Tires Plus Total Car Carerefused usual method of payment (lynx coupon)


On October 18, 2017, we took our leased corp vehicle to the TiresPlus at 12053 Collegiate Way, Orlando, Florida [protected] for an oil change. Lynx Van Service provides us with coupons (vouchers) for any needed standard maintenance, although there have been occasions when someone at TiresPlus would simply contact the Lynx Corp Office to get approval for the repairs.

However, upon completion of the oil change, we were surprised when they wanted one of our corporate (Collegiate Village Inn) credit card numbers, rather than contact the Lynx Corp Office for approval. We offered to submit to them one of our Lynx Vouchers, but their response was that they did not know anything about that.

I spoke to 2 different service advisors that day, but I was "stone-walled" by both individuals.

Up until now, we have patronized this TiresPlus with much of our needed repairs, regarding both our corp & private vehicles.

Tires Plus Total Car Care

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