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Our verdict: With Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs's very poor resolution rate, careful consideration is needed. Research their service comprehensively, and read up on how they handle customer disputes. If you face issues, be prepared for potential challenges in obtaining resolutions and explore other service providers as backups.
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8:17 pm EDT

Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs Puppy Mill

This place is a puppy mill. I purchased a puppy from her in 2020. Within 6 months we discovered that our girl had severe food and inhalant allergies. When I told christy about this she told me it was because I wasn’t feeding my dog correctly. (She was on purina giant breed). Shortly after I was blocked. Our girl had severe food aggression to other pack members. Fast forward 2 years and I just recently had to put my girl down because she had a rapidly increasing case of cushings disease which affects the adrenal gland and she was becoming aggressive to her pack mates for no known reason. Her skin was very pink and inflamed and she had wounds from scratching that would not heal and became infected. She began to lose weight and her hair was falling out. after a lot more research I have learned that christy is known to inbreed her dogs as she is breeding for size and not quality. It is so heart breaking.

Desired outcome: None

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, CA
Jul 18, 2023 7:13 pm EDT

She is still selling dogs? The CKC and the SPCA shut her down ..she is just like a cockroch.

I hate this woman. My boy lived 5 years and 6 months, 5 of those years in pain.

How is she even selling dogs?

12:30 am EST
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Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs Bernese

The stories about this place are true. I know breeder doesn't want to admit it and is skirting issue about papers, but she promised them then never provided. Simple default on contracts. I understand shes been audited by Revenue Canada so now doesn't Register litters so she can't be tracked, shes going through divorce, and fined and removed from CKC etc etc but when we bought papered dogs, we want our papers. We bought against our better judgment too. This dog infected our other. It stunk, was socially traumatized or something, and so nervous of everything for years.
YesThe dogs are fed at her place, but so are prisoners in jail. The dogs are filthy, most have back and leg issues and literally drag their back ends around while you walk the property and they try following. I understand she sees nothing wrong with this, but to us it was traumatic our experience there. I too hope she is shut down eventually. Dogs in small cages for breeding is the definition of a puppy mill people. And here there are a hundred of just that.

Desired outcome: Do not buy. Force her to close

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Tony Crazywolf
, US
Aug 13, 2022 3:15 pm EDT

What are you talking about? I've gotten multiple dogs from her and have never seen a dog dragging it's back legs around, the dogs are in quite large cages compared to a back yard in the city or a town and all the dogs are clean, you nitpick the smallest thing and exaggerate them to make your self feel better, you act like you seen a warzone but in reality it's a dog kennel with healthy dogs.

, CA
May 25, 2021 2:57 am EDT

We had the same issue and launched a formal complaint with CKC against her. Our boy is 3 has several dysplasia in his left hip and shoulder . She replied with abusive emails Turing the blame to us she would not provide proof of lineage or supply papers so we filed with small claims.
CKC confirmed neither parent was registered and no litters were filed.
We can only speculate as to why papers were never filed but she is in breach of contract.
You can't get blood from a stone.. I am not vindictive by nature but watching my 3 year old suffer like an 8 year old breaks my heart.
I hope she gets the karma she so deserves

9:24 pm EST
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Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs puppy

Woo Hoo !
Got my puppy the other day from Chris. I have to say I was nervous about sending money so far but she made it so easy and the process of picking my Furbaby so much fun.
She's very knowledgeable and patient. I didn't feel awkward asking her numerous questions of her dogs. Some of the other breeders were put off. Stopped replying to my emails. Guess I should be an expert.
Anyway he's so cuddly and big, loves my old girl and following her everywhere.
Smart guy already knows how to sit. Takes treats very gently and the famous Newfy Kisses.
Omg! Chris from Heaven on Earth Newfoundlands. Thank you! Thank you!
I'm over the moon happy.
I would recommend you and your babies to everyone.

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Is Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs legit?

