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Trustnet sent me a letter on 09-20-09, that I won $50, 000.00 with a check for $3, 999.00 to pay the uk taxs. I was to cash the check and send the money by western union or moneygram transer.

The letter stated that I was entitled to the sum of $50, 000 payable to my by certified check. it would be delivered by a courier company like fedex or ups.

I was to call a steve brown @ [protected] before I cashed the check. also, I was to send $3, 890.00 of the money to a tax agent, diana taylor at 453 2nd avenue, london uk l43 w4e.

My claim number for this is vas 11-45-12


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 05, 2020 9:05 am EDT

My husband received a letter saying he had won $250, 000 from North America Consumer Promotion Draw for customers of Wal-Mart, Sears, Home Depot, Safeway, etc. Included was a check for $2, 524.50 for a processing fee and insurance fee. He must speak to a claims agent (Samantha Smith) before depositing the check. We did not deposit the check since this is the second "opportunity" provided to us and thanks to the internet the scam was revealed.

Jul 16, 2019 12:50 pm EDT

My husband just received a check in today's mail from Trustnet in the amount of $985.20 claiming that he was one of the winners in the "North America-Europe Consumer Promotion Draw" He was entitled to the sum of $49, 260.00. Another scam by "David Young" asking for a tax amount of $900! The phone number is the same to call [protected]. If this number and all the details that were given by others before me were reported to the FBI and other security agencies, why is this still happening now and it has been in operation since 2010? Are none of these scammers ever caught and put in jail? This is ridiculous! Marie

Jul 09, 2019 5:26 pm EDT

My elderly mother received a letter and a check for $985.00 in Texas. It stated that due to state regulations there would be $900.00 i taxes to be paid and that she must call David Young [protected]. I called him and he put me on eternal hold and then I was disconnected before I could tell him I knew he was a SCAM.

Attn: John A. Garfield, Promotions Director
C/o TRUSTNET Financial Express Company
130 North Beacon
Brighton, MA 02135

Dear Mr. Garfield:
Re: Check #051914/Payee: – Bami John with United States Treasury Fin’l Mgmt Services
Happy New Year! Thank you in advance for reading the enclosed information. Have a blessed week as we continue to celebrate the X’Mas Season and the New Year for 2015!

However, this is a formal request to kindly honor the reissuance of a misplaced check #51914, issued by the U.S. Treasury from 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington DC 20220 on May 21, 2012.
Consequently, the Consumer Promotion Draw from stores in the United States: Wal-Mart, Sears, ASDA, Home Depot, CURRYS, WHSMITH and Safeway had a slip with a serial number: 43277647UK with a Winning Number: [protected].
Unfortunately, the above check was misplaced due to unforeseen circumstances till my recovery on January 4, 2015. Your consideration of the matter will be highly appreciated as calamities and the need to continue with my advanced studies have been faced with a standstill due to lack of funds. Secondly, I would like to undertake strategic initiatives to promote a Business Start-Up for the Moyamba Descendants Foundation in our Pilot Projects in: Agro-Based Technology, Education, and Health.
However, we are currently facing challenging Health issues from the Ebola Pandemic Disease.
Please see what you can do based upon the devastating calamities facing our relatives in the Southern Province, of Sierra Leone, West Africa. I hope that the enclose attachment will highlight the deplorable conditions faced due to inadequate facilities for Medical support, to combat the pandemic Ebola disease. Please don't forget to join our Facebook page on the website for Moyamba Descendants Foundation (See the enclosed link below):
Please do not hesitate to donate and distribute to other friends of Israel for their secured donation as seen on the link above. Also, see the enclosed attachment for your deductible contributions nationwide in the United States. I would also like to have the Friends of Israel to play a dominant role in Sierra Leone. Please note that the Government and State of Israel built the National Bank, General Post Office and the Parliament Buildings in Freetown, Sierra Leone "The Bank of Sierra Leone". I will be embarking heavily on their support to mount and continue with the progress on our Pilot Project in the Southern District of Moyamba, in Sierra Leone.

