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no goods and no response

I ordered a pair of Ugg boots on 15th December 2009 for my 12 year old daughter. They took the payment (about £10 more than the invoice said) on the 17th December and my order still says processing. I have emailed 5 times and still no reponse to anything i have sent. My sister has emailed saying she would like to speak to someone before ordering and she had an automated response so they are obviously filtering the emails. Really annoyed as when i spoke to my bank they didn't have a clue who i can report this website to to stop this happening to anyone else.

fake ugg boots

I bought my daughter some UGG boots for Christmas from online. They took one month to arrive and when I received them was really disappointed as they were obviously fake. Can you please let me know what I can do about this disreputable site?

Thank you for your help with this.

  • Ro
    Ronnie83 Jan 13, 2010

    I too have purchased boots for Christmas. Still awaiting arrival but had grown suspicious as I've had no email or confirmation of shipping.

    I will be contacting my card company to try to get my money back and also complaining to the Standards office.


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  • Ti
    tiggerkirsty22 Jan 16, 2010

    I did the same about a year ago! i thought i was getting a good deal cause they were so cheap compared to the boots on the actual ugg website but when they arrived i was absolutely gutted. They didnt even cum in a box just a bag they were shipped in! i tried email i had no response and when i tried to get onto their website it would say page unknown. My friend who is i computer geek told me that the website shuts you down because it knows your username etc!
    I buy my uggs from ebay now, so much easier and if they are fake then you can have that person done for false advertising, and have your money back bargain! But be carefull to check the seller info as i saw boots on there the other day by uggs store!!!
    be careful!!!

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  • Mi
    micky4pack Jan 23, 2010

    i too bought a pair of ugg slippers prior to xmas. they took a month to come and on arrival, looked like something you would pay £2.00 for, from the market. We have sent emails on numerous occasions and even sent the items back (tracked and registrered). By doing this, you can get some money back through Visa. They should be struck off any site and we are wondering if the Australian Embassy can do anything to get them prosecuted.

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  • Ma
    Marvetta Hendricks Jan 28, 2010

    I ordered some ugg boots and I have not yet received my order yet please help me locate my boots

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  • Ab
    aberdeen Jan 29, 2010

    I bought UGG boots from this site also. The stiching is really poor quality, they didn't arrive in a box and I had to pay £20 customs charge. Really dissapointed. I'm not sure if they are fake or not. No responce from 2 emails I have sent to complain!

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  • Un
    unhappy ugg buyer Feb 07, 2010

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, boots are not fake but poor quality, ugg is just short for ugly and australia do not have a trade mark so anyone can use the name, by the time you wait for them paid p&p plus customs and the cost to return them you may aswell pay the extra and buy from the uk, i have lost about £140 and no they do not reply to emails,

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  • Hm
    hmk Aug 17, 2011

    Do not buy from the site called Ugg Store. The products they sell on this site are counterfeit and if you dont believe this phone Ugg Australia and they will let you know in a hurry. I bought what I thought were Birkenstock sandals and they came to me as Pathfinders. What the hell are those? Cars?

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  • Mr
    Mrs nicki wilton Oct 06, 2011

    Well and tryuly had then, purchased two pairs of kids chestnut ugg boots from this company, they were dispatched quickly but was appalled by the quality. Not the ugg sole, children could not get their feet into them and they were sheddng sheepskin lining all over the place. Purchased for £139.40, returned on September the 20th, printed the returns label and was told there would be a 20% handling fee. E-mailed yesterday and received a reply to say they had not recieved them so to get the parcel tracked and advise them. to add insult to injury received a bill from tnt for £41.20 fot taxes. Does anyone have any idea how to pursue this please.

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order not received

I ordered some Uggs from the UGG Store on 08/12/2009 paying £90 plus including postage and packing which they said was 5-10 days. By 21st December I had still not received them and checked my order status which says processing. I have emailed them twice this week as they were a christmas gitft for my 12 year old daughter (it is now Boxing Day) they have not emailed me back which they say can take up to 72 hours. I have checked and the paym was taken from my credit card on the 8th December too. I looked into this company before ordering and I could'nt find any problems. It makes me sick that people can rob from you like this, has anyone got any furter info about this company.

  • Al
    A Lovett Jan 14, 2010

    same thing happened to us - order taken on the 15th dec, nothing has arrived & they are not responding to email.

    I've since contacted Trading Standards in Australia.

    Fill out the complaints page, and hopefully get these people shut down and prosecuted!

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counterfit products

I order a pair of UGGs for my wife from this website as the prices were terrific. That's the problem -...

no merchandise

I placed an order on Novermber 25th, 2009 and as of the middle of December I have not received my order. I have sent several emails through there website... I haven't received a response. There is no phone number to contact them. My credit card was charged two days after the purchase.

