Travalocity/Yahoo Travel/America Best Value Innno refund for severice not rendered


On Oct 21, 2011 I book a hotel a hotel reservation at Yahoo Travel for the night of Oct, 22, 2011 at Americas Best Value Inn 2460 Whipple Road, Hayward, Ca 94544. We checked in at approximately 3:00 pm and were assigned room 322. We departed the hotel and return back around 9:00 pm where-upon stepping off the elevator we were greeted by painter tarps covering the hallway floor, paint fumes, along with masking tape covering the various fixtures such as exits signs, fire alarms, and assorted fixtures, not to mention the painters who were smoking.

At the point we called the front desk and nobody answered. With no respond and with my wife’s asthmatic condition, we backed bags and went down stairs. We arriving at the front desk where a sign was posted “Be back in a few minutes.” We placed our luggage in the car and waited for the clerk to return.

After about ten minutes, the clerked arrived and we explained our issue to the clerk. The clerk was not apologetic nor had any concerns to our issue. When questioned the clerk about the painting which he responded “I was not aware of anyone painting.” We then asked to check out due to the unhealthy environment along with fire code violations (I believe) of have having smoke alarms covered on the floor where guests are staying. At that point, the clerk stated he would check us out, however; we would not get reimburse for the stay and at this point it was not his problem since they already got paid.

A slight heated discussion followed with the clerk giving us the finger. We went to the car and called Yahoo Travel (around 9:40 pm, 22 Oct, 2011) where they quickly called the front to resolve the issue. The representative of Yahoo Travel stated that the clerk agreed to give us another room; however we didn’t want to stay under the conditions mentioned above. We were told by the Yahoo representative to call in the morning and they will contact the manager to resolve the issue.

For the next 2 days, I called Yahoo travel several times where they called the hotel and the Yahoo representative was given the run around by America Best value in personnel. The Yahoo representative informed me that they were going to file a compliant with the hotel and advised me to file a written report to customer relations at Travelocity Travel in hope to resolve this issue.

After 18 days of calling and email, I get a nice thank you letter from Travelocity for the feedback with no mention of refund.
What can I do to get my refund?

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