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This is for all you # customers who have obviously never worked in retail before. # your complaints; your complaints are a waist of your damn time. If you have the time to get online and type up a complaint on a retail store you obviously have no life. How would you like it if a person came to your job and tried to get you fired? I bet you wouldn't like that at all because your dumb # wouldn't have a job, so for all you customers who think the customer is always right, you got another thing coming the funny part about it is the head boss of these companies is laughing while she is reading your complaint because he/she is making their money either way hahahhahahah. And noone gets fired for you’re complaints unless it’s a serious situation so expect to see those employees again. The boss of these companies doesn't even say anything to the workers about these complaints. People who work in retail dont even learn about a complaint, site so you’re waisting you’re #ing time complaining. Stop being spoiled brats and just shop for your #. Reminder: the customer is never right and you'll never get what you want. I hope these retail workers keep treating their customers exactly how they deserve to be treated. I work in retail so come have fun in my store i'm going to treat customers exactly how they treat me. Last reminder: what goes around comes around


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    Correct Customer Nov 20, 2008
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    I saw misunderstood's comment/s by accident while "googleing" on salon policies.
    I have to say, to anybody who reads this, that I was... pretty shocked. i'm laughing on how shocked and how kinda funny this comment is. I have worked retail for most of the 10 years I have been living legally (I might want to say this because the way this person is they could comment back calling me something politically incorrect, if he/she ever reads this, of course) in this country (and, by the way, english is not even my first language and I can write better than you, and without the need of using profane words).in all these ten years I worked retail while earning my degree and after, and the times I didn't work retail it was certainly customer related.in all these years I have experience bad customers sr. or madam misunderstood, but I wouldn't say they are mostly bad (10 years).

    Whatever email or comment you read before, whether or not it was about the previous comment of the lady that was only complaining about not receiving the coupons she was supposed to get from ulta for the 600 dollars she spent there (sure a little excessive, but that her right).
    Now, some customers go back to certain stores, like ulta, because of these incentives. that is why these stores do that, so you would obviously want to go back there more than to your local drugstore. they would like you to do your hair there, buy the expensive hair products there, or the regular ones, and get you cottons swabs you've been needing, while you're there, while you're at it, and, oh yes, that new brush you needed and that new foot file too.
    Hmm... now let's think: is the customer wrong for wanting to do a non-stop shop there, specially they spent so much? they could have gone somewhere else and not have gotten the coupons they have the right to get because, after all, the store had made that promise.
    Is the customer wrong for wanting that? anyone out there? misunderstood? feel free to answer if you ever read this. my answer is no. is ulta wrong for not sending her the coupons? yeah, I would say. are they wrong for promising the coupons? no, they are not. it is called marketing my dear. you don't even have to work retail in order to understand this simple concept. am I right? I would say I am. and so would all customers mr. or ms. or mrs. misunderstood, who actually affect you paycheck and whether you get to keep one or not. if ulta does that enough it can affect their business in some level. low sales equals less profit, which equals less need of employees.
    Also a simple concept.

    I actually do feel kinda bad you feel so very misunderstood! how can you live with yourself in this turmoiled world of angry customers? if there is never any good customer for you, do you ever wonder that the problem might not always be coming from their side? if you're saying that everyone's hair is too brown, let's say, (everyone, remember? "you customers"?) then couldn't it be because maybe you think that their hair is too brown?
    maybe that's too out there for you.
    Simpler analogy: if everyone tells you your mouth stinks, don't you think they might have something there??

    It is quite astonishing that something so little as a complaint that (supposedly) according to you, does not even get to you, makes you so upset that you feel the need to vent out your feelings in capital letters, rude words, bad writing, etc (um, this comment box has auto-correct, by the way... so you can fix your punctuation, hint hint) and feel the intense need to post the same comment three times, is just quite funny, really... to put it nicely.

    And, hum, how do you know that this particular person has not worked retail before?

    And why is it, my friend, that you are so quick to point out how customers in general (or every customer according to you... hum is that every customer in the world?) are wasting their time by writing complaints and that they have no life, then explain to me how that logic works towards you?
    Are you following me?
    It's o.k...
    You can go back and read the last sentence if you didn't understand.
    Don't worry (no one's watching!).

    So then, doesn't your own logic mean that you (sarcasm statement here if you haven't picked that up yet) are, in fact, wasting your time... or your life by doing what you did? hmm?? hmmm... something to think about then, huh?
    Then am I wasting my time?
    Not really.
    It was quite entertaining to just prove you wrong. this was better than goofy television or an interesting documentary at the moment.
    I'm just surprise no one commented back yet! wew!
    What??? family guy is on!
    I'm outey!!!

    Oh-ho-ho, hooold on! one more intsy-wintsy good point... he he he, I lie, a few more good points:
    Smart people know that people who feel the need to use so many bad words in an argument are the ones who know deep inside that they cannot win an argument. unless you're drunk, haha. but it does make one wonder why (ahum, ahum, something caught on my throat) you did not mention the store you so happily wanted us to go visit...

    Oh and, before I go my dear: you might want to think about working a job that you don't communicate with people.
    Honestly, we don't want you going crazy over a complaint, do we?

