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Fraudulent Check — they sent this to me

I debra stewart is so tired of these type people I have been scammed several times and this company and...

I received a check from Trustnet on [protected]

I recieved a check from Trustnet in the amount of1224.80 claiming that I had won 75, 000 in the North...

report scam letter received under trustnet name

A letter with return address of North York Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge St., North York, ON M2N5V7 was received...

north america consumer promotion draw

Letter was mailed from north york, on m2n 5v7 and advised me that I had won $75, 000. The letter included a check for $1224.80, written on an account at citibank, n.A., one penn's way, new castle, de 19720. Account number [protected], illegible signature, no account holder info on the check. The letter had a signature block for "w hunter, vice president finance."

I called my claim agent.. Ronald king... Who advised me to deposit the check in my account and withdraw $1, 000 in cash. After I did this, I was to call him again and he would tell me where to meet so that I could pay my "processing and insurance fee of $1, 000!" then, he would take care of all the release forms and my winnings would be delivered to me by fedex or other words, he was trying to scam me out of $1, 000!!!

a letter saying that I was entitled to the sum of $75,000.00

I received a letter from trustnet saying that I was entitled to $75, 000.00. I called the claim agent to ask...

fraudulent check

I received a letter dated 8/1/19 stating I was a winner of the "North America-Europe Consumer Promotion...

Trustnet Financial Express Company

letter stateing a wining prize

i recieved a letter saying that i won 8, 221.50 and they sent a check for 822.15 to pay for the taxes to get...

north america consumer promotion draw

My College Son received a letter stating "We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the winners in the...

fraud — scam

Claim Number: PYC 00529-ts Final Notice... States I won a "Consumer Promotion Sweepstakes Drawing" ... for...


lottery scam

Sending checks to people, especially senior citizens who need money!!! A letter was sent with a check for 3...

check fraud scam

Received letter stating I won $50, 000 for using department stores (i.e. Walmart, Safeway). Included in the...

fraud checks/winnings

I received a letter of a Award Claim Notification/from trustnet/a financial Express company~~~~saying I won...

check scam

This company preys on elderly people hoping for the dream of big winnings. It's very sad because they give people false hopes about the money they have "won." My 92 year old mother was almost duped by these people until she let me in on what was happening. She still wants it to be true. I hate "companies" like this that take advantage of people's hopes and dreams! Had she deposited the "tax" check and sent the money that was requested, her account would have been seriously overdrawn. Please do not be swayed by sweet talk and checks that look very real!

false prize winning payout

I received a letter today may 4, 2010 from "trustnet, a financial express company" dated "29th april., 2010"...

award claim notification

I received a trustnet letter today, 4/12/10, award claim notification from scarborough civic centre, 150...


I received a letter today that included a cashier's check. the letter was an award claim notification. it...

award claim notification

Phony letter informing recipient (my mother) that she is one of the winners in the north america consumer promotion draw organized for customers of wal-mart, sears, home depot, safeway, etc.

Says she was entitled to the us sum of $9, 851.80 which is payable by certified check and will be delivered by a courier company. advised to contact claim agent (has name and number) for further instructions on how to claim her "big winnings." they enclose a check for $985.18 and go onto say "per your state regulations, a tax amount of $900.00 will be required before your lump sum winning can be sent to you." the tax amount is $900.00. says "do not act on this letter until you speak with your claims agent."

The company, trustnet, is based in england. the letter comes on letterhead from arlington, texas and the cashier's check is from "animus credit union" in farmington, new mexico.

Before she received this in the mail, she was bothered by multiple phone calls each day (hard to understand what they were saying because their english was so poor). when I started asking them questions, they hung up. then she received this letter. watch out! this is a total scam!

  • Pe
    pechezz Apr 14, 2010

    My son also got a check from them and he is only 16 years old. He was happy but I told him it was fake and he was crying. shame on the company.

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  • La
    Laurella1235 May 10, 2010

    I receive the same letter. I got ready to deposit check in my account and my bank told me it will a 19 day hold. My check was drawn off a Dallas Federal Credit Union, I look up the number to the credit union and ask why was there a 19 dy hold on check. I gave the lady the check number she said that is a bogus check we don't have any checks that start off with that check number. She said there are a lot of bogus checks out there with there bank name on it that some company is using. i call the agent on check back and told him what the bank said and he said he the bank told you that read between the line don't try to cash it and said i'm sorry, another words he was trying to tell me since i kept asking so many question it's a scam he was trying to tell me read between the line. Agent number was ontario canada. bank dallas checks. They need to be locked up.I ask him how could you work for a dishonest company. he didn't answer.

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  • Ka
    Karen Yoxall Mar 24, 2011

    My mother is 82, in one day she received 13 calls before 1PM from scam people. They do not take no for an answer, they use so many different numbers you can't block all of them. She received the same letter as above but now I check into these things, before she would have been out the money.

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  • No
    nolamom Dec 12, 2011

    My 12 year old daughter just received the same letter, a poor quality xerox which has the Better Business Bureau logo at the bottom and a Canadian address. I guess they're hoping that parents don't open their kids' mail?

