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Tropical Grand vacation/Calypso Cay resortholiday scam

Hello all,
Yes this is scam and I know these people.To get your Money back you need to send a certified letter to better busines bearou od Orlando if they get more then 10 complaints they can shut them down and you can get your money back. here is the website .Please do it it's the only way to shut them down, there is also better bussiness bearou of Florida here is the website These people are profesional scam artists, and they never ever tell you their real name. They only use visa or master card as thier merchants, so if you have Amex you are safe they can't do anything with Amex.Why? Because Amex will despute al charges that thier clts do not want back and if they receve certaion number of complaints they shut them down as thier merchant.Amex is tough to work with. They are only calling outiside of us such as England and Australia, They can only call english speaking areas, because ignorant and uneducated Gringos, the worst scam of scam that they are do not speak any other language. Why they dont call America and Canada? Because everyone in North America knows about scam holiday packages. So if they cal Americans they ususally send them to Hell. Please please send a complaint to BBB and i wrote adresses below. then send a complaint to your cc company that will help visa and mastercard to shut them down as a merchant, and that's it for them.. they are done. Please please please take my advice so nobody else goes through this. It's worth it trust me, and by the way Calypso Cay resort and Tropical Grand Vacation are owned by the same guy. No to be discriminating by any means but these types of scams are comonly known to be owned and operated by Indian/Pakistani immigrants in USA. Why dont they call India, because employes dnt speak Urdu etc and they have been discovered in India as well and probably poor people dont have mony and the rich ones are aware enough that such a deal does not exist. Single ticket for 1 park admission for 1 day costs $75, and they are trying to sell you everythin including hotels for what $600m that;s not even possible in fairy tales. I hope this helped all people who were ripped off in England and Australia. Thanks and please complaint to better bussines bearou, I know it will work .
Thanks Emilia


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    brunswick Apr 20, 2010

    I Just came back from the place. And I got to tell you, it was well worth it. I got this terrific deal at For a very low price, you get the room with Continental Breakfast. Not to mention free transportation to all the mayor Parks in the area.

    Some people are just bitter no matter what you offer them. Sure there are the sales pitch to convince you buy timeshare in the resort. But you can always say no.

    If you go to a resort. ANY resort there are going to be sales people trying their luck. But that's normal it doesn't bother me at all. Because I use to be a salesman myself. An as a salesman I know a good deal when I see it.

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  • Ol
    Old Bill Oct 18, 2010

    To my knowledge all of the details given in the original post are true - unfortunately, it looks like the follow-up post is a "shill" posting by someone connected with the scammers.

    Searches on "Calypso Cay" and "Tropical Grand Vacation" on any good consumer protection organisation web site in your own country will show you the truth of this, and it's heartbreaking to read stories from people who have had £600-£700 debited from their accounts (often while they are still on the phone!) and many never see it again.

    These calls are inbound calls using "predictive dialling" or possibly "random dialling" - the 9 that you press simply connects you with a call centre operator to be interviewed, so don't worry about a phone bill. As has already been stated here, this is a scam, designed to obtain your credit card details so that debits can be made for considerable sums of money without your agreement. The web site quoted changes over time, as sites are cheap to set up, it is currently Note the common feature of these - the site registrant is always "Domains by Proxy, Inc", which is a shadowy front company through which you cannot find out any details of the real registrant, so that although you might be impressed by the pictures and the glamour, in reality it is just a facade that leads nowhere when it comes to trying to get your money back. "Calypso Cay" is also a common theme, as is the introductory message "Congratulations! You have been selected ... (etc)... press 9 to continue".

    If you want to get your own back, press 9, and go through the entire discussion agreeing and answering all of the questions (with fictitious answers, of course). Make sure that you state early on that you have a Visa card as they don't seem to be able to make debits from an American Express account. Give the correct first 6 digits of your card correctly but make up all the rest, and see how long you can keep spinning them until they hang up!

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  • Ca
    Caza-1969 Nov 26, 2010

    OMG I just had the exact same phone call yesterday and I am based in Sydney Australia. I received an introdutory call and pressed 9 assuming that there would be another recording that I would listen to only a female's voice came over. I was very reluctant to give her any of my credit card details as have heard and read up on many people who get scammed over the phone for giving out their Credit Card details. I asked her if she could send me an email and she referred me to their website. She also gave me the USA contact phone number. The deal was for 15 nights in Orlando Florida and various other places including free entry into all the Disney World theme parks. All I had to pay was $698 taxes and my own airfares. I couldn't believe how cheap that sounded but was very weary of it. I then called my sister and she said to do some research which I did and I have come accross so many complaints about Calypso Cay and a few other resorts. Thank you for posting your experiences it has saved me lots of money.


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