M Jul 11, 2019

I have been dealing with the company since July 4th regarding a ticket that I purchased for my son to come visit after two years of not seeing him. My son was not able to travel because he did not have the proper document which is a visa waiver. After being at the airport for a few hours trying to resolve the issue, he missed the flight. I contacted the travel agent immediately to inform them. This form usually takes 2 days to get and I wanted to see if I could change the reservation for another day with the understanding that I would simply pay an extra fee for the change. Travelopod refused to assist me. Instead they cancelled the entire trip. I am completely okay with them not honoring the 1st flight, however the remaining ticket should be valid. On July 8, 19 Hazel emailed me stating within 24 hours my concern would be resolve to my satisfaction. On July 10th I emailed her since I did not hear from them she directed to Resolution Desk. So I forward her email to Resolution Desk. To date no resolution.

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