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  • Ta
    Tamra Dec 05, 2008

    Hmmmmm, since this is my first time on this site, I was amazed to see they have an automatic spell checker. perhaps they should look into an automatic grammar checker. last time I looked it was "waste of your damn time" sweety, not "my waist in 27 inches". oh, and the magic of saying "think the customer is always right, you got another thing coming" is the irony honey, it is supposed to be "think the customer is always right, you got another think coming" get it???
    But here I get confused, because you have used this gramatically correct in your previous statements "fired for you’re complaints" that so should be your complaints, not you are, unless of course you are just a hillbilly in disguise lol
    Again, little baffled: "a complaint, site so you’re waisting you’re #ing time complaining." interesting use of a comma there and another reference to the place between your breasts and hips, with the added bonus of the phrase "you are #ing time" hmmmm maybe you are esl? nahhhh even they do better than that.

    Closing thought, it was a shocker that you work in retail and I can clearly see you are on the fast track to upper management. please hold us peons making 100k or more shopping in your upscale retail boutique close to your heart and remember who ultimately pays your check (that big fat one you get weekly) my friend. too bad you don't have company sponsored insurance, as a healthcare professional, I would advise you to get assistance for you passive aggressive, anger issues. guess that is just something all of us customers spending our money to keep you employeed will have to endure. I do indeed feel sorry for you.

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  • Gr
    growup Jan 30, 2009

    I have worked in retail and no, there is no worse in customer service than ulta. I would never treat people the way I have been treated in their stores. you need to get a life, grow up, and stop cussing on sites such as this.

    I bet you work their because this is the same attitude of all I have encountered there.

    And, well said, tamra!

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  • Sa
    salonstyler Nov 03, 2009

    The thread is obviously an angry ulta employee who is sick of being treated like dirt. I know exactly how she feels, whether or not she is grammatically correct. where are people's manners?

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  • Rp
    rp55 Dec 06, 2009

    Well, after all the bad customer service I have had from ulta, the remark by misunderstood proves my point like nothing else. that is that ulta is most likely the worst retail establishment I have ever done business with.

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  • Di
    dixiebell88 Jan 22, 2010

    For everyone saying ulta has por costomer service, I stongly disagree. everytime I go into the stores in nevada they are very helpful and nice. they always make sure to give me samples if I ask, too. you have to remeber this is retail and probably not the most fun job and they probably get paid minimum wage, so do you really think they care about your complaints? they have thousands of customers and your not the only person in the store they have to help. I say leave these poor retail workers alone, they put up with enough crap

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  • Pe
    Petermc Jan 23, 2010

    So this is obviously a manager at ulta, its part of ultas inability to care about customers

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  • Lo
    LovemyLife12 Feb 02, 2010

    I partially agree with this person, only because I know what it is like to deal with customers who are just not right upstairs, and so miserable with their own lives and so jealous of other people( escpecially older women who go to places like ulta and have to ask these younger girls who always have their hair and make up done to the fullest for advice, and they feel intimidated in the first place) so any little thing you say or do, or any product that you are out of stock, or any coupon that exludes what they want to buy, or if there is not someone waiting in every depatrment to answer every stupid question you have, ect.. will automatcally set them off. Unfortunatley these customers usually want you to fight back, or get some kind of rise out of you, and you only know how hard it is to just bite your tounge and not say what you so badly want to say, if you have not worked in a place like ulta.

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  • Da
    dancin' Mar 05, 2010

    God bless you dixiebell! I work at ULTA with a bachelor's degree thanks to the glorious economy. I get snipped at all day by irritated, condescending customers. We had a customer scream at a group of seven of us first thing in the morning (we were having a very short "team meeting" on the sales floor--literally 90 seconds long.) because we opened the doors late according to her watch. A little kindness takes you a long way in our store. If you're patient and remotely nice, we're more than happy to go out of our way to help you and hook you up with freebies.

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  • Ih
    ihatetigerairways Mar 09, 2010

    Thank you dixiebell88! Like dancin', I also work at Ulta with a Master's degree (working on PhD this summer):( I dont get paid enough to deal with some of the stuff I deal with. I don't get commission either (as a lot of people assume). I stepped away from the register for 2 minutes today to help a lady with lipstick and was soon paged to get back to the register because there was a line of angry customers who "waited for 10 minutes!" what?! People exaggerate! So, had I not helped the lady choose a few lipsticks I wouldve gotten that I'm not helpful at all. We can never win :(

    I also agree with the kindness goes a long way, for sure! To all my dear, patient, loving, nice customers, I appreciate you all and I thank you...this is why I give you extra samples and coupons ;)

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  • Ih
    ihatetigerairways Mar 09, 2010

    Wow! You're just making all Ulta employees look bad. Not cool.
    I've worked retail for many years and I know to treat customers with kindness and respect (I'm a customer too and believe in the whole "do onto others as you would have them do onto you." Sure some customers can be rude and even agressive at times (had a guy throw a tub of hair gel at me and almost run me over with a Target shopping cart-why we let people in with these still boggles my mind) but you have to keep your cool and let it slide because for every rude guy you get a few nice customers who can just liven up your day :)

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  • Ro
    rosiegurl16 Apr 15, 2010

    I am currently a manager at an Ulta, and I have to say that you are acting completely crazy. Unfortunately, working in retail means you will encounter dissatisfied customers, and sometimes there is nothing that can be done in their mind to remedy the situation. But, most customers I encounter are very nice and just looking for some assistance in choosing what is right for them. You really do have to have the mentality of "treat others how you would like to be treated", and if you face customer service situation with that in mind, than more often than not things will work out fine. I have had employees who honestly act like every customer is a problem, and I really hate to see that, because we all shop and we all know how we would want to be treated as a customer. Obviously if mean customers bother you this much, I suggest a new line of work.

