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UDRhorrible company to rent for: do not rent with udr anywhere that they own property [email protected]!!!

I am renting a UDR property located in 111 W. Orangewood Avenue #1D1 Anaheim, Ca 92802; and I am having major problems with the management.

I moved in at the beginning of March 2009 (therefore; as of todays date I have no yet been here a month); and I have had problems since I came to live here.

The complaints are that all that I based my decision on choosing this place to rent is a lie. I was told that this complex is a smoke free facility and that it is really quiet and there are rules that don’t allow loud music, noise, drinking, smoking, and kids running around, screaming, on bikes, scooters, skates or skateboards.

I was also told that there are no problems with the parking and that I would definitely be guaranteed 2 parking spots; which are 1 the garage and the other is one of the parking in 2 different spots on the property: 1- about 15 parking spaces *which among these 15 are 1 handicapped and 1 30 minute parking spot which is in front of the property office* and the 2nd area is also about a group of 15 parking spaces and there is 1 -30 minute parking space among these. There is maybe about 1, 000 or so tenants in this complex (Pacific Palms Apartments) and there are only about 30 parking spaces for all of these tenants and then there are supposedly another about 10 spaces in the back of the complex that are “reserved” which are given by the office and the tenant has to pay $50.00 extra each month for the space. When I came in I was promised that I would definitely have one of the reserved spaces like a few days after I move in because about 20 people were moving out and some of them will be giving up their reserved parking spaces and I was supposed to be high up on the list. Well; needless to say, the 20 people moved out and some more moved in along with me and I asked when I would get the reserved parking and they said right away and then the 1st weekend I asked what happened to the reserved parking and Maria (assistant manager) in the rental office said that well, , there weren’t any reserved parking spots available and then she told me that I would be on the list and they would let me know when it is available and then I asked the following week because I had to walk with my kids about 2 miles down the block or so in the rain because there was no parking here and most of the cars that were parked in the tenant stalls had temporary parking spaces that were given to people visiting tenants from the rental office and each space taken by “non-tenants” takes those spaces away from us tenants.

The same 1st weekend I was here, the neighbors had a all weekend all day and night party with loud music and drinking Corona beer bottles and smoking all weekend and I am an asthmatic with allergies to any type of smoke and I live with 3 of my small children. They had so many gang members (or wanna be gang members) over there and we share the patio and there isn’t much space that covers the separation between our patios.

I asked one of the Hispanic guys over there to please not smoke and he said he can smoke and do whatever he wants whenever he wants to because he is on his rental property and no one can stop him and he kept blowing smoke in mine and my 8 month old baby’s face and then I said I am very considerate in asking if something I am doing is going to bother the neighbors before I do it and he said basically he doesn’t care about anyone or anything and as he doesn’t even care about his own family, so why should he care about me or mine. I said it is very obvious he doesn’t. I complained to the office again the following day and spoke with the manager Marta and she apologized and advised that the Hispanic man that was causing so many of the problems was not on the lease and that because the police were called about the non stop noise, drinking out front and smoking and party and loud music that they would get a written warning and they would need to get rid of the tenants if they continue all of this and that Hispanic guy also got drunk and threw up in the neighbors’ bathroom sink and as it clogged up our shared piping and the vomit came over to our side I thought the first time that maybe one of my kids threw up and needed to clean it up and as it smelled horribly; I cleaned it up and the 2nd time, I knew better that it wasn’t my kids and they took something and was banging and smashing against the pipes under their sink and apparently broke the pipes and completely clogged up the sinks and nearly flooded my bathroom with vomit filled water.

I even took pictures to show the manager in the office and she said she not only did not want to come over to my apartment to look at the vomit or see the beer bottles and smell the smoke in my apartment (because it saturates my apartment), but she didn’t even want to see the pictures either.

She said that she would make sure that we were placed at the top of the list and because of our inconvenience, she will make sure that she gets maintenance to come over and fix the window which is off the track due to cholos (gangsters) who broke into the apartment while it was unoccupied and partied in here including that Hispanic guy that is causing all of the problems and she said that she would also send her Western pest control company out to fumigate this apartment for cockroaches because I didn’t have cockroaches before I came here and now I do because they were here before.

Well, I have been sick for a consecutive 3 weeks due to the conditions I have been forced to endure and especially the absorption of smoke and I had 2 cancel the fumigation 2 times because I have been unable to get out of bed and the 2nd time was because I had been in the hospital all night having trouble breathing where it was hurting every time I take a breath. I don’t have health insurance so needless to say; because of their negligence and incompetence and misrepresentation of this property I unnecessarily became sick and have to encure unnecessary medical bills.

