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I did a search on google for kids ugg boots as I can squeeze into a 4 (I am a 5) up came I didnt even check the web address part labelled cc. having just had a baby and it being so cold I got carried away and ordered 2 pairs as I was checking out the cost of £123.53 converted to us dollars which I thought was odd but again didnt question it thinking it was an overseas order! later the next day I called my credit card company to check my card had been charged, to be informed that £142.10 had been taken out!! it advertised as free shipping, no exchange costs and no duty! I was livid and began to try and make contact! I emailed 3 different places with no reply the email address was dodgy in itself [protected]!!! I did receive a tracking ref and checked on ems website (chinas royal mail) and it had been despatched. then I discovered that they produce counterfeit products. I went onto martin lewiss money expert and there was an email address on there contact ugg direct and sure enough and email confirmed my dread that uggsale. cc is not affiliated to them and they dont distribute to them either. I have informed my credit card company and am waiting for a callback from the disputes team. please can you inform where I stand having paid for these on my credit card? I do not want fake ugg boots. reading other complaints on various compliant boards (why oh why didnt I check first) everyone seems to have paid via debit card not credit so I hope that you can give me some advice on where I stand please email on above address. thanks


  • Li
    lilmac601 Sep 25, 2010

    I purchssed UGG boots from UGGSALE.CC. It took me 1 month to receive my order, they did not return my e mails, the billing company that handles their payments coundn't give me a tracking #(it was listed as N/A) and when I finally received the "UGG boots the were in a crushed box with boots wrapppped in a plastic bag, from Shanghai China. The boots were not original UGG boots but counterfeit. To add to it, they weren't even the ones I ordered!!! Stay away from UGGSALE.CC! I wish I found this site BEFORE I ordered the boots. Why are they still in business????

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  • Ra
    RALPHIEHEAD Oct 04, 2010


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  • Mi
    Miss 1 Dec 06, 2010

    It just happen the same with me and even they send to me a different ones. So upset and angry..they didn't answer on emails and the phone numbers are didn't recognise.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany oo Mar 21, 2015

    It's happen with me too...they take my money and don't send the boots...😒

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