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I received a letter and "check" from Trustnet. The letter claims "We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the winners in the 'NORTH AMERICA CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW' organized for all customers of...WALMART [sic], SEARS, HOMEDEPOT [sic], SAFEWAY." They then go on to say that the prize is $9, 851.80, and the the check enclosed is to be cashed and returned in the form of money transfer in order to pay the "non residents" [sic] tax applicable to the winning. I immediatly identified this as a scam, but I thought I'd report it to help others.

Their scam uses a bunch of different addresses to confuse the reader (or cover their tracks):

scam prize letter


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    mike's girl Apr 14, 2010

    aPRIL 14, 2010...RECEIVED THIS SAME LETTER dated 10th April, 2010 RE: UK & NORTH AMERICA CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW...Wal-Mart, Sears, Home depot, Safeway, ASDA, etc. (note: Home (d)epot -spelling error).
    CLAIM NUMBER: UZ009-48K My letter uses Northern Trust, 2500 South Fifth Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83204 on the upper left and UK HEAD OFFICE: 104 Baizdon Road, Blackheath, London, SE QUO. Tel: (011) 44 793 242 8546 in the upper right corner. The check is from Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Comany of the same address. Check #850180223 for $3950.00 and is drawn on Citibank Delaware, One Penns way, New Castle, DE 19720, Bank routing # 031100209, Acct #38724493. 'Assigned Britis tax officer: Mrs. Julia Jones, 104 BAIZDON ROAD, BLACKHEATH, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM SE3 OUQ. Tax Amount: $2, 950.00. Method of Payment: Western Union or Moneygram transfer. You are therefore advised to contact your Payment Handling Officer: Mr. Cornel Madison, on Tel: 866-242-0445 between 8:00hrs to 17:30hrs (Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Saturday for instructions on your payment. Do not act on this until you speak with your Payment Handling Officer.' Regards: (signature) Mr Jon Dunham (Vice President, Finance)
    Accept our congratulations!'


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    beckyknn2000 May 21, 2010

    My Father recieved a letter from Trustnet telling him that his number was the winning number and he was to win 50, 00, sent him a check in the amount of 3, 950 then stated he had to call his claim agent before he made his deposit in his account I knew it was a scam but, the sad part is the elderly are to trusting the really believe this to be true... well, after i read the letter i did call the number for the claim agent asking him what his zip code is so i could turn this in to the BBB well, guess what happened next .You got it he hung up on me. I also seen that on the letter it had that Wal-Mart, Sears, Home depot were being used as a organized sponsor so what i did was call Sears complaint line who gave me the number to the big main office and informed them of this scam believe me Sears was not happy they filed a claim got all my info so hopefully the bigger companies can do something. I also informed Wa-Mart

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    carmen25 May 27, 2010

    I am a person who cashed one of these checks and the check came back as counterfeit. The person who cashed it made up a totally different story when he was cashing the check. I called the police, they interviewed the guy who cashed the check and he just played dumb and saying that he was scammed. But I told the cop that when he came into the store and I asked him what the check was far, he just said that he had been waiting for a year for an insurance claim check from an accident. What should I do? The check was for $3500. How do I get the money back?

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