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ugg boots

I too ordered Ugg Boots from Agogmart (they are also called I have not yet received my boots to the sum of £129 which has already come out of my bank (the money went from my account to Bargain 18). I ordered these boots 3 weeks ago.

I have cancelled my debit card and go a new one.

I have found the email address to contact: [protected] a lady called Anny always replies back to my queries.

Hope this email address can help .


Cant believe my eyes!!! I have just put a claim in with paypal about this UGG.GG web site as i bought a pair...

faud website

I recently ordered a pair of boots from After making the order I started having doubts to wether this was a genuine website. is set out exactly as the official ugg Australia website, for which i am sure must be copy right. So i decided to investigate this website and discovered many complaints had been made about it e.g. people not recieving their boots or if they did recieve the boots they were not genuine uggs. When I tried to track my order it just took me round in circles and was showing me pages of chineses writing and their were no contact details to get in touch with the website. I am now certain that this is a big scam the myself and many others have fell for so please stay clear of this website

uggs boots

I placed an order for 3 pairs of "Ugg boot", about 3 weeks ago...have not receieved anything yet. I realized the next day when I was searching for a customer service number on the website and there wasn't one that this site was likely a counterfeit dealer of ugg boots. I called my credit card and they got my money w/in 12 hours of me ordering but they were not listed as Ugg boots...they got my money under the name of Flat I cancelled my card right away and filed a complaint. Hoping my creditor can go after the merchant's bank w/ the dispute that I never received thier product. Lesson learned, if you order on line...never order from somewhere that doesn't have a customer service number where you can actually talk to someone. Now the website is actually gone. Haven't been able to find it. Guess they've had numerous complaints and had to shut down.

ugg boots

I was also duped into buying a pair of what I thought were genuine Uggs from Ugg GG, the site was professionally produced and it was at the 'top of the pile' when I googled 'Ugg Boots'. My credit card was charged and when I hadn't received them within a week, I went back to the website, trying customer services and was transferred to Ugg Australia and it told me it was a counterfeit website. I contacted my card company and they were brilliant, told me that they had received hundreds of calls about this company. The boots did arrive but they are clearly fake; my card company have now set the ball rolling for a charge-back for me. This site now appears to be closed down so I can't contact them to ask them how to send these boots back.
They are made in China.

  • Gm
    gmurdo12 Dec 05, 2009

    I was also conned! Ordered a pair of UGG boots and again the money was taken from my credit card long before the boots arrived. When they eventually turned up they were in a battered old plain cardboard box which had been sent from China! The stitching was all burst and they were clearly fake and the wrong size, I bought them for my 12 year old sister so as you can imagine I have been quite upset about it. I am going to contact my credit card company today in the hope that they can help me claim my money back. I feel really silly for going onto this site in the first place.

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I have ordered 2x UGG boots without knowing it was a con! I have received the 2x and they are both the wrong...

selling fake stuff sells fake stuff! I recently ordered boots and jeans. they're all fake! do not buy anything from them!!!

  • Be
    bellasmile2 Dec 09, 2009

    The Denim Zone is a scam website. They charged my credit card but never shipped out my order. When I called, they have a standard answering machine which takes messages...yet no one calls you back. They ask you to email them questions. Yet, they never resolve your issue. Now the phone number is off the website. Thank goodness my credit card has a great fraud department and is reissuing me my p ayment.


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  • Li
    live n learn Jan 06, 2010

    I ordered and almost 2 mo. later did rec. my boots. The were obvious fakes, returned them but no refund. Should have kept them, fake is better than none.

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fake uggs

I ordered ugg boots form 2 weeks ago and they finally arrived. they looked pretty good until I took them to the ugg store, where I was told that the boots I had were fake. granted they are very good fakes, no one likes to be scammed. do not order from this website unless you are looking to buy fake uggs!

  • An
    AndyS Dec 04, 2009 provides a list of over 350 fake online UGG web sites, don't get caught out!

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fake fake fake

I ordered ugg boots from the website : and it turns out they are fake!!! the website seems really legitimate, but the product came from an address in shanghai china, xingren co ltd. huyi gonglu [protected]

The response I got from them when I asked about a return policy is that they will exchange the boots for me.
Now I have to pay 40$ in shipping to send the counterfeit product back to them. is a fake fake fake counterfeit website...

  • Ti
    Tiff55 Nov 24, 2009

    I ordered from them too and now they are telling me that I didn't even order from them in the first place..and I have the emails to prove it!!! Mine came from shanghai too and they're so fake..I knew as soon as I opened the box...did you look into any further?

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  • Bl
    blooper Nov 26, 2009

    I just ordered a few days ago and the canada post tracking number is not valid. How long did it take to recieve the product?