This will reflect a model for the entire country within the Phase of Development in West Africa similar to what China is doing in other African Countries, with special reference to Tanzania. The Foundations' Pilot Project is centrally focused on three areas of development. That is, (1) Agro-Based Technology; (2) Education; (3) Health. Thanks again for your consideration. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [protected], and/or leave a message through this medium.


†Bami John, President/CEO
Moyamba Descendants Foundation
532 Columbia Road, North West
Washington, DC [protected]
Cell: [protected]
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Oct 25, 2013 8:56 am EDT

i'm glad you are here, I too have received a check stating the above claims . they need to put a stop to these parasites who feed on the unsuspecting people to support them.

Jul 18, 2013 11:51 am EDT

O.K. So the bad news is I just got scammed, we are broke and hungry, I thought this was real because the check was drawn from a Novartis pharmaceutical account and the address was valid. The check was real and I deposited in the bank thinking God was finally listening to my prayers and finally took notice. The other reason I deposited the check was because my numbers were drawn from stores in North America.It was for the amount of $2, 437.49 and was to be deducted from a guaranteed $50, 000.00 prize. My wife needed her medication so I got $200.00 cash back from the teller. Now I need a bullet to put it through my head.

Aug 10, 2011 11:45 pm EDT

i got a letter saying that i won 50, 000.00 and i got 2, 950.00 and i have to send the uk 1, 950.00 tax amount and my tax officer is mrs mary jones and the method of payment is western union money transfer. they cant be playing with people like that i got a lil excited. im like ill pay off some bills and get my car fix. this sucks

Jul 29, 2011 9:23 pm EDT

I to received this letter today saying i won a sweepstakes for Wal-Mart what a bunch of sh*t .These people need to be arrested and sent to jail for trying to scam the people.I think we all need to contact the Internal Revenue Department.Maybe this way these people will have to pay back all the money they have already taken money from.

Jul 05, 2011 9:33 pm EDT

I received the same letter as most of you about winning, ( keep in mind I haven't registered for any contests ) and I am always skeptical of stuff like this because my momma always said if it looks to good to be true it usally is lol, but anyway i called the bank where the check was issued from and to no suprise its a bogus account. Dont get me wrong this check looks pretty real and legit. The bank asked me to turn the check into my bank not deposit it but turn in so it can be used to prosecute fraud charges against these people. So if you know anyone else with these great winnings please advice them to turn check into a bank and tell them its fraudulant to help stop this crap, because there are alot of gullable people out here getting very seriously scammed.

Jun 23, 2011 10:42 pm EDT

yo recibi un ck de ustedes necesito se comuniquen con migo al [protected] para q me contesten una serie de preguntas porfavor no hablo ingles.

Jun 22, 2011 7:38 pm EDT

I also received a cashiers check for $985.18, I called, they said deposit, its good, I deposited, and no good. How do they get our names?

Jun 06, 2011 8:32 pm EDT

Just FYI - Receive check on 6-6-11 - So they are still trying to use this scam. The letter was for my son, so I am glad I checked it first. He would have probably believed this. Nothing is for free !
Claim Number AF6948 - Contact person Marvin Anderson or Malie Frank [protected]

May 15, 2011 5:42 pm EDT
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Thank you every body for sharing your story about CDL-Trust and their scam. I to received the same check. Thanks to all of you it was to good to be true. Why don't these scammers get out and get a real job instead of screwing the honest person.

May 03, 2011 4:19 pm EDT

Just got my check in the mail today for $3, 982.00 from CDL Trust Inc - A Financial Express Company drawn on S&T Bank at [protected]! SO EXCITED! Unfortunately for them I don't trust anybody, it's amazing how many people who are not as informed might actually try to cash this check. It makes me sad for all the Senior citizens out here that get taken advantage of! I'm supposed to call Michelle Moore at [protected] to pay my taxes on my $63, 000 winnings LMAO ! It seems that they've tried to change it up a bit because apparently this one is associated with Wal-Mart (where I rarely shop), Sears (Dont shop there either), Home Depot (I prefer Lowe's) and Safeway (I don't even know WTH that IS!) -- This is ridiculous. These people need to be exposed.

