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Tophatter / Charges for professional services to my credit card - tophatt18636069

Gazonder on Feb 20, 2017
Your company has been charging my credit card for Professional Services that I have no idea of what it is. Since November 21, 2016 this company has charged my credit card with eight (8) different charges all on the same day. I have no knowledge of doing any business with this company...

Tophatter / Leopard print bangle

I purchased this item and received about the latter part of January, 2017 to the first part of February, 2017. Upon unpacking the bangle one of the clasps fell off in the package as I was removing it. The other clasp fell off as I was putting the bangle on. The bangle is inoperable because...

Tophatter / Vacuum robot-order 21244906

Keliz Clarke on Feb 15, 2017
I won a vacuum robot on Tophatter. Purchased on January 21, 2017 for 35.00 including shipping. I received the order on February 3rd 2017. Upon opening, I shook the box and heard parts shifting. I opened the box and the charging port was broken. I contested Tophatter customer service twice...

Tophatter / Order number 20673162

Kimlutz on Feb 11, 2017
Order number 20673162. I was told this order would arrive between February 5 and February 7 I still have not received it and every time I try and check it the tracking it says it still not even with USPS. Could you please let me know what is going on with my order thank you. If it still...

Tophatter / Item not as shown on your site!

Debbie Fukuyama on Feb 9, 2017
I won a bid for a bracelet. It looked very close to a "Pandora" bracelet. I bid on the item for that specific reason. The item I received doesn't even come close to what was advertised! I want to send the bracelet back, and I expect you will have the seller send the correct one to me...

Tophatter / Sketchers go walk activity tracker

Angrymiss35 on Feb 7, 2017
This is a complete joke and scam!!! It cost $2 for item & $13 shipping. I paid more for them to ship it to me then the item price and had to pay shipping again to get a refund that they closed on me. I was granted a refund since the item didn't fit description, it's for an Apple phone & I...

Tophatter / Unauthorized credit card charges

Phyllis Nolan on Feb 1, 2017
I ordered 2 items on 01/24/17 one was a pain management machine $44.00 total with shipping and the other was a bag of seeds $2.00. The monies have been withdrawn from my account but i don't have a order number for them. They are not in my order folder. I have texted the support team at...

Tophatter / No refund issued

Ghiagirl on Jan 24, 2017
This company is a joke!! I requested a refund on 2 substandard items. I was granted permission to return but wasn't sent link for return shipping label so I paid the return postage and provided tracking number but got denied refund because I didn't use label the sent me!! They did not send...

Tophatter / I accidentally closed my account and I can't get through to sign up again.

Pamela Jusseaume on Jan 21, 2017
I have placed an order and I haven't received it yet. My order number is 20240971. I went to log on to check my account and it said my account was closed I tried to reopen the account and it will not let me I also have not received my package and ordered it on December 27th I either want...

Tophatter / Charged $14 and item not received

Kathryn Burns on Jan 19, 2017
I ordered a lamp on November 26 2016 . I still haven't received the item. Now the Tophatter company on Jan 16 Kathryn Burns, We have sent an email to confirm that you've received your item. Please respond through the confirmation email within 3 days of receiving it or the case will be...

Tophatter / Drone

Polly Sue Decesere on Jan 18, 2017
I bought something from them and now they tell me it's canceled i can't reach anyone @ this # 1-650-251-4424 . My order # is 20772081 i want what i ordered or my refund back in my back A/S/S/P. Not 7 to 10 days now. This place is a rip off. And they need to be contacted. My name...

Tophatter / Sizing

June Ward on Jan 18, 2017
I am not happy, I sent for a pair of ankle boots in a size 6-39 .and they have sent me a size 38 so I can't where them, and today they sent me a pair of shoes and guess what they are a size 37.the shoes I don't like, and then I ordered something's and they don't arrive, I have spent a lot...

Tophatter / Smart watch

Anna Hadley on Jan 12, 2017
My name is Anna Hadley hags and David and I have purchased over 75 items from you and you cancelled one of mine and I don't know why my credit card number is a MasterCard and it is fine now I'm sorry 5491 - 22001 2181 03 100 other the smartphone watch and he said I cancelled it I never...

Tophatter / Order #: 19553456 - remote control dancing robot with light music

DIANE92 on Jan 8, 2017
I have not received my item. Either send my purchase or give me a full refund. I had to close my account with Tophatter because someone got my debit card number and charged over $200.00. I closed my account with this company and now I can not log in at all. Tophatter will not let me sign up...

Tophatter / Short sleeve shirt order #18222014 for $19.00

Crystle Priestley on Jan 5, 2017
It was supposed to been mailed out and I still haven't received this item and would like the payment of $19.00 you charged me to be returned to my mastercard account as soon as possible. You can call me at 780 496 3442 during the day. Your telling me to write something I thinks it's pretty...

Tophatter / Defective to non-functioning products and product ordered switched to off brand.

Sandra Carron on Jan 5, 2017
I ordered 24 Duracell batteries (12 AA and 12 AAA) for $21.00. NONE of them worked. Seller was Geeta Bakshi. I ordered a FitBit exercise watch. I paid for a FitBit I was sent a "kick off" brand called Smart Bracelet. THIS IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED. When I call the TopHatter company in Palo Alto...

Tophatter / Several

Joe Sondrup on Dec 23, 2016
Order #20086765 I bid on this item and won. I paid for it and returned to look at other items. When I went to bid on another item, it said I had excessive cancellations. You have done this to me several times when I haven't cancelled a damn thing! Would you please explain to me just how...

Tophatter / Flower martin shoes... Auction cancelled. Due to damaged stock

eeyoreplustiggy on Dec 20, 2016
I won an Auction on tophatter for Flower Martin Shoes @ $10- and $10- Postage... The Auction was cancelled due to supposedly damaged stock, But yet there is still Other Auctions running for Flower Martin Shoes. So if my pair were supposedly damaged they could be replaced with an unsold...

Tophatter / Charged for an item that I never ordered.

Mary McNish on Dec 15, 2016
I got an email from Top[hatter charging my account ending in 3227 for $184.00 for a bracelet. the order number is 19797513, I called my bank and cancelled that charge because I didn't make that order. I was shocked to get that email and have been trying to let someone at Tophatter know that...

Tophatter / Tooth whitner

audra lockwood on Dec 12, 2016
i bought a teeth whitner expecting as advertised to be really good only when i got it firstly I had to rip the packaging off as it was sealed really well, secondly the item is not fit for purpose you couldnt clean your teeth never mind whiten them with it, its of that poor quality, and...

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