TV Landprogramming

C Aug 01, 2018

Tv land used to be a great channel. Used to air the wholesome, funny shows of the late 50's, early 60's. You may think younger people won't like these shows, but that is not true. My children used to enjoy watching those old shows with me, even as they grew into adulthood. The are still funny!! We even enjoyed the "retro" commercials that you used to show. This channel now is awful!!! Same old boring reruns that nick at night shows. Over and over and over again. Shows that I am still sick of. And the new shows?, the tv land originals? Awful!!! You can find the same kind of trash on any other channel on tv. You used to have a very good, unique channel that served a large portion of tv viewers. Now, in trying to attract a "younger" audience, you have completely trashed the channel.. It's such a shame. How I wish you would return to your original idea of airing the old, still enjoyable, and very family friendly shows of yesteryear, that many of us still enjoy and seek out on our cable networks. Thank you.

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