Our verdict: Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs's operations, reviewed by Complaints Board, reveal a mostly legit stature albeit not without reservations. This assessment encourages users to navigate Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs's offerings with a discerning eye, especially scrutinizing the fine print and any user feedback closely.

Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs earns 68% level of Trustworthiness

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11:03 am EST

Heaven on Earth Newfoundland Dogs heaven on earth dog breeder red deer

My husband lost his best friend (our goofy Berner) this last year. I had honestly never seen him so upset for so long. The silence of our boys absence was deafening so, we thought we would fill it with a baby for him. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and the loss of his beloved Berner was literally making him sicker...

We found heaven on earth online which is a very nice website.

My husband was online constantly and became more excited with the prospect of obtaining a puppy from this beautiful place.

Our son contacted this woman and she sent him back one word answers via email.. seemed very short with him...

My husband called the woman and discussed the possibility of viewing the puppies after Christmas. He was beaming! His health took an upturn.

He was on cloud nine continually looking at them over the holiday... Literally 2 days after Christmas he called her again and made arrangements to view them new year's eve day.

He called again the day before we were to drive from Okotoks and all seemed to be on the up and up.

He and our children were so excited to go view these babies! Smiles all the way up to Red deer! My husband woke up crying as he had had a dream about our boy... You have to understand this man is a 6'3" hairy viking! He doesn't cry! I'm so happy he is finally going to get to pick out his baby today and so are my kids as they know how sad there dad is...

When we arrived the excitement was palatable!

Then this happened..,

He went to the door, no one there?

He called no one answered...

We drove down to the barn... No one there?

Called again... No one answered...

By this time my anger was also palatable!

We sat in the truck bewildered. Where the heck are they? We waited another 10 min another call, still no answer...

By this time I was doubting the legitimacy of this place. No less than a 100 dogs in pens.

My husband's excitement was waning. The disappointment and sadness quickly drained all the excitement from my children...

We drove back down to the barn and saw someone in the back. The dogs were all barking alert and still no one!

Then my daughter spotted someone in the back! FINALLY... We thought she waved us back to the house. So, we drove back up there. Waited..

K, where did she go?

I got out of the truck very angry and went to the back of the house and literally yelled "HELLO!" the dogs were going crazy! What the hell is going on here...

My husband went back to the door as we knew now someone was definitely there, low and behold the door opens and a bunch of huge friendly but terribly unkept dogs came running out. One old soul had very badly malformed back legs.

Ah finally! But, the person that answered was a tiny little girl (omdawd, she was totally adorable!), she comes out behind all the animals with a huge smile on her face.

I ask, "Hello can you find your mommy for us?" "Yep she's at the barn!" She goes in, gets her tiny little coat and her and my daughter go down to the barn.

I'm thinking, why the hell, if someone's at the barn isn't anyone waiting for our arrival, answering our phone calls, or the door?

Considering the fuss that the dogs were making because we were there, that alone should have brought someone out!

Now, in all honesty, I'm doubting everything. I foster puppies for aarcs and this place is just making me angry in more ways than one...

The girls come back with a young woman but, by this time, I'm not in a very friendly mood. We do intros and she takes us to the house to view the puppies.

When we enter and the smell is overwhelming... more and more I'm regretting being there. I see a half naked woman sneak by covering her face. I'm like wtf? I'm trying to put on a friendly attitude because my husband was Sooooo looking forward to this but, so far the experience has been less than thrilling nevermind the distance we traveled to get there...

The woman from the barn tells us that the woman we made arrangements with is sick with the flu.

Ummm, why the heck didn't she call us and inform us of this? We could have made arrangements for another day! She makes us wait at the door and proceeds to bring us a puppy from downstairs. I'm bewildered. The first puppy seems to be a good size but it's very dirty. She holds the puppy and tells us we can't touch them because they haven't had their first shots. "?" We are literally the cleanest things in the house! Your telling me that I came all this way to stand at the door and have her show us each puppy individually while she holds it?!? Um NO! She goes back downstairs and grabs another. This one is even dirtier... I tell her we wanted to see them playing and there is no way for us to know anything with her just bring them up separately.
How are we going to get any feel for the animals?

