Hearts Of Gold Retrievers Complaints & Reviews

Hearts Of Gold Retrievers / foster program

Sep 05, 2019

Foster program is messy. They do NOT do what is best for foster dog. Said I would surrender foster at the natural time when she has puppies. Susie wrote on 9/10/19 that she would retire Zoey. On 9/11/19 at 10 a. M. she says no, changed our mind. Will pick her up at 1pm. Not what was best...

[Resolved] Hearts Of Gold Retrievers / scamming the public, f'ed up akc pedigrees, scamming the irs, & our government too breeder susanne richmond leo richmond [protected] or [protected]

Jun 06, 2018

Susanne Richmond and her husband Leo have been falsifying AKC registration documents for many years now and putting extra puppy applications of pups that do not exist (being they claim more pups in litters that actually never existed so they can use them when needed) to dogs that do not...