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  • Ha
    HatebadCS Nov 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank You so much Misunderstood! You valid every complaint and you have proved all of us right! I am glad to see that when we are getting bad customer service, that it's not that we are being petty, it's actually because the representative sucks. After reading your "complaint" I can't imagine how you still have a job in customer service. Hey guess what, we are the customers that spend money in the store that pay your pay check and help you keep you [censor]ing minimum wage job! So, if you don't like giving excellent customer service then pick a new [censor]ing career! If I spend money, I deserve good customer service period! Oh, and since you think our complaints don't do anything, how did u find our complaints? Hum, looks like they reach a lot more people than you think. And for people who care about receiving good customer service, they may read our complaints and stop shopping at the store, therefore sometimes our complaints do mean something!

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  • Su
    sugarr Dec 03, 2010

    It's not right of " Misunderstood" to post on here her rude comments and opinions of Customer complaints, she is obviously an unhappy employee of Ulta. Misunderstood, if you don't like your job, then quit. It's people like you who make customers complain. Everyone who works in Customer Service knows that Customer Complaints come with the territory and your job is to deal with them. Cursing out the Customers on this website is not going to solve your problem with your job. I did not want to waste my time reading every rude word you said on here. I stopped at your first sentence. But have time to respond to you and say: The Customers are NOT the issue. YOU ARE!

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  • Ca
    calstar Jun 13, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Wow, how obnoxious. When a customer takes the time to complain about an experience with a company, then that complaint is valid. Period. Even if it seems silly, even if the person seems confused or incorrect. The bottom line is, they had a bad, bad experience with that company. They are upset. If they are wrong, maybe you can help them see that. But what they need, is not to be yelled at, but to be made to feel less uncomfortable for having been taken advantage of by that company.

    My experience was not that unusual-- the hair stylist was only competent enough to give me the cut she had on her head. All of my requests, explanations, even *pictures* of the cut I wanted were ignored. When I said this was exactly the cut I DID NOT want, I was ignored. She then gave me a bill for the cut, when I had actually gone there do give about 8 inches of my hair to charity. (she took 10, then cut off a further 3 or 4 inches...)

    And now, with my horrible hair cut that will take at least six months to grow out, I have a very, very bad feeling-- not just about that stylist, and not just about ULTA in general, but I also will never, ever, ever again give my hair to locks of love. I am not even sure ULTA isn't just throwing away my hair right now. The stylist obviously *forgot* that I was there for locks of love, because she didn't give me the paperwork I was supposed to get (they often send you a thank you post card if you fill out the paperwork), and she charged me full price. I really, really bet she just threw my hair away-- making this whole, horrible sacrifice (I *liked* my long hair, I worked hard to get it that way) not worth it. Again, I will NEVER do locks of love again, and I will NEVER go to Ulta again or shop there online.

    Even if I am "misunderstanding" what happened, no explanation or excuse was given. I was just used and sent away. And I really regret ever going there. That *should* be the opposite of what ULTA should want their customers to feel after using their services, but it appears that many of us feel that way. Just so you know, misunderstood, it's not about us being in the wrong, it's about us spending our money at your competitors' stores.

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  • Ul
    ULTA Manager Oct 07, 2011

    I really wish that each and every one of you could come to the ULTA in the Midwestern United States, not 1 of them treats their customers the way that those other stores do! In the district where I am a manager, the customer is ALWAYS 100% right! There are the extreme cases where there is a customer that comes in wanting heaven and earth and there is just NOTHING that you can do to please them, and unfortinuatly these are ausually the guests that will post horrible things about the company online. I will agree that customer service has gone down the toilet in the last 15-20 years, when I first started working I would NEVER have dreamed of talking to people the way that some people do at stores. But lets be realistic here...some of that is personal attitude and that has to fall back on how they were raised. I was brought up with the saying, "Treat people the way that you want to be treated". That is definatly NOT how kids are raised today.
    I feel very bad for the people that have had such a horrible experience with ULTA, and if you want a great customer experience; a great cut and color and a FUN environment to shop at, then each and every one of you need to come to the Fargo, ND store and see what REAL customer service looks like!!

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  • JuliePooh51265 Nov 02, 2011

    I live on the West Coast and ULTA just opened a store here. I love it. I thought the staff were very friendly and professional. I haven't been to the salon yet but plan to in the future. Sometimes I think what you get from the employees reflects how you are treating them.

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