Feb 01, 2011 7:45 pm EST
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i also recieved a letter with check in the amount of $3, 850 .00 from a mr fred lucas and meline frank what a bunch of bull

Dec 20, 2010 9:52 pm EST

I received a letter today and I'm only 17 I was so happy until my mom looked up the company and told me it was a scam, there goes my ideas for a new car :(. It's not fair, those stupid f*king scammers.

Dec 10, 2010 7:37 pm EST

I just got a check for 996.80 from Financial Express saying I won 9968.00 in the North America Consumer promotion draw and that I'm suppose to deposit check and call her back after it clears. Then another check would be sent. It said to call Nancy Lowes on [protected] and I spoke with her and she advised that this was a drawing in UK, NA and Canada. Checked is signed by Stephanie Sowajta? Citadel federal credit union po box 72147-Thorndale, PA 19372.
Company names: Wal-Mart Sears, Home Depot, Safeway, etc. Letter signed by J.J. Sparks VP

Dec 07, 2010 12:25 am EST

I just received the same form letter stating I had won $50, 000 and enclosed a check for $3, 850.00 to cover tax'es. I was advised to contact Marvin Anderson or Ms. Maile Frank. It was signed by Mrs. B etty Mckenzie and came from a Canada post, representing Wal-mart, Sears, ASDA, CURRYS, WHSMITH and Safeway. My Tax officer from United Kingdow is Lucy Jones, stating that i have t send a money order in the amout of $1, 850.00... It was a form letter and looked very suspicious. So i called Marvin and he said to deposit the money and call him back tomorrow...These stores represented on the letter should be informed their name is involvedwith this kind ofscam!

Nov 30, 2010 1:56 am EST

My father received a letter and check today too. Enclosed was a check for the amount of $996.80 and it stated that he had won $9, 968.00. He was instructed to contact Roy Smith at [protected]. Red flags went off when I noticed that the letter came from Toronto, ON, Canada, the return address on the letterhead was Cambridge, MA, the check was drawn on a credit union in Riverside, CA yet the drawee on the check was First Interstate bank in Billings, MT.
We shredded the check and letter.

Nov 05, 2010 10:25 pm EDT

I was mailed the same $985.18 check on 11/05/10. What seems to strike me as odd is the fact that this is the second one of these I have received and it reached me with no city only the state that I live in and my address. If you win a lottery or drawing the taxes are generally taken out before you ever receive your winnings.

Oct 26, 2010 4:34 am EDT

On October 25, 2010, my mother received a letter about a prize winning payout. Enclosed was a check for the amount of $3950.00. My mother knew that it is a scam because no one is giving out this type of money. She gave me the letter to read and I know this is a scam. Now a days you can't trust no one. I feel these people are using this type of scam to see who falls for their trap. We are going to sheard the check and letter. Because we know it is not for real. We feel bad for the people who are falling for this scam because they are going to get themselves into a terrinle situation.

Sep 06, 2010 12:10 pm EDT

what if you just take the check and cash it since it authentic and pocket the money yourself? Forget sending it to them, we all know they're scammers

Aug 31, 2010 8:56 am EDT

It is incredible that Massachusetts State and Federal authorities have not shut down Trustnet in Brighton, MA. I have just received a "prize winning payout" letter dated August 20th, 2010, for $50K, along with what appears to be a valid negotiable instrument drawn on JP Morgan Chase for $3, 950.00 The letter contained the same MO as other scams; and the tell tale alert in this letter is a 2nd Avenue address in London, and no postal code.

Aug 30, 2010 3:43 pm EDT

All the above complaints are legitimate and well founded. I am skeptical by nature, but called the number given in my letter. The male with whom I spoke stated he had to look for a tax representative near my location so I could pay the taxes before receiving the full amount $9, 851.80. I explained the taxes were paid to the federal or state governments and not to a "tax representative." Then I asked where the person with whom I was speaking was located, he replied he was in Massachusetts. When I told him the number I called was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he put me on hold and did not return. ( I have free long distance to all of the US and Canada by the way.) I then searched the internet for the credit union from which the check was supposedly drawn, called them and they confirmed the check was invalid. They are pursuing the information in attempts to close down the scammers. The credit union suggested I take the letter and check to the local law enforcement and the postal authorities so they may also attempt to apprehend the culprits. Some things that tipped me to this being a scam: the return address on the envelope, the letter and the check all were different. Just for fun, I searched on "Google Earth" and found the addresses to be real. That however, does not speak to the authenticity of the letter and check.

