Trenitaliascamming customers

We have already filled out the documents regarding our complaint, but I also wanted to let you know what happened at the train yesterday on 2nd october 2019 around 13.05. First of all your staff are very rude to customers. I really do not know how to interview them, or you might select them carelessly. Anyway, we bought our tickets a day before from one of your kiosks (from rome termini to fiumicino airport). When we were buying our tickets we selected the train departure time and paid 8euros for each person. I wrote the word paid in capital letters because we didn't steal from you, we bought our tickets. Then we realised the ticket doesn't contain departure time, so we asked someone if this is okay and the lady told us "yes it is okay, because the ticket is valid during the day". The next day when we arrived at termini station, we asked other people who are in front of your kiosks how we can find out where the departs in the station. They said we need to validate our tickets, but they don't know how to do it, so we better ask to your customer service. Then we went to your customer help desk, and ask them what to do. Firstly, they didn't say anything about the ticket validation, and they said we need to rush to 25 to catch the train otherwise we will need to wait for the next one. Just because this is your customer help desk, we trusted them and rush to the 24-25 and there was a train which was about to depart (careful! There was only one train). Right after train departed, I have found the officer to ask if this is the right one (careful again, I went to the officer to ask he didn't come to us), we were unable to ask someone else before getting on the train, because there wasn't any trenitalia employee/officer/etc. However we asked a few passengers but they were unsure so we were advised to ask the officer. When I showed him the ticket, he said "your ticket is invalid and go back to your seats I am coming". He was extremely cold and rude, he even didn't say "please". Then he came to check our tickets, he said we have to pay five point 0 each. 5.0 means 5euros, when I gave him the money he said no, and then we started thinking he is asking for 200euros or something. I told him I only have 60 euros, but he said "it is not enough, you think I am stupid. I will call the police if you don't pay". I tried to explain him that we already asked to your customer desk and they led us to this train, however he said "shut up and pay". This is how your officers speak to customers, and it wasn't even our fault and we have already paid for our tickets, we are not thieves!!! Then he asked for my passport, I showed him my passport and my id card, we are not refugees, we bring money to your country, actually us, customers pay for that rude officer's salary!!! Because he threatened us, we gave him the all cash we had with us, which was 100euros in total (you can even check your customer desk and train cctv). When we arrived at the airport, we directly went to the police and explained everything. Of course, the police was very kind to us (unlike your staff), and they said we are certainly right and we will get a refund. The police sent us to your office to fill out our complaints details. When we went there, there was already two girls complaining about the same thing. Once again I explained what happened at the train, and your staff gave us the papers to fill out, and she said "you should have asked to someone"! Can you believe this??? They don't even understand english, because I have already told them we have speak to trenitalia customer desk and other people around us!!! Then I freaked out and finally raised my voice but this time, your staff threatened us to call the police! However when we told them we have already spoken to the police, they started being nice!! You actually try to scam tourists by threatening them, this is horrible and totally not acceptable. Shame on you! What happened yesterday was very disgusting. I am getting ready to take you to the court. And we ask for a full refund.

Oct 03, 2019

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