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The first amendment was intended so people can have a voice against government, freedom of religion, etc. The framers of the Constitution established the first amendment for a reason. Libel and destroying others was never what was intended and they would be disgusted if they knew what is occurring on a website called Topix.

This website has caused the destruction of many people including the loss of a marriage, business, or reputation and no one has that right. Even if you try avoiding the site, because of their lack of moderation your name can be tarnished or even worse. There has been numerous cases where I have seen people's names posted and then their addresses and accused of horrible things.

There is a growing number of news reports coming out about this company and now Topix is claiming they want to enter the world of political commentary. This is a potential disaster, especially after what happened in Arizona. Many psychopaths who hate the government or certain individuals often will post rants on Topix. Since Topix controls nothing, many people thinking it is funny will post support and that can cost someone their life. On the other hand, if Topix does indeed start getting into the political arena, perhaps politicians will take notice and go after this evil company.

The best advice is to avoid the site whenever you can and not try and defend yourself, that is what they want and it brings the internet trolls out in force. Be aware of what is being said and report it to the police, attorneys in some cases, the FBI, and legislators. By the way, Topix hates Attorney Generals and often accuses them of grandstanding because they have the audacity to try and protect the innocent. Topix has chosen to be a site of hate for profit and anyone who believes in human decency, morals, and family values should do all they can to stop this destructive site.


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      Feb 11, 2011

    It definitely is not first amendment that's for sure.

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      Feb 18, 2011

    They refuse to answer questions when asked and complaints sometimes.

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      Jun 24, 2012

    I was stalked, threatened and libeled by a female named heather sprague on topix. After six months of her attacking my family, fiancé and every part of my body I found out who it was . I had to fight with topic to get it taken down as I'm a social worker and this could ruin my career. I don't even know the girl she stalked me through the Internet and used topix to harass and threaten me. Topix is a sight for cowards to write hurtful things about people, no one is there to stop them and it's ruining people's lives. Thank god I'm a strong person and have great friends and family or I wouldn't have made it through her harassment .

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