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scam prize letter

I received a letter and "check" from Trustnet. The letter claims "We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the winners in the 'NORTH AMERICA CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW' organized for all customers of...WALMART [sic], SEARS, HOMEDEPOT [sic], SAFEWAY." They then go on to say that the prize is $9, 851.80, and the the check enclosed is to be cashed and returned in the form of money transfer in order to pay the "non residents" [sic] tax applicable to the winning. I immediatly identified this as a scam, but I thought I'd report it to help others.

Their scam uses a bunch of different addresses to confuse the reader (or cover their tracks):

scam prize letter

  • Mi
    mike's girl Apr 14, 2010

    aPRIL 14, 2010...RECEIVED THIS SAME LETTER dated 10th April, 2010 RE: UK & NORTH AMERICA CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW...Wal-Mart, Sears, Home depot, Safeway, ASDA, etc. (note: Home (d)epot -spelling error).
    CLAIM NUMBER: UZ009-48K My letter uses Northern Trust, 2500 South Fifth Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83204 on the upper left and UK HEAD OFFICE: 104 Baizdon Road, Blackheath, London, SE QUO. Tel: (011) 44 793 242 8546 in the upper right corner. The check is from Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Comany of the same address. Check #850180223 for $3950.00 and is drawn on Citibank Delaware, One Penns way, New Castle, DE 19720, Bank routing # 031100209, Acct #38724493. 'Assigned Britis tax officer: Mrs. Julia Jones, 104 BAIZDON ROAD, BLACKHEATH, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM SE3 OUQ. Tax Amount: $2, 950.00. Method of Payment: Western Union or Moneygram transfer. You are therefore advised to contact your Payment Handling Officer: Mr. Cornel Madison, on Tel: 866-242-0445 between 8:00hrs to 17:30hrs (Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Saturday for instructions on your payment. Do not act on this until you speak with your Payment Handling Officer.' Regards: (signature) Mr Jon Dunham (Vice President, Finance)
    Accept our congratulations!'


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  • Be
    beckyknn2000 May 21, 2010

    My Father recieved a letter from Trustnet telling him that his number was the winning number and he was to win 50, 00, sent him a check in the amount of 3, 950 then stated he had to call his claim agent before he made his deposit in his account I knew it was a scam but, the sad part is the elderly are to trusting the really believe this to be true... well, after i read the letter i did call the number for the claim agent asking him what his zip code is so i could turn this in to the BBB well, guess what happened next .You got it he hung up on me. I also seen that on the letter it had that Wal-Mart, Sears, Home depot were being used as a organized sponsor so what i did was call Sears complaint line who gave me the number to the big main office and informed them of this scam believe me Sears was not happy they filed a claim got all my info so hopefully the bigger companies can do something. I also informed Wa-Mart

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  • Ca
    carmen25 May 27, 2010

    I am a person who cashed one of these checks and the check came back as counterfeit. The person who cashed it made up a totally different story when he was cashing the check. I called the police, they interviewed the guy who cashed the check and he just played dumb and saying that he was scammed. But I told the cop that when he came into the store and I asked him what the check was far, he just said that he had been waiting for a year for an insurance claim check from an accident. What should I do? The check was for $3500. How do I get the money back?

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north america consumer promotion draw

These letters are circulating around chillicothe, oh. I received an award claim notification letter on...

letter with a check

Trustnet sent me a letter on 09-20-09, that I won $50, 000.00 with a check for $3, 999.00 to pay the uk tax...


This is phony... do not cash this check. they will get you with bounced checks. then they have your account number and other information.

  • Wa
    washbrat Nov 21, 2009

    My boyfriend just received a check with all the confusing information as well. We recognized it as a possible fraud because the check looks like they were running out of ink. LOL. We looked it up and sure enough, others have had the same issue. My question is.. What do we do with it? Shouldn't we turn it in to someone or let some organization know? What about the elderly that don't have a child watching their back or ones that don't have internet access?

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  • Sa
    Sandra Denise Levi Jan 21, 2010

    I have also recived an check for 4500.00 dollars but I just now got it out of my old mail dated back in August of 2009. Because me and my boy friend broke up at that time. so we got back together and i just opend my old mail he had been saving it to my surprize there was this check, at first I was excited then I calmed down and looked in to it. I no if I would have goten it back on that day they sent it out, I would have tried to cash it because of my need for money, I am thankful I looked in to it before reacting to it. This check looks so real, I didnt no what to think its signed and has the Bank One logo on it. But then I go on to read the letter and it says and I qoute, enclosed is a check of $4500.00 which is for your tax payment of $3700.00USD for Non ressident Goverment Tax, payable to the Britsh tax officer as stated below. Tax Officer: Mary Johnson, 90 Oxford Street WC 12 PD London United Kingdom. So am just saying if I go to my bank and cash this check and it bounces am in the hole, IF I was to cash it in my name this is so bogus and I feel hurt for people who dont get it and fall into this trap. And it also says NationWide Insurance which is a well now insurance company. I am so confused I hope am right? But if am wrong I just missed out on a big payment I desperatly need! P.S Sandra D Levi

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north america consumer promotion draw scam letter

My elderly parents received a letter and "check" from trustnet. The letter claims "we are pleased...