Topix.comthis is the most disgusting site on the internet


This is the most disgusting site on the internet. The forums are unmoderated so libel occurs and they make a profit off of it. Teenagers are often attacked, innocent law abiding citizens are often called pedofiles, accused of drug use, and if you are a Christian prepare to be offended because there are some disgraceful things said about God. This site is completely disgusting and something should be done about it.


  • I agree.

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  • Topix totally abuses the first amendment. Libel and attacking one another is not what the framers of the Constitution meant. I am sick of the first amendment being abused by cowards.

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  • Kn
    Knowbrainer Mar 06, 2011

    If the comments on Topix are a cross section of peoples views in the US then this is truly a sad day for the human race. I think it's time people where held responsible for their on line comments.
    Thomas Hemeon

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  • Mm
    mmbowlin May 25, 2011

    there needs to be something done about this web site, anyone interested contact me at [email protected] and lets hire legal advice together and sue the site and shut them down...

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  • Mm
    mmbowlin May 25, 2011

    lets get together and take legal actions against this site e mail me at [email protected] because of this web site we had to close our bussiness of 3yrs. due to personal attacks made by ex employee that amde false statements about our family. so contact me please and lets put an end to sites like this

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  • La
    Lazypages Jan 12, 2012

    then don't use it if it as you think it is it might be another 4-chan so stay away from it

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  • He
    Heather Cohen Jun 24, 2012

    Topix is proof that our nation is plagued with hatred and complete disregard for our fellow man. i've seen crazy in my life... but the people that engage in the online harassment, defamation, libel, and cyberbullying on this site... take the cake. the site needs to be taken down or reformed so that these people can no longer abuse their first amendment rights at the expense of others. it's no less painful than a physical fact, I believe it is worse because at least physical wounds can heal and you can (in most cases) see who is attacking you. it is awful!!!

    Please sign my petition to make topix abide by the law or take the site down on and send your story to [email protected] so that I can publish it at if we all speak up together... we just might be heard.


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  • Vo
    voodoolawd Apr 16, 2016

    Number to call 18764779660

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  • Mi
    Michelle Carter 1968 Sep 24, 2016

    Nobody makes you read it and i'm sure they're just a bunch of kids on a sugar high. my question is this, why would you go to, and put so much faith into, a site that disgusts you so much.

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