Aug 23, 2010 5:59 pm EDT

My husband just recieved the same letter stating that he has won $9, 851.80 attached with a check in the amount of $985.18. The reps name was Nicole Williams at [protected] however the name on the recording was not that of Nicole. This made me feel very creepy. I looked up the company Financial Express on-line and obtained this information. I am glad I did and I will also call the stores at the bottom of the paper to advise them of this terrible scam. Someone needs to put a stop on this because an innocent person can get caught up in a bad place.

Aug 16, 2010 6:16 pm EDT

DO NOT use your debit card at these stores...

Aug 16, 2010 6:14 pm EDT

My daughter just received the same letter and check for $985.18 with the claim # for $9851.80. My daughter is still in high school. These people are getting your mailing information from these stores that is why they are mentioned. So beware and prepare yourself with cash before going through checkout. the scam is on you and these people have tapped into the systems of these stores.

Aug 11, 2010 12:30 pm EDT

On 7/27/10 I received a letter from J. J. Sparks VP of Fianancial Express to called a Nancy Lowes at [protected] and was instructed to deposit said check in the amount of $985.18 into my checking account which I did and would receive $9, 851.80 by courier company (FedEx or UPS). My bank sent me a letter informing me that said check was sent back unpaid by Madison Credit Union. On O8/11/10 I called Nancy Lowes at same number to inquire why said check was returned unpaid, and was infomed by her to call her back in 30 min. at said number where she is going to check with her accounting department to see why check was returned. Have been trying to reach her but with out success, getting a business singal each time I call. What do you think?

Jun 28, 2010 11:29 am EDT

this is a bull [censor] scamm lol my father got the letter today as well that he won 50k and send me check of 3550... i called them mr. marvin anderson [censor]en scammer i calledhim on [protected] at first no one picked up phone and i got msg of the # not allow to take incoming calls lol then some one called from blocked # i didn't pickup i called him again he said the agent called me bk i ask him if this is a company cell why there is a block# he [censor]en wont ans... then i told him i will cash the check but wont send u money.. until i get my 50k.. he said u need to pay the money for tax so u don't have ot pay from your pocket! i told him don't worry i will pay from my pocket he said no it don't work like that... i told him i will only send the money to bank account no through westerunion where i can't trace you.. he said i can't do that... [censor]en scammer...

May 26, 2010 2:03 pm EDT
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I just received the same form letter stating I had won $9, 851.80 and enclosed a check for $985.18, to cover tax'es. I did not even bother calling Debra May at [protected] because I had a feeling it was a scam. It was signed by C.Gilesie and came from a Canada post, representing Wal-mart, Visa M.C., Target, Home Depot, American Expres, T.J.Maxx and 7-Eleven, it further said I should not act on this letteruntillI had spoken with the claims agent Debra May.
Itwasaformletterand looked very suspicious.I am not resonding. These stores represented on the lettershould be informedtheir name is involvedwith this kind ofscam!
Sincerely, Bruna Dorocke 5/25/10

May 10, 2010 3:40 pm EDT


May 07, 2010 9:33 am EDT

I received a check also in the amount of $985.18 it was to cover the State regulations tax amount of $900.00. My contact person was Debra May [protected]. I called Debra who was to be my claim agent. She said to Deposit the Check and then call her back. I also asked questions about how long it would take for the check to clear, was this another scam. And all she would say is to Deposit the check and then call her back for further instructions to receive my $9, 853.18. I called the bank which was Northrop gruman Federal Credit Union out of Gardena, Californial 90248. It was a legit Check at the time. But I informed them that it was being used in a scam. I am sick of people doing this it is just WRONG. I was also to receive my check via FedEx or UPS.