The Hispanic man even mentioned to his “homies” from the gang who would come in packs of like 10 to hang on the porch that when I was placing tape all around the broken window to keep the noise and smoke out, “ That, (me) the f*ing ### thinks that she is going to keep us out with that f*ing tape, we can come in her apartment whenever we want to and there is nothing anyone can do about it and that they have been in this apartment with all their homies before while it was vacant, so what????”

About a week ago my vehicle got broken into on the property in one of the designated tenant permit parking spaces around 9:00 p.m. and I called the security as I was prompted to do by the management and they finally came out and took a report that incorrectly stated that I had mistakingly left my 1993 Burgundy extended Suburban 1500 model unsecured and that no one had broken into the vehicle, but I had clearly stated to the security officer “Gutierrez”, that I know for a fact that I completely closed my doors because I would not have been able to place the alarm on if any doors were open and the pager alarm would show me on the display face if any doors were open. I advised that I left the vehicle parked and placed my alarm and then left later on in another family vehicle with my family to make some errands (to make sure that I would have the same spot too because the parking is a nightmare) and then later around 9:00 p.m. my pager alarm for the Suburban kept going off and I knew something was wrong so I came over to check on my vehicle and the dome light was on and the back doors were ajar/opened.

I immediately checked to see if anything was missing from my vehicle and at a quick glance nothing appeared to be missing and then I called the security as directed by management to, because I was going to call the police, but was assured that it was not necessary because their security would take care of the problem and make a report and see what happened. I took their word for it (after all I haven’t been here long and was trying to avoid problems).

I asked again about the reserved parking and was advised by Maria in the rental office that I was placed on the top of the list by Marta and that there shouldn’t be any more problems and there have. Now all of the tenants are smoking next door and it is getting worse. The parking has been also worse, I have had to park way away from the apartments at least 4 days in a row due to spaces were filled with non tenants with 1 day parking passes issued from the rental office.

I got tired of not getting anywhere and I looked online to see if there was anyone I could contact for the company UDR and I came across a persons name: Rebecca Winning Director at Corporate Communications and Investor Relations [protected] and she assured me she would have someone get back with me from the main local UDR office at [protected] and I received a call the following evening regarding the matter to investigate from Mary Overton at that same local number her extension # is 204 and she assured me that she would come over yesterday (Thursday March 26, 2009) to look at the apartment and see what is going on here and not only did she not come by like she promised she was going to, but she didn’t call me back to let me know what happened or to reschedule or anything and when I called her back many, many, many times she didn’t answer my calls or call me back either. I even tried to get a hold of an operator at the local UDR office, but; no operator, it just says “ leave a message for the general mailbox” and no one calls back either. I got upset today and looked back on the UDR website to see if I could get any other contact people’s names and numbers and I called:
Larry D. Thede Vice President Investor Relations at [protected] and he said he would recommend me to call a similar # at [protected] and speak with Tracy Saffos and she is supposed to be the Director and supervisor above all of the local rental office staff. I left a voice mail this afternoon around 12:00 p.m. (Friday March 27, 2009) and her ext is 200. I looked online and apparently I am not the only people who have had no response from the office regarding complaints and being put in danger by the cliental of this establishment.


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    pohono Apr 24, 2009

    While I cant atest to what you were told when you moved in I can agree that they tell you what you want to hear to get you to rent. The lie starts in thier rental adds. Our apartments are supposed to have 24 hour security. At least thats what we were told. We were also told that the trash was paid. Imagine our surprise when we got the first bill for 50 dollars every two months. We were also told that the apartments had rules on how many people could live in each apartment. We were told no more than 5 in the two bedrooms. Which is what we have. But it seems that several of our neighbors have two or three families in each apartment totalling more like 10 to 12 in each. The children are unsupervised. Ive seen toddlers running around with no parents, Ive seen young kids climbing on the roofs and teenagers on the garage roofs jumping the breaks in the roofs for fun. Then there are the young little monsters that throw rocks and shoot plastic bb's at anything that moves which of course inclused those unsupervised toddlers! The office closes when the office feels like closing! Its supposed to be open 8-5 everyday but Sunday. But its closed all of the time. The Security when we have security, (they seem to change often) shows up at 7pm. Which leaves two hours for the teenagers and younger kids to wreak mayhem. I have been in the office probably once or twice a month to complain. But still nothing changes. Yesterday I emailed the company that owns this complex to complain. May they might do something. Doubt it though.

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