I can't think of any other place to shop nearby except the outlet shops in my region. Competition is everywhere, and I don't need to hassle with their online stores. Sorry UA, but this may be a reason you are losing sales lately.

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