I'm done... I basically thank her for wasting our time. She says "Well at least you get to see them" What? She then offers to take us down to the barn to see the parents, I go straight back to our vehicle.

My husband and kids go down to the barn and I wait in the truck knowing there is no way in hell we are purchasing a puppy from here! I can still smell the urine on my clothes.

You couldn't pay me enough to go back there! The whole experience was upsetting, unsettling and totally unprofessional! She had total disregard for my families time!

I would, from what I saw and experienced say this place is a puppy mill.

We all left sad and disappointed... What was to be a wonderful day, took a complete downturn. My husband was heartbroken...

We headed into Red deer to have some lunch and looked online to see if we could turn our day around. Our kids put on a strong face as they wanted there dad not to be sad...

My husband found some pups and contacted the number. The woman got back to him right away. Our luck had turned!

When we got there a very friendly husband and wife team came out to greet us with smiles on their faces. Two beautiful shiny coated, healthy looking Berners came out to greet us. looks good so far!

They lead us to the garage and when we all stepped through the doorway my husband's and childrens eyes light up!

All the puppies are jumpin' around happy and clean. It literally smells better in their garage than the house of the first place we went. I can still smell the urine in my clothes and it been a couple hours..

I speak with this loving couple and they take the time to tell me all the info I want to know as the mother of the pups sits at my feet giving me snuggles.

They tell us we can stay as long as we want. My daughter giggles and tells us this is my heaven... The couple watches with smiles on their faces as my family is rejuvenated from our first experience.

My husband stands there beaming in the immaculate pen and watchea as the babies jump and play with our children.

One puppy decided he wanted to stick to my viking like glue! That's what I'm talking about! There's the day turned right around!

These pups are younger than the ones at the first place yet here we are touching playing and sucking in the adorableness!

I stay outside the pen cause this experience is just for him today. He makes his choice and I then step into the pen. I pick the chosen one up and he smells wonderful. His coat is so shiny. It's a done deal! Our little guy will be coming home with us in 8 days and counting!

I will NEVER recommend Heaven on earth and will be telling everyone I know about how they made one of the most important experiences we could have so completely awful! And without a care in the world!

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Update by Holly Pell
Jan 03, 2019 3:25 pm EST

I would ask anyone interested in purchasing a dog from this shameful place contact the SPCA first!

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Tony Crazywolf
, US
Aug 13, 2022 3:32 pm EDT

And people like you who call the SPCA are wasting your time they have come out time and time again and and find the place is up to code nowhere near what you exaggerate, she loves her dogs and deeply cares about them.

Tony Crazywolf
, US
Aug 13, 2022 3:25 pm EDT

This sounds staged, you have a incredible sob story and a outlandish story the most you would have waited would have been 10 mins but you make it sound like it had been 10 years, puppy's urinate so does everything else I guess they should have been up to your standards and cleaned the whole house and had a red carpet waiting for you to walk on, even when I went it was clean but dogs are messy and puppies will play in urine being with their litter mates, I guess they should be sorry they didn't have and one on standby waiting to clean them every hour on the hour

12:35 am EDT
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I'm Looking for a Healthy Newfoundland. I want one with the temperament they are known for easy going, intelligent, athletic, and affectionate. Most of all healthy. I understand there are genetic issues But this goes for any breed of dog. No Inbreeding or Tight breedings as the Americans call it. This Breeder Chris seems very forth coming and honest. I...

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5:48 pm EDT
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Breeder does not believe in vaccinating her dogs against the Rabies virus. There were several dogs in outdoor kennels, puppies seem to be avaialble quite often, or just coming up soon. Other breeders have been contacted regarding this breeder, about dogs purchased from there, hip issues, and other health issues, be warned to stay away from this place.

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