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  • Ze
    zeker Nov 30, 2009

    I order some several days ago before I read this but knew after receiving my paypal payment notice that there were chinese lettering in the account information and the boots were no way real - too late anyhow emailed right away to cancel my order but was told it was too late as I had used paypal since i dont want these fake boots that they insist are real they told me not to sign for the package and they would be returned to them and they would refund my money but how is that possible with paypal. i dont plan on signing for the package in hopes that I will receive my money back but I think it will be a loss cause
    keep you posted

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  • We
    Wendy777 Dec 05, 2009

    I ordered some boots from too and the tracking numbers is invalid also - i have complained to them via email and also told the official UGG Australia website too about this scam - I am trying to get my money back as I do not want counterfeit boots that are made in a sweatshop in China where workers are underpaid and work in dreadful conditions, this has to stop, I am going to also contact the media and the trading standards regarding this scam.

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  • To
    tods Jan 02, 2010

    hey, has anyone actually got a canadian address for these shiesters???
    i can empathise with everyone on here and now that i've lost my job and have loads of time on my hands at the start of a new year, im going to spend as much time as i have available to ensuring that there is some consequence brought to bear on these shiesters...

    I recently came across a letter on google from deckers usa requesting google to remove this site as they were infringing on copyright...all the site did was remove the logo's which were copyright infringement and they continue to operate... it is really down to the ISP's to police this type of fraud but they don't seem too interested in doing so...

    anyhow if anyone can help me out with information of any kind, i'd greatly appreciate it...



    [email protected]

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  • Xx
    xxmadiiiilovexx Jan 09, 2011

    If you ordered from ugg australia themselves you wouldn't have this problem..ugg australia has a list on there website of authorized online and store retailers. you should look there

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terrible company

I bought a pair of boots from however they were unsuitable and didn't fit. their website says that they give refunds as long as you inform them first. however after numerous mails I have heard nothing in response!!

Do not buy from them as there is no guarantee that they will ever get in touch or uphold their company policies.

  • Be
    beckyd3 Dec 15, 2009

    DO NOT BUY FROM UGGBOOTS4ALL. I have had the same problem the sizes were wrong and the colour was crap. The black boots were faded and the chocolate boots were a light camel colour. They have no support on the heel and they look cheap and fake. I have tried to get my money back as it states in their returns policy but i have heard nothing from them.I will not let them get away with ripping people of and i am going to take further action.


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  • Pa
    pattywatty...... Jan 11, 2010

    i have done the very same bought them like you say they are crap they do not reply to your emails i dont know what next to do to try and get my money back i will keep checking to see how you get on and if i get anywhere with them i will let you know.PLEASE ANYONE READING THIS DONT BUY FROM THEM...

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  • He
    Heathers Designs May 21, 2011

    One month ago I ordered from UGGBOOTSFORALL somewhere in Melbourne Australia. The company gave me a false Australia Post tracing number, blocked my emails when I asked where my moccasins were, and took the payment of course. I complained to the bank and gave them all the evidence of blocked emails, false tracking no and my Visa card was reversed by the bank and I have my money back. Please don't buy from them, I am one of the lucky ones getting my payment reversed. Heathers Designs.

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  • He
    Heathers Designs May 21, 2011

    My complaint is very real

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  • Ma
    Maggie Haripersad May 20, 2013

    I ordered a pair of boots on 4 May 2013. I have still not received them.
    No contact no.
    This is a scam.

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  • Ro
    Rodney Brown May 01, 2014

    on the 14/4/2014 i ordered 10" Moccasins from UGG BOOTS FOR ALL got order number from them108516037 then about a week later i got 2 emails saying they have been shipped on the 22/4/2014 it is now the 2/5/2014 and still haven't got sent them many of emails to them never got a reply once from them at all really pissed me of as i love my moccasins now i can't afford to get any others ready for winter as these cost me $60 bucks and i am on a disabilty pension also i live in Adelaide and the company is in victoria now i have got items from the USA Quicker !!! also can't find a phone number any were !

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  • Ju
    Jumpsy Dec 10, 2014

    I returned my ugg boots for a refund to uggboots4all. my daughter didn't want them. they've never replied to me and ive sent loads of emails. so im out of pocket for £73 and also for the cost of returning them. You think theyd have the decency to reply. I don't think they need to give you a refund if you've just changed your mind but I didn't realise that until I read it just now. im really peed off I cant get my money back now. they just ignore your emails constantly. : (

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  • Ke
    Keith and Angela Revell Jan 09, 2015

    I bought a pair of Chestnut ugg boots from this company for my wife as a Christmas present she went to wear them a couple of days after Christmas only to find that the sole on the right boot hadn't been stuck and 3/4 of the sole was flapping loose, I've e.mailed uggbootsforall every day without any response after careful inspection I'm pretty sure these are fake, somehow this ### company needs shutting down.

