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L Mar 14, 2017

March 14, 2017
My name is lori a. Brown. I "won" 3 different rings all stating they were 925 sterling silver with natural gemstones.

Before they arrived, I ordered several more pieces from the seller.
Nadia leroy and nadine jardine are the same, maybe the whole site is all the same seller using different names...

I ordered rings, all 925 sterling silver with natural topazes and amethysts.
The rings I "won" are some crappy plating not sterling, copper is right underneath the surface. Not 1 natural gemstone.

The stuff I got from tophatter totally fake crap
I just received part of my paid order today from nadia leroy/nadine jardin totally fake crap

When I emailed them, I literally received a link to wikipedia which was a description of 925 sterling which doesnt even apply here.

I sent them pictures of the backs of the rings where we did the chemical tests, so now they are damaged and wont take them back...

My bad. I forgot we live in a world of alternate facts.
Check out this fact fact...

Tophatter is a scam...

  • Updated by loriB · Mar 14, 2017

    also when you try to call and speak to a person at TOPHATTER the phone isn't disconnected, but it doesn't answer either.
    you get a quick auto message and then a hang up...

    i have also tried to call the specific sellers
    NADIA LEROY / NADINE JARDIN. it rings and rings but no answer at all...

    try to call other sellers from this website. it seems as though there are no people on the other end after they get your money.

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