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L Oct 23, 2019

I have just returned from the Royalton in Cancun Mexico on the 20 October 2019. The hotel was great.

It all went wrong when we attended their sales pitch. We were kept there for 7 hours! We signed up as we were promised cheaper prices on 2 weeks per year for upgraded rooms. We agreed to pay £16500 over 10 years plus their 9.9% interest charge.

On returning to my room I went through the brochure. The prices stated were very high, I could get much lower prices online and it became clear that you are not guaranteed upgraded rooms. We were totally confused as to what we were paying £16500 for.

We cancelled 24 hours later. They weren't happy, kept us in the room for ages. I had to plead with the man that we needed to leave as we were returning to England that day.

I expected a small admin fee for cancelling but it actually cost $650 for the closure fee which is outrageously high. However they also kept 15% of the deposit we had paid. Another $482! This is just daylight robbery.

I have emailed to complain but no response so far.

Don't stay at a Royalton Hotel as they all hassle you to sign up to a membership scheme that's a scam

  • Resolution Statement

    Travel Smart VIP have now refunded me my deposit in total after cancelling.

  • Updated by Lisa Devayya · Nov 21, 2019

    Resolved. Travel Smart has now refunded me my deposit in total. Very happy.

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