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During my short employment with Labor Ready branch 1833, I endured daily aggravation and humiliation from another co-worker. Although I brought this to the attention of my supervisor he did absolutely nothing. This treatment took place in front of temp workers, regular workers and even in front of my supervisor. His answer was "thats how she is, she didn't like the other females either". I made every attempt to correct things with her to no avail or support from my supervisor. After about a month and a half I began to experience anxiety attacks before work each morning. At this point I decided that 11.00 an hour just wasn't worth it. I wrote a letter to the GM, DM and Employee Relations. The DM called as did Employee Relations however all of my letter writing and phone interviewing regarding this matter was a waste of time because nothing was ever done...worse part about it was that the DM told me during our phone call that he believed me because of things he had heard about this particular employee.


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    Ohnoudidnt Jun 25, 2010

    I know exactly who you are talking about. Ana Escoto has no business working with the public and she probably wouldn't be if Tony wern't so lazy and did his own work. The truth is, you didn't work for Tony, you worked for Ana, she does his work and he makes the money and bares the title of "branch manager". I guess its a good deal for the both of them she gets to act like the boss and he gets to be lazy; but its a bad deal for the company because they are losing good workers in the meanwhile. Good luck to you

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    brenda201023 Jun 27, 2010

    I know exactly what your talking about; my friend who were working at the JB Robinson St. Charles Towne Waldorf Maryland had been fired as she sell a lot of Jewelries and her coworker's were so jealous so they tried so hard to make her look bad in spite of her kindness to them. She brought up her complaints to HR and instead of helping her solve the harassment at her work she was single out and fired. Although she brought this to the attention of her supervisor they did absolutely do nothing to correct the bullying in her work place instead the HR side with the group of bullies and loss her job. The JB Robinson are lossing great employees as they do not help the employee who complaints. The JB store manager knows that this bullies exist in her store she choices not to speak up because she was afraid to loss her job since the group of bullies are by group of clicks. It's ashamed that they do not look at the employee performance but what the group of bullies says. My friend got fired with wrongful termination. Do not buy in Jared, JB Robinson, Shaws and Kays Jewelry store they are all in one umbrella if you do; make sure you do some research first and make a copies and bring it to the store as I was scammed believing the diamond I bought is flawless and have a great quality and clarity. Make sure to ask a cirtificate authentication that indeed the said merchandise says what it says. Do not believe with out documentation.
    Be smart buyer and consumer I was scammed.

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    cbatchelor53 Nov 21, 2012

    I work for labor ready in Tampa, fl. I just got off of a 8 straight week ticket but since then "2 weeks ago" They have not sent me out to another job site. The way it is suppose to go is when you sign in for that day''s work the employee's behind the desk that are incharge of sending people out to work are calling people at home, " that have not even bothered to show up that morning", and sending them on a work ticket when they have at least 15 people in the building right then that have at least shown up to go out to work.The other question is why are they taking people off a repeat ticket or not sending the people they request to be on the work ticket by the supervisor of that job site and putting someone else or someone they want to put on the ticket, I have seen this done several time in the office in Tampa on 5701 Columbus drive, Tampa, fl, 33619. These type of things that are being done at this office is why some of the temp worker do not bother to do a great job because the people behind the desk seem to think they can do as they please in sending people out to work this needs to change hope someone can help me find a way to get change in the office I work threw

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    Liberty2016 Jul 16, 2016

    Republic Services 7000 Imeson Rd. Jax, Fl. Is hiring labors thru Labor Ready/True Blue. This is a sorting job. Where you separate garbage from recyclables. Its a stressful tiring job. They don't treat their workers very well. As a temp you start out at 8.05 an hour. You have to work forced overtime. They run two shifts 4:[email protected]/ and 2pm-12am recently changed to 2pm- 4:30am. They are backed up, they have trash piled high inside and outside the building so they put a demand on their workers. To work at least 6or 7 days a week. Companies like this have very little room for advancement. 15 min paid breaks are cut to 12 and 13 min. Not giving you a change to relax at all. Female supervisor saying your late if your not on the by the 15th minute. There is an older lady who complains that she has been there 3 yrs.
    as a permanent employee. But is making only 9.45. While a young female has been there 3 or 4 months and she's making 11 or 12 an hour and moved up to supervisor. After allegedly sleeping with someone there she moved up quickly while other honest workers have to suffer. This place has two crews and wants to work them 24 hrs a day. But the 2nd shift more than the first.its force over time. They don't pay enough their cheap. Just another billion dollar business getting richer off the back's off working class citizens. Some people say a job is a job. I beg to differ its every thing that comes with the job that makes it unpleasant. This job stinks and im not talking about the trash. Republic keep your money you disgust me.

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  • La
    Lacy Martin Oct 14, 2016

    i need a contact number asap send it to my e-mail at [email protected] THE secretary in Dothan.Al doesn; t pay us on time she pay us when she want to and it has got to a point of no understanding.She always got other stuff to do such as standing outside smoking her cigarettes.HELP US OUT PLEASE.

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    Maria Mata Dec 07, 2016

    My son just got of jail i took him to labor ready... this was on the 6th of Dec. the lady said they were short handed so they might not have orientation on Thur. morning... so she told him to call today the 7th of Dec. in the morning, & he did could not get anybody, he called more the once... so then i called several times & left messages for a call back... My son needed to know if labor ready were going to have orientation on Thur. morning. Well we waited all day, i finally went all the way back to labor ready, now their were 2 women there... so i ask them about the orientation on Thur. she yes they're going to have an orientation. I also ask the 2 women about all the calls my son made & myself also the messages i left, & why you told my son to call back today in morning to find out about the orientation & he can't get a hold of anybody also no one will return our calls. SO LABOR READY OR TRUE BLUE WHATEVER YA'LL CALL YOURSELVES THIS DAYS, MY POINT IS, THIS YOUNG MAN LIKE MY SON & MANY OTHERS LIKE HIM NEED TO BE ATTENDED TO THAT ARE IN NEED OF A JOB, DO NOT NEED AN EXCUSE TO SAY THAT THOSE PEOPLE AT LABOR READY DON'T CARE...WE ALREADY HAVE ALL THAT GOING ON IN THE WHOLE USA... OH ONE OF THOSE LADIES SAID SOMETHING ABOUT HER COMPUTER NOT GETTING ANY OF OUR MESSAGES... SAD ONLY MORE EXCUSES & BLAMING HER COMPUTER.GOOD PEOPLE WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD!

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  • Ma
    Maria Mata Dec 07, 2016

    I needed to say that this happened in Midland, TX.

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    pwelton Oct 28, 2018

    I got low ratings for a no call no show but I never got one I just called off of jobs before a day or two before the shift starts. Can I reapply with the company??? I was wondering if I can reapply with the company

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    Elaine30 Jun 15, 2019

    My name is Elaine Felder I work for people ready.The staff is very disrespectful towards me an will not pay me on time, I have to wait 2-3 days to get paid this has been going on for 2 weeks I am homeless at this time an need the money to pay for shelter for me an my daughter. 216-414-1340

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    Fran Bow-Lee Feb 27, 2020

    I went through the same thing in Ocala FL. I was the only one that kept this branch floating. Only difference is, the branch manager Ginna Miranda and Virginia (can't remember her last name because it's not worth remembering), were both horrible people and so unprofessional and conducted themselves in this manner in front of workers and customers. Paul the DM or GM, condoned this behavior, so I quit. I am in a better place now, thank goodness, but this is a horrible place to work. Not worth the headache and stress.

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