TLG Great Fununauthorized credit card charge monthly


This company keeps charging my credit card monthly 12.99 and I have no idea what it is. From what I have read they have done this to many different people. I have yet to contact them but you can be sure they are going to hear from me and they had better process the refund! When I try to go to the website I can't get in.


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    Diane Dec 01, 2008

    I was charged $12.99 for two months, and finally realized it, and called the company. I spoke with a woman who said they will be refunded with in 2 weeks and this was in September, never seen the check. I then called today and spoke with someone at the company, I called 1800-290-8603, and then finally spoke to a guy who gave me this fax number and a comformation # saying then i should send my bill that they charged on my card and tell them i want a refund, so we will see if this really does happen, and i get my money back. So if anyone else would like to try this the fax number they gave me was 1-614-823-5124, send the bill and then they will susposly refund you.

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