Apr 06, 2010 6:55 pm EDT

I received a letter from this company also. It came with a check of $3, 950.00 for taxes. My contact is Steve Brown [protected] and Tax agent is Christa Brown of London, UK. The claim number is AG 404055. Winning Number is [protected]. Payment method is Western Union.

When I read that it was to be sent Western Union it tipped me off that this might be a scam. Most of these scammers receive their money through Western Union. So I researched and found a lot of similar scams from these guys.

Mar 30, 2010 9:20 am EDT

I also have a check for $3, 950.00 to pay for non resident taxes, the taxes are $2, 950.00 payable to a Brenda Newmam. My US contact is Steve Brown [protected] to call Moday-Friday 8 am to 6Pm claim # AG 40-4055 lucky winning #[protected]. The interesting thing was that the letter was mailed in Canada and had no forwarding address.
I believe that the FBI should be involved due to the letter coming from Canada, plus the fact that they are using a bank check from a US bank.

Mar 08, 2010 11:03 am EST

I share the same expierance as "callico". My dollar number was the same but the Claim Number was differant. I wanted to see what actually would happen if it was deposited. It took 4 days for the check to be returned to the bank. I knew that there was no way they were going to send any money. The check is a legitamate check per my bank, however, I knew the funds will never be transfered. They hope you will immediately will forward a "Western Union" money order before the NFS comes back. I have forwarded a copy to the FBI for their information as well. My contact was Larry Lou and the Tax Agent was Michael Williams and Larry even gave me Michael's phone number to make it more authentic. I to also contacted Wal-Mart, Sears, Home Depot and Safeway.

Feb 23, 2010 6:39 pm EST

I had received the same letter as above too for the $985.18 prize winnings back on 1/14/10. I finally got around to googling this and I was glad to see that yes, this is a scam. I kind of knew right away it was, because Wal-Mart, Sears and Home Depot would not do something like this, plus I know Wal-Mart is based out of Arkansas and would not work out of Canada this way. It is funny to see that most things are the same except I was to contact Larry Lou at [protected]. Thank you everyone for your posts.

Feb 17, 2010 1:12 am EST

i got one too just the same winning number. The only different is the name of the person to be contacted. As i received this letter i had a feeling that this is a scam. I'm glad that i went to googles and try if their is an information about this and thanks to you guys for your time to give us warning. i'm thinking how can we get rid of this scammer or get even with them?

Feb 17, 2010 12:41 am EST

I received another letter today from C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc. and a check for 3100.00.
I am supposed to have won 50, 000. The 3100.00 check is to cover the UK taxs. They would release the remaining winnings and send via Fed Ex or UPS courier.
I am to contact Eric Williams or Ms. Ann Foster claims Agents in UK & Ms Mary Abbey tax agent in UK.
My teckrt w/serial number 4327764CN attached to my name ...lucky winning #
[protected]. Confidential is all across the official notice.

Feb 17, 2010 12:26 am EST

I too received a letter congratulating me on being part of the Consumer Promotional Draw, and I had won 9851.80, and had an enclosed check of 985.18 for tax payment prior to receiving a certificed check for the remainder of winnings. My contact person is Sharon Greene at [protected]. I knew this was a scam, and wanted to see how far they go so I called her, and although nice enough, she didn't answer any questions. Sort of this is a recording live messanger. I then notified Sears, WalMart, Home Depot, and Target, TJ Max, and others that their names are being used in the scam. It could give their stores a bad name. I checked with the bank, and the check is authentic, and the funds are available as shown on the check. I checked snopes, and there have been other variations of this same scam, they were called the Lotto/Lottery Scams about a year or so ago, although no money changes hands. It sounds like money laundering to me. Gives me the creeps.

Feb 06, 2010 2:38 am EST

I also received a letter with a check in the amount of $985.18, letter stated that I had won
$9, 851.80in us dollars. $ 900.00 is my state tax amout, I am to call Larry Lou on [protected] before doing anything with check. The $9, 851.80 would be delivered by certified check by FED EX or UpS.


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