Trident Hyundai/i10 Carpoor service/stole petrol during service

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Hi, we purchased an i10 from Trident Hyundai 100 feet road. The service provided by them is really poor and the customer service is appaling. We met different customer care executives everytime we went. Finally when we collected the car they we had to fight to get a deposit refund of Rs.1000 that we had made. Then they gave us a broken number plate. Once we came home we realized they had forgotten to put the sunfilm on the dirver window. After numerous calls and a 2 week wait they fixed it. But in a couple of days the passenger seat sunfilm tore. After several visits they did not fix it. During the first servicing they put a work sunfilm color! And we are still stuck with it. Meanwhile we had an unfortuante incident of a rat bite on the hose and we had to get the car towed. After specifying that the car should be towed to the inner ring road center (which is the nearest) it was towed to Jakkasandra center. Not only this, when we gave the car it was half tank full of petrol but on recieving the tank was empty. The service center people denied it and so did the towing guys. No amount of complaint has provided a solution. On the way back we realized in an attempt tofix teh hose they had created a loose connection in the air conditioner cord and the a/c stopped working. It is just 3 months since we bought the car and we already are at our wits end. No amount of customer complaint has yielded any result. No refund for petrol and we still drive around with a different sunfilm. Please make sure not to buy your car from trident Hyundai. Especially the 100 feet road. The manager Mr. Harish is also extremely unhelpful.


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      Apr 08, 2011

    correction: Wrong sunfilm color.

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