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  • Ro
    Rochelle Mitchell Aug 21, 2015

    So disappointed - ordered and paid for a pair of ugg boots to ship as a gift to Germany nearly 7 weeks ago. They were dispatched within the week, however never arrived.

    I was not given a tracking number as promised on their website and I have sent two emails to both email addresses, plus an inquiry via the website without a response. The phone number listed on goggle goes through to a male who knows nothing about ugg boots.

    Have left a negative review on Google on their company profile and encourage anyone else who has had a similar experience to do the same to warn other purchasers - wish I had found this page or seen a google review before i purchased :(

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Fake quality/bed customer service and wrong order

I ordered EGGS shoes in Black color and size 8, after my prompt payments I received package with faked UGGS in original box with different color and different size
After I contacted Customer Service and indicated my problem, they asked to send pictures with wrong size and they admitted that problem on their side
I did not hear anything back from them since then ...Be aware ...Before you order ask me for pictures and emails

fake website and goods never arrived

I ordered a pair of uggs boots from the address above. I wasn't aware of all of the fake websites at the time and believed the uggs boots were real and coming from australia.
Since then I have heard about the internet scam. £57.23 was taken from my account on the 9th october and I was sent an email on the 14th saying they had been shipped. I have never even recieved the ugg boots and the website now seems to be unavailable.
I don't think the boots will even arrive and so I have just handed money over the the website.
I tried to reply to the email about shipping and the message came back from a s e asian email address so they are obviously not based in australia.

non received goods

I still have not received my ugg boots ordered on 17.09.09 they say 6 to 10 days delivery, I have tried lots of e mails asking them but i don't get a reply. Have i been conned is there any way I can report them to trading standards. There are no phone numbers to contact anyone and some of the e mail addresses do not exist. What shall i do thanks c.. Hancock

refund not received

I have learnt that you have to be very cautious buying over the internet. I bought my "uggs" last January from thinking they were genuine uggs, they have in the smallest writing ever at the end of their website that they are not to be confused with ugg australia.

Total nightmare of a transaction. The boots were ok but the logo on the back said "jumbo ugg" which in my opinion looks ridiculous, and I was buying believing they were originals, I wouldn't wear fake uggs. They agreed to take them back, I sent them back and ever since they are ignoring my emails. Have emailed them approx 40 times. Trying since February 09 to get a refund!

I have now resorted to phoning them, awkward with time difference, they asked for proof of delivery which I have now emailed them so fingers crossed. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU WILL WANT TO KEEP THEM! Such a waste of my time I'm fuming!

  • Ca
    catherine spencer Dec 06, 2010

    received items from ugg boots australia and they sent me two left feet.

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  • Sa
    sarakai679 Sep 13, 2012

    A lot of people get confused when buying UGG boots, perhaps because they're not aware of the history behind the boots and the recent politics surrounding the Deckers trademark. There is, of course, only one UGG brand by Deckers, who have trademarked the term "UGG Australia". However, the term UGG is simply a generic term for a sheepskin boot in Australia, where the boot originated, and for this reason the trademark laws surrounding the term UGG are different in Australia. If you want the Deckers brand "UGG Australia" then go to the Deckers website and it will direct you. However, Deckers are American and make their boots in China. If you want Australian made UGG boots, simply check the website you are buying from for an Australian URL code, or do some research on the company before buying. As part of an agreement with Deckers most UGG companies in Australia will have a section on their site which explains that they are not affiliated with Deckers. Jumbo UGG, the brand you mention, has this information written within their 'company history', 'about us' and 'FAQs'. I agree you have to be careful when buying UGG boots, but as with anything you should always read the terms and conditions. For example Jumbo Ugg states on their return policy "Receipt of goods with the assumption they were a different brand, look or feel does not constitute 'not as ordered'". A company can't be held responsible for the buyers bad judgement if they have supplied all the necessary information.

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fake / RiseBeauty, Inc. = SCAM

After years of debating whether she should shell out a few hundred bucks to buy a pair of Uggs, my sister finally bit the bullet and purchased a pair from (because she couldn't find the color she wanted in the stores). Now, it turns out that they're not the real thing, and she doesn't have a shipping address to return them within the required 7 days, since they were sent directly from China, instead of Vancouver. The return address is in Chinese. Does anyone have a return address for RiseBeauty, Inc. This is the company behind this scam. BUYER BEWARE.

  • Ja
    jason Mar 23, 2009

    the store is a cheating company, they sell the fake uggs from china.but they advtesting their ugg is ture, so many people is cheated by them.I am cheated every body don't buy ugg from them.

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